10 Best Dictation Software and Applications in 2020

10 best dictation software and applications on 2020

10 Best Dictation Software and Applications in 2020

With so much information and paperwork to be done in law firms, in the medical field or most industries, using a tool like dictation software can help smoothen the workflow.

Technology has become a great aid to a lot of industries. There is no need for typing for long hours on your desk, feeling exhausted, or having to encode as fast as you can to catch up with every word. Voice-to-text software has become the solution to increasing productivity and efficiency.

Dictation software is an excellent addition for professionals, and it comes with outstanding features that can be enjoyed.


Similar to other software, dictation software has advantages and disadvantages that users may encounter. But, let’s focus on the benefits your business will gain from using a speech-to-text tool.

  • Streamlines document effort while reducing turnaround time.
  • Saves time, increase efficiency, and less paperwork.
  • Can be accessed through any device and use anytime.
  • Fewer errors in grammar and punctuation.
  • Lower transcription costs.
  • Less time on documentation, more time working with clients.
  • Minimize dependency on support or other staff.

If you think you’re ready to use a voice-to-text software for your office, then here are some of the best voice-to-text recognition software you’ll have to try out.


Dragon Legal

dictation software dragon legal nuanceDragon Legal by Nuance has been the go-to software used by most lawyers or other professions. It has everything a professional will need.

Nuance offers three different versions of voice-to-text recognition software: Dragon Home, Dragon Professional, and Dragon Legal.

The most suitable product for law firms or industries requiring loads of paperwork is Dragon Legal. It covers almost all features required by professionals.


  • Easily catches up with the words you frequently use, or you can import or export words.
  • Customize commands for quick tasks like insert signature, logo, or a reply.
  • Transcribe audio files in your other devices.
  • Work hand-free with voice command and control of your computer.
  • Connect with Dragon Anywhere to sync work to the cloud and access it on any of your devices.
  • Few overall corrections with its latest improvement of easy recognition of numbers, email addresses, and names.
  • Works with portable touchscreen PCs.
  • Improved user interface.
  • No training required for transcription and third-party app transcription.
  • Apply formats and edits using your voice.

Microsoft Word Speech-to-Text

Although this is not a separate software, Microsoft has made a way to incorporate a useful tool on one of their products, Word.

The technology seen in Cortana and other Microsoft products is the same used for Word. With seamless text-to-speech features, you could easily work with it.

If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, then you can have access to this tool.


  • Allows to create or train the software to recognize a language or pronunciation that the user repeatedly uses.
  • Addresses ambient noise and industry-specific vocabulary.
  • Provides feedback on pronunciation to teach users.
  • Transcribe audio in storage in batches.
  • No installation or set up required.
  • Real-time transcription from speech-to-text.

Professionals like writers who often use Word can benefit from Microsoft’s tool.


via Otter


Otter is one of the speech-to-text recognition software that comes close to Dragon by Nuance. The software works on mobile devices such as Android, iOS, and desktop. Otter offers a free version with basic features for you to try.


  • Record and transcribe using any device.
  • Edit and manage directly using the app.
  • Add other media or content directly in the app.
  • Transcribe recording by importing from other devices.
  • Simple interface.
  • Respond quickly with accurate transcription.
  • Connect Live notes for Zoom (Teams plan).
  • Keyword search.
  • All transcriptions are in real-time.

Apple Dictation

Similar to the dictation software in Microsoft, Apple Dictation is not a standalone software program. It’s a built-in app seen on iOS and macOS devices. It’s free and highly functional that Apple users can enjoy using.


  • Can be interpreted offline.
  • No installation or set-up required.
  • It can support 20 languages.
  • Personalize commands for dictation.
  • Import vocabulary when needed.
  • Simple and easy to use.



dictation software briana

via Briana

Briana is an artificial intelligent assistant software designed for Windows users. It can transcribe speech and follow commands in over 100 different languages.

It’s not designed to work like Siri or Cortana, but it’s made to help in tasks and enhance productivity. Furthermore, it has Android and iOS apps that you can use to work alongside your computer.


  • Use on any software.
  • Supports up to 100 languages.
  • Converts smartphone devices into a wireless microphone to command your PC.
  • Customizes commands and replies.
  • It can read texts aloud.
  • Automates computer tasks like set alarm, search files, give updates on current events, and more.

Google Docs Voice Typing

Google docs has its own voice recognition tool, like other productivity tools mentioned in this article. Google’s voice recognition tool works well to provide what the user needs.


  • Fix mistakes with voice commands.
  • Edit documents and change formats.
  • Supports up to 48 languages.
  • No training is required for a new microphone.
  • Add punctuations with a voice command.


Verbit is a global technology that combines the power of artificial and human intelligence. It creates a smart transcription of speech-to-text with about 99% accuracy rate. It has a robust system that provides the best features for transcribing your work.


  • Designed for larger enterprises and educational establishments.
  • Reduces background noise to recognize voice regardless of accent.
  • Edit and share files with colleagues.
  • Cloud system for easy editing.
  • Customizable templates.
  • Real-time changes or updates.
  • Machine Learning technology adapts to the users.

Verbit has different solutions from transcription, captioning, real-time (CART), and Live Room. Furthermore, it has different plans depending on your industry. They offer software for education, legal, media, and so on.


via Speechmatics

Another leading name in speech-to-text recognition software is Speechmatics. It’s equipped with machine learning technology to constantly adapt to the user’s preference or style. Furthermore, it accurately converts speech to text with fewer errors.


  • Accurately converts speech to text with a low word error rate.
  • Learns the language you use in your industry over time.
  • Works in real-time, pre-recorded files, and the cloud or on-premises.
  • Set words in the dictionary for accurate transcription.
  • It can recognize multiple speakers.
  • Supports various file formats.
  • Corrects words to match the context of the conversation.

Amazon Transcribe

Aside from its virtual assistant AI, Alexa, and its e-commerce website, Amazon has also created a technology that can transcribe your speech to text.

Amazon Transcribe is a technology that utilizes deep learning, known as Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), to easily convert your speech to text. It can convert customer service calls, automate captioning, and generate the metadata.


  • Easy speech-to-text transcription with automatic diarization, punctuation, and formatting.
  • Also available for live audio streams and batch audio content.
  • Maintains customer privacy.
  • Adds customized words and language.
  • Edits by removing or masking words that are unsuitable for your audience.
  • Real-time transcription.
  • Automatically recognizes multiple speakers.

Watson Speech to Text

via Watson Speech to Text

Watson Speech to Text is a cloud-native technology that’s equipped with a powerful machine learning technology. The deep learning AI can acknowledge grammar, language structure, audio and voice composition, and creates a customizable speech recognition text transcript.


  • Real-time transcription.
  • Upload batch files or pre-recorded audio files for transcription.
  • Organize transcripts with speaker labels, timestamps, and numeric redaction.
  • Safe and secure data with 100% control and ownership.
  • Improved speech recognition accuracy.
  • With BETA technology, it recognizes speech accurately despite the regional dialect and noisy environment, grammar used, the number of speakers (can be up to 6), recognizes sensitive data and protect it, and smart formatting.
  • Filters profanity or unsuitable words.


Speech-to-text recognition or dictation software may not be 100% accurate all the time, but it does an excellent job delivering its service. In addition, you get minor mistakes that are editable for less than a minute. But with this software, you get to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Voice-to-text applications can work on any industry you work in, whether it’s in law, medicine, or call center. With more improvements done on the mentioned software or applications, there would be fewer errors committed by them and more ways to use the technology.

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