13 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Leads on Your Website

13 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Leads, Lead Generation, Digital Marketing, SEO

13 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Leads on Your Website

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Getting Leads for Your Website


Getting leads for your website can be overwhelming if you don’t know strategies for successful lead generation. Customers will not usually jump into trusting an online business right away. You need to use different marketing efforts to convince your website visitors to make the purchase naturally.

Communicating with your target market is crucial to driving sales and conversions. It is why you need to efficiently connect with visitors first before you can convert them into leads or prospects. Only then can you follow through your sales funnel with consistent communication, until you can convert leads into customers. 

A lead is a visitor who has taken the first step by providing some information like his email address. 

While all online businesses do their best, most viewers and website visitors leave without becoming a lead. If you can’t get leads, you won’t get sales. You have to work smart to ensure maximum conversion rate. If you are not getting leads, check our list below if you are making any of these mistakes, so you can adjust your marketing techniques right for better lead generation.


Content is Not Convincing Enough to Get Leads

Small and medium enterprises often underestimate content. You can get traffic on your page using SEO and paid advertisements, but they won’t become a lead until you convince them. For that, you need amazing content.

Good quality content has two qualities; it is engaging and convincing. 

If your content can’t engage the readers, they will leave the website. And if it can’t convince them, you will not be getting leads as you planned.


Getting Leads Without a Lead Magnet

No one wants to give his email address to a random site for no reason. People are already sick of spammy marketing emails. If you want them to take this risk, you will have to offer a benefit. This benefit offered to them in return for their contact information is called Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are usually a piece of useful content. You will have to create different lead magnets that are relevant to your niche and use them on every landing page. 


Screenshot, Lead Magnets, Lead Generation, Source: NeilPatel.comSource: NeilPatel.com

Attracting Irrelevant Audience

Unless you are earning through ads, there is no point in attracting thousands of visitors if they will not convert. It usually happens when you are attracting the wrong audience.

For example, if you sell men’s clothes, you should not invest in attracting female visitors. 

Guest posting is an efficient strategy to attract your audience and get leads. You may have to take the help of guest blogging services, but your posts will be written for the right audience and published on relevant platforms. It will bring traffic that already knows you and is more likely to become a lead. 


Bad User Interface Affects Getting Leads

Attractive website design is crucial for every website. A bad user interface repels leads in two ways.

  • By causing mistrust
  • By causing confusion

Internet users, especially millennials, don’t easily trust anyone online. They judge you within seconds and make a decision based on that. The first thing they see and critique is the user interface. It means even if a person becomes a lead, he won’t understand what he needs to do.


Not Following Audience Persona in Getting Leads

If you want to control the thought process of a person, you must first understand them. You need to know things like their likes, dislikes, fears, and wishes. Most businesses that don’t get many leads have no idea about the audience persona.

Audience persona can also affect getting leads. An audience persona, also known as the buyer’s persona, outlines the attributes of a target audience.

Screenshot, Audience Profile, Getting LeadsSource: Blog.Alexa


Using this information, you will be able to identify their pain points, write convincing content, and convert leads into customers.


Giving Incomplete Information Hinders Getting Leads

Your plans for getting leads will fail if customers cannot trust you. Whether it’s a product or service you offer, if you do not tell exactly why the user needs to become a lead, you won’t be able to increase the conversion rate. 

Make sure the landing page has more than enough information about what you do and what the user needs to do. Little or no information is one of the biggest reasons businesses don’t get leads.

For example, Softvire, an official reseller of Microsoft, primarily caters to corporate businesses that avail of their products in bulk. The demand for individual costumers and resellers increased in no time for the company’s consumer base in Australia. So it created a dedicated landing page for all of the best-selling Microsoft products their consumers get in that particular country. The landing page is straightforward, well-designed, and most importantly contains complete information for the products and the company.

The company would also release useful content for their customers regularly, to assist them further in the purchases they make. For example, when they launched Microsoft 365 on their website, they also released an update on their blog about what’s new with Microsoft Office 365, to guide their consumers even further.

This type of consistency and transparency gives way to your visitors trusting your brand more, continue engaging with you until you successfully convert them into leads. If you want to be a trusted brand, transparency is so important, especially in your landing pages that are a point of contact early on in your sales funnel.


Not Getting Leads Because of Irrelevant Keywords 

Just because your traffic is organic, doesn’t mean it’s relevant. Your organic traffic depends on target keywords and key phrases. Many businesses don’t get leads because their keywords were irrelevant even though they are doing everything else right. Keywords are still key in SEO marketing strategies.

Understand the intent behind the search of the user. If you are offering writing services, you don’t need to attract writers; you need to attract people who need writers. Both will be searching for almost similar keywords, and it’s your job to differentiate them and create content that attracts the right audience. 

Learn how to to use Google Keyword Tool for SEO to optimise keywords for your website.

Competitors Have a Better Offer

If you study stages of the buyer’s journey, you will find a section of your target audience is on the ‘Decision stage.’ It means they already know what they want, and they are just looking for the best offer. 

Source: HubSpot

If they have landed on your website, they must also be exploring other options. Here you come to direct competition with other sites. If you do not have a unique selling point and a great offer, your competitors will win. 


Few or No Lead Generation Form

A lead generation form takes the visitor’s information and gives you a lead. Most users would not go to the Contact Us page on your website to share his email and query with you. He is not even going to search for the form. 

Create a lead generation form on every landing page of your website. Furthermore, make sure the form is attractive, easy, and self-descriptive. 


Unappealing or No Call to Action (CTA)

Call to action tells the reader what he needs to do next. Every page must have attractive call-to-actions to convince visitors to become a lead. Websites with unappealing or no call-to-action experience a low conversion rate. 


A call to action should relate to the audience, hit their pain points, all the while highlighting your unique selling points in the most attractive and precise manner. Have more than one call-to-action to test on different pages and find out which works best. 


Unresponsive Website Design

Mobile and tablets are just as commonly used to access the internet as computers. A website has to be responsive to all screen sizes. Google now follows the Mobile-First Index – checks how the site looks from a mobile device. 


If your site is designed only for desktops, it won’t look good on mobile phones. So, you have to create designs that have to look attractive in all kinds of devices. 

Screenshot, Desktop-first versus Mobile-First IndexingSource: Moz.com


Asking Too Much in Getting Leads

Another reason the visitor won’t go through the entire process is that you have made it too difficult for him. Therefore, you have to make the lead generation form as short as possible. 

He will hesitate if you are asking for too much information. Just get an email address and name to help you create personalized communication. Other than that, don’t ask for anything, if not necessary.

Using Misleading, Mismatched, or Outdated Content 

If a reader finds some information in your content is wrong, he won’t trust you. Your content might be outdated or poorly researched. 

Either way, misleading content is just as bad as asking for too much information in your forms to ensure no one converts

Keep updating your content with the latest information to keep it attractive and make sure nothing is misleading. Furthermore, avoid clickbait in the title and meta description. The user may click-through and visit your site, but he won’t become a lead.

For instance, if your ads or lead magnets do not match your landing page, it affects lead generation. A landing page is “a standalone webpage, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign.” It is where your visitor “lands” the moment they click the link you gave them in your ad, email, post, or other content. Misleading or mismatched ads and landing pages make you look untrustworthy and affects lead generation.

If you avoid this mistake, you will increase your website’s conversion rate efficiently.


Conclusion: Prioritise Getting Leads to Boost Conversion

Successful lead generation is not an overnight effort. Continuing efforts to get all factors on your website right leads to constant generation of leads as well. Make sure you integrate the best lead generation plugins in your website as well, to make this crucial task of lead generation a priority. You want people to discover your website, consume your content, and lead them to convert. Getting huge website traffic and conversions becomes easier with the right tools, so prioritize lead generation today.

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