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16 Micro SaaS Niches Thriving in the New Normal, Softvire

16 Micro SaaS Niches Trending and Thriving in the New Normal

Micro Saas is the future wave of eCommerce. Coined by Tyler Tringas, it is a Software as a Service (SaaS) business using the same business model, but bootstrapped, owned and operated by one person or a small team, and goes after a niche market. It focuses on profits and sustainability, as opposed to growth. 

These businesses are location-independent, high margin, low-risk with predictable recurring revenue. MicroSaas is the lifestyle business of the future. 


Why MicroSaas Can Help Your Business Thrive

“Micro” means small. Micro SaaS is simply a SaaS business targeting a niche market, run by one person or a small team, with small costs, a narrow focus, a small but dedicated user base, and no outside funding.

To a programmer, the key difference between SaaS and other software is that the code is hosted on a server in the cloud rather than installed on your computer. But in reality, the biggest difference is in the business model: customers pay monthly or annually for continued access instead of a one-off purchase. The software is a service, rather than a thing they buy once.

So, why should you build a Micro SaaS? Because you can choose to corner a specific niche in the market instead of trying to be a marketing messiah. 

You can focus on a smaller portion of your target market to optimize the level of service you give and maximize the revenues you will achieve.

As the pandemic upended the way, we work and do business, businesses and consumers alike migrate their transactions and vital operations online. Having cloud-based touchless solutions is more crucial than ever. 

Internet activity has increased due to the pandemic that caused the world to stay at home. However, security threats have also increased. We need to be more vigilant than ever whenever we use the digital space, to protect ourselves, our businesses, and our data.


Niches for Micro SaaS in the New Normal

You can focus on these Micro SaaS niches that new business owners in the “New Normal” economy are targeting. If you already have a Micro SaaS company, assess where your company can be of service to any of these niches. See where you can provide answers to the season’s needs and problems.

  • Education

There is a new norm in education now. Help parents do social learning at home. You can focus on helping teachers better connect with their students online.

Consider targeting educational institutions who are migrating to online solutions. Independent learning providers also need Micro SaaS to get their products and services out there.

Lastly, you can even focus on addressing students’ needs to continue learning in a new learning environment.

For instance, opening a Micro SaaS business that creates apps to make online classes more affordable and accessible, especially in rural areas, can land you contract with local governments who will avail of your service. 

You can also be a web design micro SaaS company that converts books and reference materials into engaging online or mobile content.

You can start by getting web tools like Adobe Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 to automate the pdf conversion of files and documents, and then use web design tools to make eBook versions or mobile and web app versions.

  • Parents

Parents are experiencing things in their lives they have never experienced before. Kids are at home all day, and they need to be fed, kept active, and engaged. Parents need to manage their kids’ distant learning or homeschooling while keeping their jobs or get stuff done. Create business solutions that can help parents in all areas of parenting.

  • Students

Students of all ages have been drastically affected. But the most affected is probably the working students in high school or college who have to study from home and are struggling to earn a side hustle to pay for their education.

There is a huge opportunity to hone in on talents who are still in college and connect them with legitimate employers or companies that need solutions. Fresh college graduates can also be included in this niche. 

More than 70% of fresh grads are having difficulty finding jobs, and your Micro SaaS can come in and bring solutions to this dilemma. 

  • Content Creators 

People are consuming digital content more than ever. We have brand new content creators that need support and help. They need help better focus on their efforts, edit their content, repurpose their information, set up their social media content, turn that into a business, and the like.

  • Speakers

Since events are being canceled left and right, you can help speakers book virtual events, create their own virtual events or mini-events in an online fashion, write books, and the like.

  • Struggling Artists

There are a lot of artists that have lost their jobs or gigs. But there are a lot of people who are stuck at home and could use a new hobby. Students are also in need of extra-curricular lessons while at home. You can help struggling artists get booked for classes, so they survive this pandemic.

  • Entertainers

Like artists and speakers, many entertainers may have lost their jobs or gigs as well during the pandemic. Most of them have no choice but to go online and establish a personal brand. Not all of them have the expertise and insight to do that, so you can become a Micro SaaS agency or solution to build their brand online.

  • Health and Fitness

People are stuck at home and may have fallen behind their workout regimen. On the other hand, gyms and fitness centers have closed, rendering most professionals and businesses out of a job or a business. You can help them bring their products online. Here are some examples of health and fitness professionals who have successfully brought their services online.

You can help other health and fitness professionals do the same. You can create a Micro SaaS product that can be a locator for instructors to do one-on-one fitness classes or consultation. The possibilities are broad in this area because health and fitness is a wide niche with numerous sub-niches.

You can even build a Micro SaaS product that focuses on the vegan community, for example, and hooking them up with suppliers in the community so they can keep enjoying that lifestyle despite most shops and restaurants being closed. 

  • Software Solutions

This is more of a solution-specific rather than a niche-specific type of solution. Find out what businesses need at this time to help them focus on new things they never had to focus on before.

There can be software-based solutions you can provide for businesses in this regard. For example, you can focus on brick and mortar businesses going online for the first time. 

You can help all sorts of businesses by building software that could help them bring their business online regardless of their niche. 

  • Membership Platforms

This is also a solution-based opportunity that allows you to serve different niches. People are now craving for community and connection. When you can bring people together, that is a great help.

You can create passive income just by serving that need. You can focus on a small niche, even, so you can focus on quality connection, guidance, and better content for the community you are creating. 

  • Gardening

The pandemic and stringent stay-at-home rules have caused a big boom in the gardening market. Amazon sales for gardening products have sky-rocketed as people started their own gardens and even ventured into growing their own food.

You can provide solutions to help amateur gardeners or connect the gardening community with reputable suppliers. You can also start a subscription service that provides in-depth lessons on sub-niches like sustainable gardening or container gardening. 

These videos may be available on YouTube or online. You can ensure they get more than a class but also that they get support, even the chance for one-on-one instructions or consultations with gardening or urban farming experts in your community, and the like. 

With Micro SaaS, you do not need to serve a million people. You can focus on a small group of people who could use you for help, advice, expert curation, or affiliate marketing.

  • ESports and Gaming

ESports and gaming is also another niche where people are now getting their connection, community, and entertainment fix. There is a big community in this niche, with a lot of sub-niches in between.

You can create tournaments, events, guides, YouTube channels, streams, and the like. You can get behind software companies and provide content for them to promote their games and services. 

  • Athletes

You can help college professional athletes build their personal brands, make connections with their audiences, and maintain their social engagements.

  • Brick and Mortar Businesses 

A lot of brick and mortar stores closed temporarily or even permanently during the pandemic. You can help a lot of these businesses to help them move online. Start a Shopify website, for example, find and employ remote staff, do onboarding for them, and the like.

Also, you can focus on a specific need to help them thrive amid this global crisis. The riches are in the niches, so this can be a good niche for you. 

  • VR (Virtual reality) 

You can get into the VR reality dealing with different niches like health, community, network, traveling, meditation, and the like.

There are more opportunities in the VR industry today. Hence, now is the perfect time to launch Micro SaaS solutions. You need to optimize this growing technology and community that is currently venturing out of the gaming realm. 

  • Helping people go live.

Going live levels the playing field for different kinds of professionals, influencers, and businesses. You can help people go online. You yourself can go online and provide value for others.



Micro-SaaS business is possibly the most powerful lifestyle business model out there right now. Aside from the economics and control of your time, you can be location-dependent or fully. In a Micro SaaS business model, you can also select the kind of customers you want to serve. You have the opportunity to be outrageously better in your niche. 

You can start by researching what kinds of services your niche is looking for. Discover if that need is met, then what you can offer to meet that need. It is your opportunity to build something incredible and see your Micro SaaS business grow. 

Focus on helping others and be paid for it. That is what should be at the core of your Micro SaaS business.

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