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5 best alternative to adobe illustrator

5 Best Alternative to Adobe Illustrator

alternative to adobe illustrator

There is no denying that Adobe Illustrator is the champion software when it comes to graphics and illustration. It is a comprehensive tool that many graphic designers, artists, and even digital marketing professionals used to edit and create their designs. Illustrator is an extremely valuable software, but let us all admit that it is not only expensive but complicated.

Illustrator is truthful to its status of being the best graphic designing software. It is integrated with industry-leading tools that deliver impressive designs for your projects and so much more. But of course, we want something different. We want new software that can provide features as outstanding as Illustrator but can also provide a fresh take and tools that are not found in Illustrator.

Luckily, there is a lot of alternative to Adobe Illustrator. You can search for software programs that are almost similar but has their own signature tools and designs but performs as highly as Adobe.

In this article, we bring you the best alternative graphic designing software that you can try or purchase besides Adobe. Some may be a little bit pricey but not as expensive as Illustrator’s one-time purchase version.

Best Alternative for Adobe Illustrator Software


alternative to adobe illustrator
Screengrab from Inkscape website.

Not all free software applications are limited in their function and only offers basic features. Inkscape is not one of them. Instead, it is the most used alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Why you may wonder? It is compatible with most operating systems – Windows, macOS, and Linux. In addition, it has a wide range of features to create vector illustrations and more.

It is an open-source, free software program that many designers and hobbyists can genuinely enjoy. There are add-ons, plugins, and even offers the import and export of various file formats such as SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, PS, and more.

It is a free alternative to Illustrator, with tools that are similar to its competitor and unique features that you can’t find on any other graphic designing software.

Here are some known features of Inkscape to give it a try.

  • Object creation with tools such as Drawing, shape, text, clones, and embedded bitmaps.
  • There are manipulation tools to transform the object’s size, orientation, and more. It also adds layers, alignment, and Z-order operations.
  • Rendering tools
  • Support various file formats, which include SVG, PNG, OpenDocument Drawing, DXF, sk1, PDF, EPS, and PostScript.
  • Text tools allow text in shape, text on path, multi-line texts, and outline fonts.
  • Fill and stroke tools to help in providing color and gradient to designs.
  • Path conversion.
  • The Bitmap tracings come in different colors and monochrome paths.
  • Node editing.

The latest version comes with new and even improved features.

  • Experimental color management PDF export using Scribus.
  • The hidden Selectors and CSS dialog is not in the Object menu and is unhidden anymore.
  • List colors that are often used.
  • Fixed crashes and bugs in the program.
  • Interpolate gradients.

Get to know more about the latest features or the new version of Inkscape, so you can start creating impressive designs and vector illustrations for free.


coreldraw graphics suite windows

Another excellent alternative to Adobe Illustrator is CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. In fact, CorelDRAW is often overshadowed by Adobe, even though it has tools that are as comprehensive as its competitors.

The best thing about Corel, which cannot be found in Illustrator, is that you can create vector illustrations and at the same time edit photos. So, you don’t have to spend on another program when you want to edit your images. It’s like paying a single price for two software programs.

You can create vector illustrations, layout, edit photos, enjoy playing with various typography tools and designs, work on any device, and collaborate with your clients.

Get the best software integration from the Corel family in your CorelDRAW Graphics software.

  • Corel PHOTO-PAINT 2020: It is an application for editing photos with powerful tools.
  • It is an application for collaborating with clients or access work remotely.
  • Font Manager 2020: It is an organizer for your fonts.
  • CAPTURE 2020: Capture your screen, whether it’s the entire screen, a part of it, or even a menu list.
  • AfterShot 3 HDR: Manage RAW images to HDR.

Anyone who’s part of a designing profession gets the best out of it. Whether you are creating patterns for your apparel or textiles, preparing to make prints as large as you want, or getting ready to launch your new brand, CorelDRAW Graphics 2020 Suite has everything you are looking for.

New features you’ll get excited about:

  • Allow reviews, comments, and annotations on your designs using the for client and co-worker collaborations.
  • New typography tools.
  • PowerTRACE to create a bitmap to vector trace designs.
  • AI-powered image editing.
  • Enhanced overall performance of the software.

Get all you need with Corel.


alternative to adobe illustrator
Screengrab from Affinity’s website.

When it comes to the most common paid alternative to Illustrator, Affinity Designer is the most often mentioned software. Affinity offers different lines of software, from photo editing and graphic designing to publishing. So, if you are looking for a software program where you only need specific software, you can opt for Affinity.

It works with multiple devices such as Mac, Windows, and iPad. You get to seamlessly create vector designs, logos, mock-ups, and more. Many professionals, designers, and even game developers are into Affinity Designer.

For only four years in the industry, it has shown excellent and top-notched features that are impressive enough to become one of the professionals’ favorites.

What you need to know about the software:

  • Fast performance with real-time adjustments, effects, gradients, and more.
  • You can work using any size of the artwork with no delays.
  • CAD-like level of precision.
  • Light and dark interface.
  • Create a toolbar layout on the desktop.
  • Easily switch between vector, pixel, and export modes.
  • 60 fps pan and zoom.
  • Save and undo on other computers.
  • View professional samples.

Check out Affinity for a more detailed feature list.


Alternate software
Screengrab from Gravit Designer’s website.

You can work online or offline using Gravit. You can work using the downloaded application or its web application. Furthermore, it requires only a little effort to learn this software entirely.

Professionals will enjoy using Gravit. So whether you are creating a marketing project, logo, or UI design, Gravit Pro can help you with it.

It is a versatile software allowing various desktop platforms – Mac, Windows, Linux – to use it. You can work online and offline, create using web tech, and utilize Graphics Processor with a rendering engine.

Gravit is a software program for professionals, but its low learning curve makes it friendly to beginners too. Get a streamlined interface, full control on every part, and enjoy non-destructive editing tools.

Some features to experience using Gravit:

  • Adaptable to touch devices and iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Auto-save to the cloud, which can be enabled or disabled.
  • Search files and folders.
  • View files in list or thumbnail view and open Google Drive files on the cloud.
  • Diverse and flexible designs from illustrations and UI to mockups and printed artwork.
  • Multiple free fonts in different languages.
  • Supports various importing and exporting of files.
  • Intuitive and advanced vector tools to create vector illustrations in your desired size.
  • Basic image editing tools.


Taken from Sketch website.

Sketch is a graphic designing software that professionals enjoy when creating scalable vector graphics, mockups, and other graphic designs. It is made for Mac users only.

It has world-class drawing tools and text alignment tools that assist in creating professional-looking vector designs. In addition, you can add more plugins and extensions to help automate your work, create animations, and create any design in just one-click.

Get collaboration tools for easy sharing and receiving feedback from clients and teammates.

What to expect in Sketch:

  • Start with the basics such as vector editing tools, precision-level tools, non-destructive Boolean operations, and easy export.
  • OpenType and Variable fonts
  • Color variables and styles that can be reused and updated
  • Shared libraries allow the sharing of symbols, text style, and layer styles to your team.
  • You can also share to the cloud and access it anywhere.
  • Work on multiple views or projects simultaneously.
  • Rescale and resize without losing the quality.

Other Alternative Graphic Designing Software to Illustrator

  • SVG-edit: Focus mainly on editing SVG designs.
  • Boxy SVG: Free. It is a Chrome extension that is accessible in Chrome, OS, Linux, and Windows. Works mainly on SVG format, can also design in HTML5.
  • Vectr: It is the most user-friendly alternative. Simple and contains only the most essential tool when creating a design.


So, if you are wondering if there is an alternative to Adobe Illustrator, then you get your answer. In fact, there are other software programs you can find online that are either free or paid. However, some may lack crucial or advanced tools that are commonly seen on Illustrator.

If you want to try other graphic designing software or software that will help you create vector illustrations, try one of the software we mentioned above. All of which are highly recommended.

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