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the 5 best home design software for beginners

The 5 Best Home Design Software for Beginners

Are you planning on renovating your kitchen or bathroom? Or you just want to extend your house to add more space? Or maybe, you are finally going to create a landscape garden for your front or backyard? Whatever your reasons are, you will always be requiring help from experts to achieve your dream home. However, you need to explain to them clearly what you want your home to look like.

You don’t have to worry about explaining to professionals how you want to design your home. You can simply show them what you want by creating 3D models of your home. How is it possible to create a realistic view of your dream home?

Home Design software comes into the picture. It’s an innovative, advanced, and helpful tool that professionals and even amateurs use to conceptualize a design. Before creating something, the first thing designers, architects, and engineers do is create a design/ floor plan that can look real.

Home design software plays a role in bringing your imagination to life. It is packed with incredible tools that allow users to build a home or design that looks real.
There are hundreds of designing software in the market. You can use free ones, but with limited tools, or interior designing applications that are affordable and complete.
We have put together five of the best home design software you can use to start creating realistic images of your dream home and communicate your designs to professionals with ease.

We take into consideration the following features when choosing a software application.

  • It should be beginner-friendly.
  • With guided tutorials.
  • Should be able to estimate the cost.
  • It can create a realistic rendering.
  • Helps create a realistic version of your home.

Benefits of Using a Home Design Software

For Easy Visualization

You can visualize your dream home and see what designs you want to include in it. You will have an idea of how your home should look because designs appear in 3D. So, you will get an idea of how it is going to look.

Communicate Designs Faster

There is no need to have misunderstandings and communication with your architect or contractors. Interior design software brings the whole picture into one place so that you and others will get an idea of the design. It would be easy to communicate what color, materials, and so much more you want for your home.

Save More Money

You can save some money when using design software. Instead of a trial and error method of designing your home, you can create a layout of it so you won’t spend money on something you don’t like.

Furthermore, some design software allows you to estimate design costs so you can stick to your budget if you need it.

Time-saving Features

Single click options make it fast and easy to try on different designs, materials, and colors. It only takes a few minutes to try on several designs to find what you are looking for.

Designs are Legal and Compliant

Since the regulatory guideline of building a house differs from one city to another, home design applications make sure that it has incorporated it into their package.

Best Home Design Software for Beginners


TurboCAD needs no introduction when it comes to its ability to offer friendly tools for beginners, permit photorealistic rendering designs, and more. It is the most trusted name for many architects and designers.

It belongs to the IMSI Design group. For almost 37 years in the industry, IMSI has made its way to the top of household names for designing software. They have a wide range of home design products for amateurs and professionals. These include their TurboCAD, DesignCAD, and FloorPlan applications for both Mac and Windows.

turbocad home design software
Screenshot from TurboCAD’s website.

You can choose from various products where the prices range from affordable and easy-to-use to expensive ones with advanced tools made for experts.

Get access to TurboCAD Mac and Windows with basic tools such as the following:

  • Performance and user interface are packed with command-line tools to enhance the appearance on screen, ribbon interface for resizing icons and descriptions, text tools, drafting object acceleration, and more.
  • Drafting tools come with auto-numbering, drafting palette, Quick Dimension, 2D edit mode, and 3D SNAPS.
  • 3D Drawing, Modeling, and Editing features include tools for 3D printing, assigning materials with densities, create weight reports to calculate the cost of the material, and more.
  • PDF Underlay lets users insert PDF files into drawing for tracing or as a reference.
  • ACIS Solid Modeling.
  • Architectural Designs and GIS tools such as House Builder Wizard; BIM; materials and other home design components like windows, doors, and more; 3D to 2D documentation; and BIM improvement tools.
  • Photorealistic rendering and visualization tools like shadow casting, ray tracing, sun and sky lighting, volumetric rendering effects, and rendering manager.
  • Compatible with various formats, whether import or export.

You’ll enjoy the basic to advanced features you’ve been looking for when designing your home. You can choose from a wide selection of products to help you create a realistic view of your dream home. TurboCAD review will prove to you how efficient and great this software application is and why we choose to include it on our list.


SketchUp is one of the best free home design software on the market. Unlike other free versions, you can get a better result with SketchUp. You can create professional rendering looks, 3D models of your designs, 2D design documentation, insights for design research, cloud storage, and AR mode, and more.

Screenshot from SketchUp’s website.

The free version can be enough when you want to learn how to use home design software, but you’ll only have access online or the web version. But if you opt for the paid version, you have more advanced tools and even a desktop version of SketchUp.

For the paid version, you’ll enjoy tools that can help you better enhance your designs.

  • Customizable parametric components
  • Daylight analysis
  • HVAC sizing
  • VR and AR view
  • Advanced customizable styles, materials, and line types.
  • More advanced import and export file format support.

Get it for as low as $119 per year.

Virtual Architect

virtual architect
Screenshot from Virtual Architect’s website.

If you want to renovate a room or a part of your house, it is possible to achieve such with the Virtual Architect. You’ll get powerful tools to begin your project even without any experience.

The wizard-driven interface and simple drag and drop features make using this home design software as easy as a breeze. In addition, it comes with video tutorials to help you learn how to create your designs, and it’s even free!

You can upload an image of the room you want to change and do a virtual makeover to see how it may look like. It even saves you money by helping you choose materials and supplies without needing to buy them first. It also comes with an extensive 3D library for furniture, appliances, materials, and more. When you are done with your designs, you can take a virtual walkthrough. You can see if your home needs more, or you can turn it to your contractors to start creating renovating your home

It also comes with an estimator to see how much your designs will cost.

The Virtual Architect Ultimate is the best plan of Virtual Architect home design software. It not only includes the ability to redesign the interior of your home but to create photorealistic outdoors.

There is also a Mac version available.


Design Plan Home Design application
Screenshot from NCH software’s website.

It’s a home design application by NCH software that lets you create a preview of the floor plan of how you want your home or a room to look like. You can try their free version to learn how to create designs for your home. The paid version is available for more professionals with advanced features and tools.

DesignPlan is an all-in-one software that includes home and floor plans, landscape and garden, interior and room designs, and remodeling and redesigning.

You can view your designs from 2D render and blueprint to 3D models. Import existing floor plans using the trace mode. Choose from various plants and shrubs. Add an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, choose from numerous types of furniture, materials, and appliances, repaint your walls, change your windows, roofs, doors, and so much more.

It is compatible with both Windows and Mac users.

Home Designer Suite


home designer suite
From Home Designer Software’s website.

Home Designer Suite is created by Chief Architect software, a top professional software made for professionals. This application is designed for DIY Home enthusiasts or beginners.

It has accurate automated building tools for better-looking home designs. Automate the process of designing your roof, ceiling floors, walls, foundations, and framings. Use Smart Object to make the designing process on every part easy to adjust when a single change has been done.

Create 3D models and renderings to improve the quality of your designs. It also lets you edit on both views, either 2D or 3D. In addition, you can have access to a 360 degrees view when exported to the Chief Architect Cloud.

You can learn to use this software with over 80 training videos and 500+ how-to articles to guide you. It’s compatible with both Mac and Windows users.

Chief Architect also has other Home Designer plans that contain more advanced tools, Architectural and Professional.


There is a lot of various home design software that are made for beginners and DIY enthusiasts. You don’t need any design experience or to be a professional to use such software applications. These friendly tools can save you a lot of money, time, and make communication with your builders and architects smoothly.

Start designing your dream house and see how it will look with a 3D and 360 degrees view of your design that gives you a realistic view and feel of your home.

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