6 best interioe design for home remodeling

6 Best Interior Design Software for Home Remodeling

Are you considering a home addition, a new kitchen, or a bathroom? Perhaps you’ve recently moved into a new home and are planning several improvement projects? Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring an expert, there’s lots of professional home and interior design software that’s easy to use and economical. You can try out free software with limited features and paid versions with professional tools that beginners can easily manage.

Whatever home project you’re working on, you’ll want to express your ideas as clearly as possible to everyone involved, and interior design software may help you do exactly that.

Before choosing which interior design software you can use for your home remodeling project, you need to know some features a good home designer software must include. With that, here are what you need to be looking for.

Features of a Great Interior Design Software


The purpose of interior design software is to allow you and your client to visualize the outcome. Lighting is an important but sometimes overlooked part of home design. Make sure that the interior design software you use allows you to change the lighting in your rooms. Also, look for one that lets you add the effects of daylight, shadows, or another light source you need in your home.

Home Decorations and Furniture

When developing graphics for your home or clients, having a decent range of home decor to enhance the mock-up and make it as genuine as possible is essential.

Choose a home design software that allows you to customize the interior of your home with items such as furniture, decorations, and materials. Also, make sure it can provide different choices of paints, style options, and more.

Floor Plans in 2D and 3D Forms

Good interior design software should be able to create 2D and 3D floor plans. It allows the use of symbols, colors, and other tools to add information to the design.

It should also have 3D rendering to allow you to have a realistic visualization of the design.

Home design software must let you add furniture symbols and colors to each space, show measurements and surface areas, and even create numerous 3D renderings of the same room from other angles.

Realistic Visualization

3D rendering is a vital feature to be considered in home designing software. It permits the client or your contractors from seeing the whole picture of what design you want. They can see exactly how the house is going to be like. Furthermore, they can see what materials are used, if the ceiling and walls’ colors match, and watch furniture best fit in the room.


Ready-made rooms available reduces the time to start from scratch. It lets you decorate a room in just a few clicks. Invest in a program that lets you quickly set up your design from your living room to your kitchen, all in 3D details.

Looking at these details, you are ready to pick what software you want to use to design your home or a particular part of your house. You can now easily communicate the design you want to make your dream house come true.

Best Interior Design Software for Home Remodeling

Punch Design Software

Punch! software banner for softvire online store

Punch design software comes in different versions, from interior designing packages to versions that include both home and landscape. But since this is all about interior renovation, we would recommend Punch software for interior designing, which is cheaper than getting the complete home and landscape version.

If your want to redecorate your entire house, interior and exterior, check out this article about design software for beginners.

It is a design software made for professionals, but even beginners can enjoy the creation process. You can design your entire home or a room of your choice with exquisite details and photo-like quality.

It offers a wide selection of color schemes, furniture, lighting, materials, paints, and more. You can create a room and change the furniture, color, materials used, and some wallpapers, and so on. Furthermore, you can import images of furniture or decor you want into your design.

Beginners can enjoy the QuickStart feature to follow instructions when creating a design for home remodeling. Furthermore, you can view it in 3D, wireframe, and dollhouse view.

Punch design software is available in Mac and Windows systems.

You can check out our Punch software programs and choose which best suits your needs.


SketchUp is a powerful designing software that includes comprehensive tools and 3D designs. You have the freedom to choose from materials and other elements in the software to add objects to be customized.

It is an online software application but requires the download of objects first before they can be used.

It has a free version with limited tools, or it is available in different plans that can accommodate first-time users to pro.

SketchUp makes 3D modeling simple and enjoyable to learn. Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, civil and mechanical engineers, and others frequently use it. It has an intuitive design and comes with a free web-based trial version to learn the fundamentals of 3D modeling.

Interior designers will benefit from SketchUp Pro, which allows them to plan and construct precise 3D models utilizing a vast object collection that includes materials with unique surfaces and textures. By connecting with VR programs like Oculus and Microsoft HoloLens, users can effortlessly convert 3D models into 2D presentations and provide virtual walkthroughs to clients.

SketchUp works on both Windows and Mac computers. Users can import and export various graphic file types, view 3D models on mobile devices, and share and collaborate on projects with limitless cloud storage.

SketchUp Free, a free web-based version, contains user-generated and manufacturer-produced models that work on a mobile device.


With a low monthly subscription plan, Floorplanner becomes one of the best tools with complete interior features.

You can build floor plans with 2D drawings. Then, drag and drop details such as doors, windows, furniture, and more. You can share them with anyone or view your plan in a 3D manner.

There are over 150,000 3D items you can use when designing your floor plan for your remodeling project. After creating your design, you can share them with others such as your contractor, architect, friends, or family via email or by sharing a link to them.

You can convert your 2D plans efficiently into a 3D model, complete with camera angles that are adjustable and lighting.

Floorplanner has a free lifetime plan but with limited features. For their paid plan, you can either try the Pro or Plus version. You also have the option to cancel your subscription plan anytime you want.

interior design software floorplanner price
Screenshot from Floorplanner’s website.


When it comes to 2D drawings and floor plan making, SmartDraw is the most outstanding tool to use. It is made for beginners and experienced interior designers. 

Beginners can use the Quick-Start floor plan templates. They can easily choose the design they want and add walls, windows, doors, and more. There is also a library of floor plan symbols for furniture and appliances.

It includes adjustable scales from common standard architectural scale to scale that doesn’t match the drawing. After creating your desired room or home, you can save and share them in formats like PDF or PNG. Furthermore, it can be saved in the cloud, such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive. 

This online-based designing tool can be integrated with other collaboration tools. 

SmartDraw has no free version. Your option is to avail of their individual or multiple user plans with an annual fee.

SmartDraw plans and prices interior design software
Screenshot from SmartDraw’s website

Cadsoft Personal Architect

Cadsoft Brand Page Banners

Whether you are a hobbyist or beginner, or an expert, Envisioneer Cadsoft is designed to help in renovating your home. This CAD software is packed with architectural tools to help create your dream home or room and share them with your contractor or people involved in your project.

Create impressive 3D designs and view them in various modes. Cadsoft offers a VR mode to give the feeling of how it looks like in real life. Furthermore, you can create floor plans, 2D and 3D modelings, elevations, and more. There is a wide selection of objects, designs, and furniture. You can choose from a roof, floor, ceiling, and other option.

You can import 3D models from SketchUp or export them on social networks.

We offer a full lifetime licensed for Softvire NZ and Australia at the best and most affordable price.

Planner 5D

Are you looking for a free home design tool or kitchen design software to renovate your home? Planner 5D is a free designing tool that’s best for beginners. You can either start from scratch or use ready-made templates to create designs quickly. 

What makes it an excellent designing tool is its ability to work on various devices such as on a phone or tablet.

Planner 5D has adjustable tools from objects, sizes, materials, colors, and more. You can add furniture, choose the material you want for your flooring or wall, and even get the best-looking roof for your home. 

You can create photorealistic forms, 2D floor plans, and 3D renderings. 

Planner5D is mostly free, but to take advantage of the high-quality 3D renderings, you need to pay for them. 

Choosing the right interior design software for your renovation depends on what you need to achieve. You have to select a design software that’s within the budget and has the features you need. You can choose from free or paid programs, although you know that paid versions are packed with high-quality tools.

Check out the list we have provided above and sign up for a free trial if it’s available.

You can purchase interior design software in our online shop. We offer Punch, Cadsoft, and TurboCAD at the best and most affordable prices in New Zealand and worldwide.

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