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8 essential software for architects, engineers, and designers

8 Essential Software for Architects, Engineers and Designers

In this modern digital age, software for architects, engineers, and designs is required. It will speed up the process of creation, save time, and collaborate with clients faster. Tools as such already exist, but not all digital design software can meet the needs of these professionals. What they need is a dedicated, advanced, and efficient software program that can bring their imagination to life.

These are more than your graphic designing software. It’s designed with industry-related tools that can deliver your vision into life. You can also set up workflow management, tasks, and export your work to other programs.

If you are looking for a software application to help you with your projects, you are in the right place. Get to know the best tools in 2020, and find out which design software will meet your needs.

Software for Architects, Engineers, and Designers


AutoCAD has been long used by many professionals because of its specific building designs, powerful tools, precision, and smarter approach. It relies on the creation of precise 2D and 3D drawings.

The performance has been enhanced, making the experience faster, smoother, and better. There are tools such as 2D geometry, 3D models with solids, surfaces, and mesh objects. You can also use tools to annotate, draft, compare designs, add blocks, create schedules, and customizable add-on apps and APIs.

AutoCAD has industry-specific tools to help in creating the projects that you need. It also allows you to bring your work wherever you go by allowing you to view, edit, and create your work in any platform – desktop, web, and mobile. Store your work on the cloud for effortless collaboration and backup of files. It will allow you to access any of your DWG™ files.


Revit is another product of the Autodesk family. Hence, it has tools as efficient, precise, and effective as AutoCAD. You can create coordinated and complete model-based designs for your projects. You can make conceptual designs, virtualizations, analysis fabrications, and constructions.

Revit’s tools focus on creating Building Information Modeling (BIM). It automates the work, wherein every change would be recorded throughout the project. This feature hastens the work process as all changes are recorded in all parts of the project.

You can update your floor plans, elevations, and sections of your models automatically. Get to create accurate and precise 3D models, collaborate with your team or clients, and customize your Revit with third-party solutions.


TurboCAD Deluxe 2020 product for architecture, engineer, and designerTurboCAD by IMSI Design comes with professional 2D/3D CAD tools that are powerful and advance. It’s flexible to meet every challenge and need you have for your business.

With powerful drafting palette, ACIS solid modeling, rending photorealistic models, and advanced tools for architectural and mechanical industries, you can create professional-looking designs to impress your clients.

But TurboCAD doesn’t stop there, it also provides quality tools for industry-specific projects. Create 2D/3D designs for your architectural projects. Bring your vision to life with tools made specifically for Interior Design professions. Print your 3D models with TurboCAD’s 3D Printing feature. Furthermore, IMSI Design also assists in creating furniture and woodworking designs.


If you are looking for a software application to design world-class products, CATIA will be the perfect tool for you. It can develop products we see every day. But CATIA creates more than just product models. It also provides tools for architects, engineers, construction professionals, and more.

CATIA comes with robust industry-specific roles for designing buildings and infrastructure. Turn 3D sketching, subdivision surface, and Class-A modeling to 3D prints, reverse engineer, and more. It provides all the solutions you need to design, create an excellent surface, and product experience.


Rhino 6 handles lines and curves, meshes, NURBS surfaces with high complexity, and more. You can create, edit, analyze, document, and do more without limitations on the complexity, degree, and size.

Create accurate designs and uninhibited free-form 3D models, integrate with other software, read and repair meshes and challenging IGES files, learn how to use the software quickly, and more.

Rhino 6 can operate on any computer, whether it’s the latest model or not. It doesn’t require special hardware for it to function. It’s one of the best development platforms for hundreds of 3D products.


SketchUp can visualize your idea with its 3D modeling tools, create sustainable designs, customize your workspace, and collaborate efficiently with your team.

It’s easy to use SketchUp, as it is similar to CAD. With easy tutorials to follow, you could learn the basics and start immediately with your designs. Furthermore, the popularity of SketchUp has created a community of users that hand help to those who are inexperienced.

You can start from scratch or use existing data when creating 3D models. Dynamic Components allows you to add attributes to your model. It works with any DXF and DWG files. Finally, collaboration in SketchUp is quick and effective. You can communicate all your 3D designs to your colleagues and customers.


Bring your design projects to life with Chief Architect. With automated building tools, you can start creating designs for your home, add details on every part of it, from your kitchen to your bedroom. Make it easy to construct drawings, CAD details, 3D models, and elevations.

It offers two plans: Premier and Interiors. Both plans are professional design products with 2D/3D designing tools, elevations, cross-sections, and construction drawing tools. Premier is for creating designs inside and outside the house. Meanwhile, Interiors will give a whole new look into your indoor design.

Whether you’re an architect, home builder, remodeler, and interior designer, you can choose Chief Architect to bring your designs to life. Easily create construction drawings, floor plans, elevations, and 3D rendering using its smart technology. Furthermore, it automatically builds a 3D model as you work with your design elements like walls, windows, and more. Share your work with others using the 3D Viewer app.


It’s a BIM in an instant. ARCHICAD gives you the freedom to design with re-engineered columns and beam tools. Easily create your design faster and with accuracy. Construct with all the details you need and quantity estimation for concrete, complex steel, timber, beams, and columns. The complex columns, curves, and beams can be documented to meet graphic standards.

It also comes with opening tools that are important for project coordination, which architects, engineers, and consultants use. These tools create project design voids, recesses, and niches.

Create photo-realistic visualization with Twinmotion live connection. Collaborate faster and smarter with ARCHICAD’s latest and updated tools such as Solibri connection, dRofus 2.3 connection, and Grasshopper Deconstruct Component. Lastly, it provides a faster response time by creating a way that won’t interrupt the workflow process.


Every designer, architect, and engineer needs a tool or software to help them with the creation of their projects. These tools improve the quality of work, enhance collaboration, and speed up the process of creation. However, not every software mentioned can work for all professions. Some are built with tools that won’t work for your project. But if you have discovered your software of choice, you can start to create standout projects and impress your clients.

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