9 Best Android Antivirus Software in 2020

best android antivirus software

Do you need antivirus software for your Android smartphone? Are they as prone as computers when it comes to attacks from threats like viruses and malware? The traditional viruses that attack computers are often not seen on smartphones, but other forms of malware could gain access to your smartphone. Furthermore, the rise in the use of mobile devices means another way for hackers to attack. So, going back to the question, do you need an antivirus application for your smartphone? The answer is yes because these applications can detect threats, provide solutions to problems, and stop cybercriminals from gaining access to valuable data.

Android devices are prone to attacks as compared to iOS. It is because Android devices often rely on open-source codes. Users can change or tinker on code that could eventually lead to creating some weaknesses. Even manufacturers can change some codes. Easy access to these codes of your device gives cybercriminals more chances to hack the system of your smartphone. In addition, there are a lot of Android users as compared to iOS, which makes it an easy target.

However, this doesn’t mean that iOS users are entirely safe from threats. In fact, they should also consider using an antivirus application for security.

But with the overwhelming number of antivirus brands in the market, plus the option of paid and free apps, makes it hard to choose the best application to protect your android smartphone. But don’t worry, we have here a list of the best android antivirus software (free and paid) you can choose for your device. They are by no means arranged in an orderly manner.

Best Android Antivirus Software (Free and Paid)

Free Antivirus Applications

When it comes to protecting devices, of course, the best choice is to get a premium paid version. However, not everyone wants to invest in such, or they don’t require an application to protect their device only the fundamental features. But not all free antivirus applications are functional, and most of them are full of distractive ads and features that will lead you to buy the app because it lacks the functions you need.

Although free apps lack the features you require for complete protection, they still have the essential functions that can work to protect your device. Here is some free software you can download.

Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus

Bitdefender has a wide-product range of security software from internet security to a family pack security suite to protect your devices. But, there is also a mobile version for this brand, which also has a free version.

The Bitdefender Mobile security has won for three consecutive years for being The Best Android Security Product (from 2015-2017). It was run and tested by AV-TEST. It has the most advanced cybersecurity protection against malware and viruses.

Although the free Bitdefender lacks features such as anti-theft, safe browsing feature, and phishing filters, it still has effective malware detection. Furthermore, it is the best free app that scans Android devices well. You can automate the process, even to the point that it scans without you knowing about it. In addition, you can use your phone, and it won’t affect the performance at all.

Unlike other free mobile security software, Bitdefender won’t drown users with a lot of ads.

Con: Lacks other tools or features

Avast Antivirus

The free version of Avast is known to be best at shielding private data and important information. So, if you are one of those people who have a lot of valuable information stored on your smartphone, Avast would be best for you. Furthermore, it detects malware and blocks them from your device.

You can also enjoy the web protection it offers so you won’t download malicious files. And, there is a free VPN to shield your data from hackers.

Cons: Annoying ads and requires permission to gain access to other parts of your device and other features.

ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus

ESET mobile security and antivirus are the perfect antivirus that protects your devices from phishing attacks. It also includes features such as scanning devices for malware and viruses. It can locate lost devices via GPS and provides safe online browsing.

So, if you like to browse privacy-sensitive websites, ESET can help secure your private information and avoid clicking on fake websites.

Sophos Intercept X

Many have rated Sophos Intercept X to be the best free antivirus app for Android devices. It is rich with features that are vital to the protection of your device. Unlike other free apps, Sophos has more protection to offer than other free antivirus apps.

It can block calls and text messages that are unknown or of malicious origin. Furthermore, it scans files before you can open or run the content. There is also an anti-theft tool where you can access your stolen device remotely and delete the content.

Sophos also comes with a software updater or scans for issues on your device. It will detect outdated programs or apps and provide solutions to the problems. What’s even great about this software is that they don’t have lots of ads that could distract the users, and it doesn’t affect the performance of your device.

Paid Version of Antivirus Software 

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Its free version is one of the best options when you want to protect your device, but the paid version brings more useful features. Mobile Security paid edition comes with more than a powerful malware scanner. It also has a 200 MB/ day VPN data, app locker, wi-fi scanner, and tools for the protection from threats such as anti-theft and detection of a data breach.

Other Features:

  • No impact on battery life
  • With smart capabilities to provide actions for better security
  • Updates automatically

Norton Mobile Security

Although it has a free version, Norton works better when you choose to pay for a subscription plan. Get advanced threat detection with patent-protected scanning technology that’s able to spot threats like malware, viruses, adware, and ransomware. In addition, you’ll stay safe from websites that are suspicious or fraudulent.

Other Features:

  • Scans Wi-Fi to ensure a safe and secure network
  • Informs the user of threats or vulnerabilities present on the device to know what action can be taken
  • Blocks annoying robocalls instantaneously
  • You get to secure your data as you learn where your apps send or store your data.
  • Safe online browsing
  • Summary of your device’s security status

Overall, Norton has an excellent take on protecting your android device, but it focuses on one operating system only. But if you plan to secure more than your Android device, you can choose Norton Deluxe. It protects other operating systems too.

Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky is not only a name in security software that provides the best security for small businesses. It also delivers a strong and effective security solution for mobile devices. The Kaspersky Mobile Security has a free app you can download at the Google Play Store. Of course, its free version cannot be replaced by a paid version with compact features at the best price.

The paid version of Kaspersky that can protect your Android device is known as Kaspersky Internet Security for Android.

Get manual and automatic scanning features to detect threats anytime you want. In addition, secure your data from threats online and offline with the ability to wipe out your device’s content remotely when it’s lost. Or, you can guard your data by adding passwords to your app and protecting them from other threats like phishing scams.

When new threats are emerging, Kaspersky’s machine learning technology responds to these threats and informs the system about it for future cases.

Kaspersky is one of the best android software that protects from phishing sites. Secures your valuable data like passwords and credit card numbers when using a privacy-sensitive website.

McAfee Mobile Security

You can choose to secure your Android device alone or also subscribe to a version that can protect other devices. When using McAfee Mobile Security, you get the ultimate protection you’ll need for your device. It fully protects your mobile device and personal information.

Features to Try:

  • Scan your device thoroughly to detect threats and vulnerabilities in your apps, Wi-Fi network, email, and more.
  • Precisely locate the location of your mobile device when it’s lost. In addition, lock it down for safety.
  • Optimizes devices for better function of your device
  • Protects data from your app by adding a password or code for protection. Furthermore, you can secure apps by using guest mode when sharing your device with others.
  • Get enhanced security when searching online.

You also opt for the McAfee Total Protection if you need complete security other than your Android device. You’ll get better protection for multiple operating systems with all the features you’ll need – Wi-Fi protection, complete scanning, online security, app lock, and more.


Malwarebytes protect your device from malware attacks, as suggested by the name. But it’s also more than malware detection. You’ll get real-time security from ransomware attacks to protect your device from infection. The advanced technology built into the system can deal with new attacks before it can launch its action. Hence, your data are secure from being encrypted or stolen.

There’s more! Malwarebytes also offers safe online browsing. It scans for websites to ensure that you’ll not click on URLs that contain malicious content.

You can also check your apps to know where your data is being shared. You can see which apps are tracking your location, calls, and more.

Protection of your Android device is vital, as we are all aware that with the rise of mobile device usage or smartphones, hackers also extend their attacks by deploying on this kind of device. So, if you often use your Android smartphone or tablet to access sensitive data or websites, purchasing the right antivirus application must be taken into consideration.

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