adobe acrobat pro vs standard: a detailed comparison 2020

Adobe Acrobat Pro vs. Standard: A Detailed Comparison

adobe acrobat pro

Adobe has been a hallmark of creative tools, PDF readers, and digital innovation. Almost every one of us has experienced or has encountered using a product from Adobe, particularly the PDF tool, Adobe Acrobat Pro and Standard, or Reader.

Adobe Acrobat and Reader are programs created to view or manage PDF files. The Adobe Reader is the free version that allows users to view files without changing any format or how it looks like even when viewed on a Windows or Mac device. Meanwhile, Adobe Acrobat is the advanced and paid version of the Reader. Moreover, it has better and advanced tools or features that users can enjoy.

If you want to create, print, edit, and manipulate PDF files, Acrobat is the best cross-platform application you’ll need to have to purchase. The money you’ll spend on these tools would be worth it!

In this article, we’ll discuss the two latest Acrobat version in the market, Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe Acrobat Standard. We will get to see the similarities and differences between these two software programs. It’s an Adobe Acrobat Pro vs Standard 2020 battle. Furthermore, this guide will help you decide which Acrobat product you’ll be purchasing. So, let’s begin.

Advantages of Adobe Acrobat 2020

Acrobat has excellent advantages that can help you with your work, business, team, and more. You’ll greatly appreciate this tool once you get to see its benefits.


With the latest version of Acrobat, you can collaborate with your workmates or teammates. It also allows the conversion of files from different programs to PDF, eliminate the need to send separate copies of files, and it can be opened or managed using any computer or device. Furthermore, you can include a video on your PDF file.

Search for What You Need

Acrobat allows users to quickly search a word or phrase using the search box. So, it will highlight all the word/s you typed, and you can easily click next to jump to other items highlighted.

Share Comments

This tool is indeed an excellent productivity and collaboration tool. You can comment on other people’s/teammate’s work or leave a message if they’re not responding. Editors can insert their comments in a paragraph or sentence. If you want to read the comment, click on the comment icon and the content of the comment will appear on a pop-up window.

Copy and Paste Graphics

Copy and paste of graphics or pictures in PDF files to other documents are now allowed in Acrobat. It will often be in the format of bitmap.

Customizable Access

Even though you can add a comment or edit a file, Acrobat still gives the author of the file permission to restrict the content. The creator of the file can permit who can edit or add comments. Furthermore, users can add a password to protect the document.

Compatible to Any Device and Browser

PDF readers are designed to keep all of a file’s format in its original version. You’ll see the exact file in your device with all the headings, font size, style, graphics, and indentations, even when opened on another device. Furthermore, if you post or share it online, it gets to retain its format no matter what browser.

Acrobat 2020 is truly an essential tool to manage your PDF files, and it’s an excellent tool to enhance productivity and teamwork.

Adobe Acrobat Pro vs. Adobe Acrobat Standard


The Adobe Acrobat 2020 is a perpetual desktop version of Acrobat. In addition, it’s a one-time payment license subscription, unlike its alternative Acrobat DC, which is a subscription version. The Acrobat DC gets the latest updates as compared to the Acrobat 2020.

If you want to get more features and frequent updates, you can always choose Acrobat DC.


Since both Acrobat 2020 are licensed plan, it’s a one-time payment. It may seem a little expensive, but it’s much cheaper than paying monthly costs when using an Acrobat product. Both Pro and Standard 2020 prices are almost the same. They only differ in some features.

Operating System

Acrobat Pro and Standard are compatible with Mac and Windows users. However, the Pro version supports browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome for Windows, and Safari (9.0, 10.0, and 11.0) for macOS and Mac OS X.


For Pro Only

Adobe recently added updates on the Acrobat products, including the perpetual desktop versions. Here are the recent updates that Pro received.

  • Preflight Libraries: All content (profiles, fixups, and checkups) are organized.
  • Preflight supports Ghent PDF Workgroup Specification: It supports the native transparency and media neutral workflows.
  • Variables of Preflight: The variable can also be used to adjust the Profiles, Checks, and Fixups.
  • Preflight PDF/UA validation: Fixes common problems and validate against international standards.
  • Improved accessibility: People with disabilities can now easily use PDF documents without the aid of assistive technology.
  • Touch bar: MacBook Pro’s built-in touch bar can now work efficiently with Acrobat Pro.

For Standard and Pro

  • Recent file viewing: You can view or display your recent files on your computer, cloud storage, or any third-party app like Dropbox and OneDrive.
  • Recommended tools: Try the tools prescribed by the software to create great PDF files.
  • Search box: Quickly search for what you need on the cloud and sent and received files.
  • View MIP files: Open files protected with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)
  • Customizable Fill and Sign tool: Choose the desired color to fill the form and sign it.
  • Run OCR on Scanned PDF.

File Management and Interaction


  • View multiple PDF files with tabbed viewing
  • Customizable themes: Light and dark themes
  • All work can be managed in the Home view

Differences (available on Pro only):

  • Touch Bar compatibility with MacBook Pro
  • Can compare two PDF files using the easy-to-scan results to compare differences

Creation and Protection of PDFs Files


  • Create PDF on any applications that can print
  • Convert documents and images to PDF files
  • Microsoft Office apps for Windows can manage PDF files
  • Protect files from others by protecting them with a password
  • Validate PDF for compliance with ISO standards

Differences (available on Pro only):

  • Can create and fix PDF files to make them accessible to people with disabilities
  • PDF preparation with guided actions

File Conversion and Editing


  • Edit images and text in PDF files
  • Convert PDF files to any Microsoft Office apps while maintaining the format
  • Easily convert files to JPEG or any image format
  • Organize PDF pages
  • Add bullets or numbers while maintaining the format
  • Pen tool with DirectInk technology can be used to write and draw smoothly in PDF

Differences (available on Pro only):

  • Convert scanned documents to editable PDF
  • Add audio and video to PDF files
  • Can permanently remove sensitive information
  • Use preflight for high-end printing production
  • Customizable profiles, checks, and corrections with the help of preflight libraries
  • Use Bates numbering for legal documents

Share and Comment on PDF files


  • Verify documents and add digital signs
  • Convert files or documents to fillable PDF
  • Send locked forms with smart autofill
  • Allow commenting with the use of markup tools
  • Allow SharePoint-based reviews for Office 365 using Windows or macOS (partial access or feature for Standard version)

Deployment and Management Across the Organization


  • Deploy Acrobat products (Pro and Standard) from your local server using the Adobe Update Server Setup Tool.
  • Can use virtualization tools
  • Protect the data with security and sandboxing technology
  • Customizable features with the Acrobat Customization Wizard DC and Enterprise Toolkit
  • Update using Microsoft SCCM/SCUP and Apple Remote Desktop

Although both of Acrobat 2020 version seems to be similar, the Pro version is designed more for professionals that require more in-depth tools like optimization of PDF files, the addition of dates, numbers, audio, videos, and creation of technical PDF. Meanwhile, the Standard is best for home-users or beginners who only require basic tools for PDF files. The Adobe Acrobat 2020 Standard vs Pro comparison can help you choose which version you need.

If you have decided what tool you need, you can finally head on to our online shop. We offer legitimate and full versions of Adobe Acrobat products. In addition, you get to enjoy the discounts we offer.

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