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Adobe Creative Suite

At Softvire, we get lots of inquiries about what the best creative and design software is. As the leading software company in Australia, our money’s on Adobe Creative Suite. But we don’t just recommend it to you; we help you realize why it is the best program to cater to your needs.

In this feature, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at the many advantages it can bring to your business. Adobe Creative Suite is a must-have software for all aspiring graphic designers and visual artists. It is packed with applications that will help you unleash your arty visions and produce beautiful, sharp output for work or your portfolio.

The Adobe CS master collection contains the graphic software’s most popular applications; Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, and a lot more. It also comes with solutions for digital designers to further accommodate works that will perform well on other formats and platforms like smartphones, Kindle, and iPads.

The Adobe master collection has a user-friendly Photoshop application, and its features alone will enhance the imagination of both artists and photographers. It has a nice array of tools and items which have proven PS to be the standard on graphic design software.

The application comes with loads of filters and effects that users can enjoy like editing devices and more advanced ones. Other than that, it now comes with applications that are mobile-friendly.


Illustrator is mostly used as a means to draw vectors, and, like Photoshop, is now considered an industry standard. The new version comes with enhanced performance, has a more reliable speed, and now comes with native 64-bit accommodation for Windows and Mac. The application also comes with new improvements on tools so users can produce seamless vector works and images.

Adobe InDesign

InDesign meanwhile is the app you need to make web pages. InDesign prides itself on keeping up with the latest trends in the digital publication. Hence, it now comes with versatile elements and enhancements which will further maximize the creativity of its users. It has features like Content Collector, Liquid Layout, and others that accommodate the needs of page designers who want to produce items for different platforms.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is still the go-to tool for many web designers who want to create fantastic websites and applications. It comes with complete support for CSS3 and HTML5. This makes Dreamweaver an essential device for professionals who want to master it; it has all of the current technology that will help them go with the flow of today’s web development trends.  

Those are just a few prime examples of the things that the Creative Suite can provide resourceful and imaginative individuals.

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