Author - Vanessa Venugopal

how to keep your smartphone safe from spyware threats

How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe from Spyware Threats

via Pixabay Unlike in movies, spyware in real life has mostly bad intentions. It’s not a tool used to spy on enemies or the villain on a show. Spyware is malicious software that infiltrates a device of an individual without their knowledge. Smartphones are the most commonly used device by everyone. In fact, most internet activities, from social media to online searches, happen on a smartphone. However, despite the daily use of smartphones, people spend less time learning how they can [...]

social media video ideas for small businesses

Social Media Video Ideas for Small Businesses

via Pixabay Not so long ago, text and images were the top media consumed by people online. But now, the rise in video content has immensely changed the marketing game. People spend 16 hours a week watching videos online, which prompted marketing professionals to adapt to this consumer habit. It shows that video helps in brand awareness and conversion rate. About 86% of people like watching a video from a brand, and 64% will purchase after watching. With the increasing demand for [...]

security guide for your email marketing campaigns

Security Guide for Your Email Marketing Campaigns

via Pixabay Email as a form of communication and marketing is still at the top of the list. There is no chance that we will be seeing it going out of trend anytime soon.  Email marketing is an essential part of every business’s marketing strategy. Marketing professionals claimed that using email can increase customer retention. Moreover, 76% of consumers made a purchase when seeing an email. The effectiveness of emails has driven marketers to use them as part of their marketing plan. [...]

best OCR software a small business tool

Best OCR Software: A Small Business Tool

Like corporations and enterprises, small businesses work on multiple papers and files. They handle plenty of overwhelming paperwork daily.  Traditionally, businesses work with physical paperwork, from tax filing, clients, suppliers, and more. The physical files consume plenty of space, and it can be a time-consuming process to go through them. Luckily, there are software programs available to manage forms and other documents. OCR software is designed for businesses to take care of the papers and convert them into digital format. It [...]

social media threats you need to know

Social Media Threats You Need to Know

Social media threats are rising as the number of users increases. With millions of active users, there is no doubt cyber criminals find ways to manipulate people or hack into accounts. These networks are ways for people to communicate with their loved ones and share moments with others. Social media channels are also rich in business accounts. It brings customers and businesses together, even making it easy for people to buy online. However, as much as we think that social media [...]

common mobile security mistakes that you should avoid

Common Mobile Security Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Mobile devices are the most popular form of communication used in our times. It provides convenience in our daily lives. Most of our activities can now be handled by mobile devices. You can search the web, use it to control an appliance, watch a movie, scroll through social media, and so on. Currently, there are up to 3.8 billion smartphone users in the world. As more people juggle everything they need on their smartphones, cybercriminals have more opportunities to steal [...]

mobile marketing strategies for small businesses

Mobile Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Smartphones and other mobile devices have been steadily rising in popularity. Recent data have shown that there are about 3.8 billion smartphone users in the world. That’s almost half of the world’s population. The sudden demand for the use of mobile devices has changed the way people interact online. It happens that people frequently access anything online. Since mobile devices bring convenience, it means people can now easily purchase anytime and anywhere.  With this sudden shift in purchasing behavior, marketing experts [...]

how to successfully manage remote workers for your business

How to Successfully Manage Remote Workers for Your Business

via Pixabay Hiring remote workers is not a new concept. Even before the pandemic, there have been businesses that employed talented people all over the world. In fact, some small businesses online have a full staff that works remotely. When the pandemic hit in 2020, organizations needed to shift the way they manage work. Everyone was forced to work from home. For some, this transition became a challenge. Not only were they not prepared, but employees were lost in the process.  But [...]

cybersecurity tips for online shopping

Cybersecurity Tips for Online Shopping

via Pixabay Online shopping is not something new that suddenly popped out of nowhere. In fact, it has been long known. Now, no matter where you go, everyone shops online. With the rise in mobile technology, the number of people shopping online has even increased.  Mobile devices make shopping online easier and faster. It has even been exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic. People shop online for convenience. They can access different products, order them, and get to receive them in their footsteps. It [...]

How to Secure Online Payment Transactions for Businesses

How to Secure Online Payment Transactions for Businesses

E-commerce has long been a choice of shopping method for customers around the world. However, the impact of the global pandemic has made it exceptionally high. It boosts to around 22 billion monthly visits to e-commerce shops. It focuses on online shops that serve everyday items like groceries and clothing. This increase in online shopping means more ways of online payment between customers and businesses. But the internet is not a safe place, as the more people use the internet, [...]