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avast security is it the right software for your device

Avast Security: Is it the Right Antivirus Software for Your Device?

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Avast has been in the industry since 1995, protecting millions of users up until today. This excellent software is rated by tech magazines as one of the best antivirus software, including its free version.

There is more to know about Avast and how it can protect your device, but first, let us find out why you need to install an antivirus on your device.

Why You Need an Antivirus?

Antivirus applications have plenty of use. You might think you do not need a protection software program, but here we will convince you why you need one.

The main goal of an antivirus program is to keep your devices safe from all kinds of threats. It scans existing or incoming threats and stops them from continuing their designated actions. Antivirus programs detect all types of cyber threats such as viruses, malware, spyware, Trojan, and more. Some threats may be harmless, but some are dangerous to your device and data.

If you are fond of browsing online or visit unsafe websites, using an antivirus can help stop you from downloading a harmful file or risking your data.

Another reason why you need an antivirus, it protects your personal information. As mentioned earlier, there are various types of viruses and malware. Some can be harmless, while others can reach the point of stealing your identity or spying on your data. But with the help of an antivirus program, it secures and encrypts your activities, such as performing any financial transaction or browsing valuable files in the cloud. Furthermore, it blocks connection or suspicious activities and files to prevent cybercriminals from getting your information.

Viruses can also slow down your computer, which is an utter annoyance. If you want to have a continuous and smooth workflow, using an antivirus program will prevent this. With real-time scanning and protection, it will immediately stop any threats that can harm your computer.

Antivirus programs are your first line of defense against threats. If you want to explore the internet with peace of mind, buy an antivirus that will meet your needs.

What Features Your Antivirus Should Have?

We hope that the reasons why you need an antivirus have convinced you to install one for your device. But with so many brands of software out there, you need to narrow down your choice.

Before buying a plan, here some things or features your antivirus plan should have:

  • Real-time Protection

In the past, manual scanning is the only option to determine if your computer is infected. But today, most antivirus programs are equipped with real-time scanning and protection. With this feature, your device will immediately block the threat. Hence, avoid viruses to cause damage to your device.

  • Intuitive Interface

You don’t want a software program that has a steep learning curve. What you will need is one that can outright give you what you are looking for. Choose a user-friendly but effective security application.

  • Should Include Anti-spyware and Anti-malware

A dedicated antivirus program should include effective anti-malware and anti-spyware features. These features can protect your devices from viruses, various malware, Trojans, and zero-day exploits.

  • Email Protection

A phishing scam is a serious cyber threat. Hackers lure individuals into unconsciously giving away their personal details like the login credentials of their bank. But strong software security should include an email protection feature. It will prevent the download of malicious files and block unknown links attached to it. It will recognize if an email is spam, so you won’t be able to open it.

  • Updates

Since there are thousands of malware every day, your antivirus must have the ability to receive updates. Updated antivirus can detect new threats.

  • Exploit Kit Protection

It detects an exploit kit that tries to attack any vulnerable software of your device.

  • Detects Outdated Software

Outdated applications can be harmful to your device. It becomes a passage for hackers to enter your device’s system. So, a good virus protection program can detect these vulnerabilities and update the applications.

Now you know what antivirus programs can do to your device and what qualities you need to look for a software program. It is time to get to know one of the most popular antivirus applications in the market. Find out if Avast protection software is for you!

What is Avast?

Avast is a company that delivers one of the best software programs that can protect your devices from threats. Whether you are looking to protect your home computer or small business, Avast offers multiple solutions that meet your needs.

What Avast Plan Should I Use?

Looking for the perfect plan to protect your device is a bit confusing. With so many packages to choose from, there is no doubt that it’s intimidating to buy your first antivirus.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to install the free version, the cheapest plan, or invest in an expensive subscription package. Ultimately, your choice of antivirus package should have features you need to protect your data and device.

Avast Plans and its Features

Free Avast Antivirus

You’ve read that correctly! Avast has a free version of its antivirus application.

It is one of the most recommended free antivirus applications by online tech magazines.

If you want to test if Avast Security is the right software, you can choose to install the free version.

What’s Included?

  • Protection for all platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS).
  • Blocks malware and viruses using artificial intelligence technology that detects suspicious activities in real-time.
  • It secures your Wi-Fi connection by scanning any possible vulnerabilities and intruders.
  • Ransomware Shield protects your data and valuable folders. It prevents ransomware attacks or cybercriminals who want to encrypt your data.
  • It includes behavioral monitoring for any suspicious activities going on.
  • Detects vulnerabilities such as outdated software, unwanted add-ons, and weak passwords.

The latest update of the free Avast included the updated version of the Game Mode feature. It automatically switches to Game Mode or Do Not Disturb Mode when it detects that you’re playing a game, watching a movie, or in full screen presenting.

But of course, it is a free program, so you’ll have to expect that it doesn’t give the complete protection you need. That’s what most free antivirus security program does. It scans and protects from threats but informs you that you need to avail the paid version to be fully protected.

One thing to remember when using the free Avast is that the company collects their users’ web browsing activities with consent. According to an investigation made by Motherboard and PCMag, they have discovered that the company sells users browsing data to Jumpshop. They, in turn, sell users’ data to big companies like Google, Yelp, Microsoft, and Pepsi.

But Avast informs that the data they sell are repacked, which means that no personal information is given away. Furthermore, users can opt-in and out if they want to share their data with Jumpshot.

Avast Premium Security

Premium Security is the combination of Avast’s previous plans, Avast Internet Security and Premier. The two are lumped into one and are now known as Avast Premium Security. But some online retail stores offer both products separately. You can check out our online store, Softvire NZ, if you want to try these products.

Avast Premium has two packages – protection for one or multiple devices.

It includes all of the mentioned features from the free Avast software and the following;

  • Protects users from phishing sites that steal passwords and other valuable information of users.
  • Sandbox application allows users to check a file or application they have downloaded if it is safe to use or not.
  • Firewall application monitors the traffic that goes in and out of the network and blocks suspicious activities, if present.
  • Webcam Shield prevents unauthorized access to the webcam.
  • Delete files permanently.
  • Detect outdated apps and software and updates them.

You can choose to secure a single device (any platform) or purchase the Premium multi-device protection that secures up to 10 devices.

Premium offers a free 30-day trial on both plans for one device and multi-devices (PC only).

Avast Ultimate

The Ultimate protection is the fully-featured plan of Avast for Home users. It has all the mentioned features of Premium, with the addition of the following;

  • Clean up junk files to speed up your computer.
  • VPN to encrypt your internet connection, IP address and avoid companies or government entities that track your activities. Furthermore, you can also browse geo-restricted content.
  • Avoid personalized ads by concealing your online identity with Avast AntiTrack.

What’s the Downside to Using Avast?

The free version of antivirus sells users’ data, which is a huge deal breaker to many users. But when it comes to protecting your device, it still does a good job. Furthermore, Avast mentioned that users could choose to share or not their information to Jumpshot.

For the paid version, Premium lacks some features like VPN, although you can purchase it separately. Furthermore, Avast is an expensive software program, and it has multiple separate add-ons that are costly. But the protection you get is worth what you paid.

Other Packages of Avast

You can try other products offered by Avast.

For Securing your Online Privacy

  • Secureline VPN (included in Ultimate plan)
  • Avast Secure Browser (free installation)
  • AntiTrack (included in Ultimate plan, iOS not supported)
  • BreachGuard

Enhance Device Performance

  • Cleanup Premium
  • Battery Save
  • Driver Updater

Family Protection

  • Smart devices protection (Omni)
  • Parental Control (supports Android and iOS)

If you are a business owner that needs protection for more than ten devices, the Avast Business plan is available. They offer packages to protect more than 1000 devices.

Final Verdict

Overall, Avast, despite its price tag, is one of the best protection software. It secures your device and data from threats and provides real-time scanning. Among their packages, we recommend that you purchase their Ultimate version since it has almost all the features you need to protect your device. However, the free antivirus version, even though it received positive Avast antivirus reviews, we do not recommend you to try their free version because of privacy issues.

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