AVG antivirus vs. Avast antivirus: which is better?

AVG Antivirus vs. Avast Antivirus: Which is Better?

AVG antivirus and Avast antivirus have been long competitors. They both offer outstanding features on their packages and have almost the same features. When testing both antiviruses, they have state-of-the-art results that can detect and delete malware. 

Security software like antiviruses is an excellent choice for individual users and small businesses. It serves as the first line of defense against threats. Antivirus software runs in the background while users are busy using their devices. Furthermore, it provides options when scanning devices. 

Since cyberattacks have been increasing daily, it is crucial to focus on protecting your devices. Data breaches are stressful and expensive, so you will not want to experience such for your business. Furthermore, identity theft is a serious problem. It can lead to financial loss. That is why antivirus software and other cybersecurity practices are crucial.

Two of the top brands of antivirus software are Avast and AVG. These antivirus software programs almost look the same. That’s because these two brands are from the same company. Avast and AVG originate from the Czech Republic.

Both companies offer almost similar features. Even their plans are the same. 

Here, we will discuss the similarities and differences between AVG antivirus vs. Avast antivirus. And, we will suggest which one you should use.

AVG Antivirus vs. Avast Antivirus

Packages or Plans

Both Avast and AVG offer three different plans. Avast offers a free version (free antivirus), Ultimate, and Premium Security. Meanwhile, AVG has the following plans: AVG Internet Security trial, AVG Internet Security, and AVG Ultimate.

AVG Internet Security can support up to 10 devices, but you can choose if you want to secure a single PC or Mac. The AVG Ultimate supports up to 10 devices. 

Avast Ultimate allows users to choose if they want to secure ten devices or a single device, unlike AVG Ultimate, which is fixed to support ten devices only. Premium Security lets users choose what device and how many they want to protect.


Both companies have similar prices when not on sale, but currently, users from New Zealand can get Avast Ultimate at a discounted price than AVG.

If you want to give AVG and Avast a try, use their free version with limited features.

System Support

Avast and AVG support Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. However, some features of AVG and Avast are not present on all operating systems.


AVG antivirus and Avast almost have the same features for protection against viruses, malware, and ransomware attacks. Both are lightweight and don’t affect the performance of the device when scanning.

However, Avast has additional features such as a Wi-Fi inspector, game and movie mode, and behavior shield.

For the paid versions, here are the features available on both AVG and Avast plans.


avast features and packages
screenshot from Avast website

The premium version includes DNS web protection for phishing attacks. The sandbox tool allows users to try on new programs or apps without causing any harm to the device.

Even online or browsing activities are offered with safety measures. The Avast Secure Browser provides additional privacy when browsing online. Furthermore, it restricts access to the webcam to prevent unauthorized individuals from recording or viewing. 

Aside from encrypting and securing files, you can delete them permanently if needed.

The Ultimate plan of Avast includes the Avast SecureLine VPN. Although it is not a top-tier VPN, it’s good enough to protect users’ IP addresses and access geo-restricted sites. 

Avast paid package also includes cleanup and tune-up tools to get rid of junk files, bloatware, and keep the device running at its best. There’s also an anti-tracking feature to monitor online activities and if anyone is tracking you.


AVG antivirus plans and features
via AVG website

All features available in the free version are on the paid version too. There is the usual virus and malware protection, email scanning, and lightweight scanning.

The paid versions of Avast include Avast Secure Browser to have online protection when browsing. Also, it has privacy protection, an ad-blocker, and a password manager. It even blocks phishing sites for safe browsing and online shopping.

Like Avast, the AVG premium plans also include webcam protection, file shredder, and a firewall system. 

For the AVG Ultimate, it includes a TuneUp and VPN. 

Both products lack the parental control feature on their packages. Furthermore, their TuneUp tool is not available for iOS users.

Test Performance

In 2020, AV-Comparatives tested multiple antivirus programs. It shows that Avast and AVG have a protection rate (Blocked %) of 99.7%. Both have also shown they produced the same number of false-positive results.

In conclusion, AVG and Avast are excellent antivirus software to protect against malware and other threats.

If you want to read about AV Comparatives’ report, just click here.


Avast and AVG have similar customer support – Live chat, 24/7 call, and email ticketing. Individual websites even have a section that offers answers to basic questions like How-to articles and troubleshooting guides. Furthermore, there are support forums where millions of customers ask and receive replies.

Faster customer support is only available on the premium versions. 


If you want to know if a software program is friendly, here are three things to consider: speed, ease of installation, and simplicity.

Avast and AVG look the same. Both antivirus software programs show a straightforward interface. Once you open the dashboard, it contains the major features of the software.

For Avast, it has a dark gray background and feature buttons on the left panel – protection, privacy, and performance. Each button can further expand with other tasks.

Meanwhile, AVG gives the same dark background with a dedicated section in the middle of the dashboard. It has buttons for basic protection for Computer and Web & Email and a full protection section – Hacker Attacks, Privacy, and Payments.

You can click the run scan (Avast) or scan computer (AVG) to quickly scan your device. But both software offers different scanning options.

Both are easy to install.

Which is Better?

Avast and AVG came from a single company. So, it’s hard to choose which one is the best. Both antiviruses have outstanding malware protection, a friendly user interface, and high-end features.

They even have similar customer support options.

Avast and AVG have similar plans but with different names. The only difference is the option to support single or multiple devices.

If you opt for the free version, Avast has multiple features than AVG.

Free or Paid Plan?

Free antivirus software touches only the surface. It doesn’t go deeper to scan and get rid of hidden malware. In addition, free antiviruses are limited. So, you don’t get online protection when surfing or conducting payments.

On the other hand, paid plans are packed with security tools for privacy and maintenance of the device’s performance. Also, users get better support and protection for multiple devices. 

Some free antivirus software collects data without the knowledge of its users. An issue in 2019 about free Avast Online Security Extension was collecting and selling information of their users. But now, Avast gave free users the option to opt-in or opt-out of sharing their data.

Whichever you choose to secure your device, you need to know what you need and see if Avast or AVG can provide that for you.

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