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Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

video marketing for small businesses

Videos are one of the most effective digital marketing strategies of our age. It has grown through the years, and businesses get positive results from it. 92% of Marketers swear that video is an important marketing strategy. They received an increase and positive ROI as compared in 2015.

It shows that there are great benefits of video marketing for small businesses.

However, there are still some that refuse to use video marketing as part of their campaign. It could often be for various reasons, such as it is a tedious job, requires a bit of investment, and a lot of process goes to planning and creating content.

Creating a video for your brand indeed requires a bit of time and effort. But, all of these pay off when you find out the importance of video in marketing and business success.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is known as a marketing strategy that uses video to promote a brand, product, or service. There are different types of videos that can be created to promote your business or product.

Statistics have shown that the number of people who view videos has increased over the years. In fact, 54% of consumers prefer to view video content from a brand. In addition, the rise in social media use has also contributed to the demand for videos as a content marketing strategy. YouTube has millions of daily active users and billions of videos watched per day.

If those numbers of viewers on YouTube alone doesn’t convince you, here are some reasons or benefits of video marketing for small businesses and how it can help grow your brand.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses


Brand awareness is the familiarity of consumers or their ability to recall a brand with distinctive qualities or images. Brand awareness plays a role in the purchasing decision of customers.

Brand awareness is the first step in the marketing funnel. If you have achieved to get your audience’s attention, then there is a chance you will be remembered. So, if people want to buy something, they can immediately remember your brand. But how is it possible to make this happen? That is when video marketing comes in.

With billions of daily video viewers on YouTube and Facebook, it means that video content is a powerful tool to capture your target audience.

Using the right video will increase engagement and attract an audience. Videos connect with people instantly and help them notice your brand. Using the right video content and with thorough planning, you can increase your brand’s awareness, and it gets you remembered.


No one likes interacting with robots. People like connection and what better way to connect is to give them a face to your brand.

With video marketing for small businesses, you can show what your company is made of and who are the people behind the creation of the product. People like to put face into a brand, and video marketing can help with that. You’ll be creating ways to connect with people in which other content marketing cannot provide.

Furthermore, you can also share the experiences of your customers with others, which also builds more trust in your brand.

Video creates powerful stories that are compelling and attention-grabbing.


According to Statista, there are about 3.6 billion users of social media worldwide, and they have estimated that the number of users will increase through the years. With these numbers, no doubt that having a presence online will bring more sales to your business.

As stated earlier, videos have a lot of views on social media. Even Instagram consistently pushes videos to be on top, as people engage more on such content.

If you have an eye-catching video, people are likely to stop and interact with it. Hence, it increases the reach and engagement of your content. The higher people engage in your content, the more chances that your brand and its content will appear on their feed.


With everything mentioned above, the ultimate goal of video marketing is to drive sales to your business. Using a video to increase awareness, build trust, establish your brand’s personality, and increase engagement will all lead to producing sales.

When a small business wants to drive sales and grow their business, they must look into incorporating video marketing into their marketing strategy.


Being on top of the search engine or let alone being on Google’s first page is difficult. It is a competitive world when you want your content to be noticed. But gaining organic traffic can be easy when implementing the right SEO strategies.

A good SEO strategy, informative and valuable content, coupled with a high-quality video, are the magic ingredients to boosting your ranking on the search engine. It allows your website to be on top, which gives it an increase in click-through rate and higher organic traffic.

When small businesses use these three key ingredients when creating content, there is a higher chance for their brand to be recognized. Hence, it also increases the possibility of increasing sales.


Video marketing is not only for search engines and social media. It can also help with your email marketing strategies.

The average click rate of email is only 2.96%. That’s too low, and chances to engage and sell are unlikely to happen. However, when you include a video in your email, the click rate increase to 65%. That gives a bigger chance of converting those clicks to sales.

When using videos on your email marketing, always include the word video on the subject line and never embed the video on the email. Some email clients don’t support inline playing of videos or large files can be considered as spam. So, instead, add a thumbnail of your video that plays automatically. When users click on the video, it will bring them to a landing page or your website for them to watch the entire content.


Video marketing, just like most digital marketing strategies, requires thorough planning and time. But when it comes to money, video marketing does not need to cost that much unless you are planning to create Hollywood-like effects.

You only need a good camera and editing software. When it comes to editing software, there are a lot of affordable and reliable brands like Adobe Premiere Elements, Cyberlink Power Director, or Filmora.

When editing videos, you can either hire a freelance video editor or learn the skill online.

We hope that you are convinced that small business video marketing is effective and vital to get more sales. Now, all you need is to find the right content and type of video to create. As a bonus part, we will share a few details on the different video ideas you can make for your content.

Video Ideas You Might Need for Your Small Business


Showing behind the scene footages of your employees working with your products gives people the feeling of being part of your brand. It adds more to the story and personality of your business that people would like to know.


Nowadays, people like personal connections, particularly with the brands that they find interest. Creating videos about your business and its origin, how it began, about your employees, and more can create a strong bond between your business and your customers. It makes them get to know more about your brand and if your business caters to their needs and are in line with their values.

So, produce a video you can add to your About Us page on your social media accounts and website.


Let your products sell themselves. Create a video that demonstrates how to use your products so that customers will get the idea of how convenient or easy your products are. It helps you to eliminate the need to explain to each of your customers how to use your products.


What better way to build trust and to convince people to buy your product is by sharing video content about your customers’ testimonials.

Creating a video with your previous customers talking about how your product has changed their lives or how it helps them with what they need can boost confidence in your brand. People will want to know if your product serves its purpose. They want to see if it is working and has better quality. Therefore, creating customer review videos are advantageous.

You’ll get more clicks, and people will get to trust your brand more to purchase your product.


Look for experts in your company to share knowledge and ideas to educate your viewers. Most potential customers are looking for businesses that know what they are selling. They want brands that have a genuine understanding of the products they sell.

So, if you can create videos and ask someone on your team who is an expert to showcase their knowledge, it would help in getting more sales.

Video marketing for small businesses is indeed a beneficial tool for growth and success!

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