Best b2b mobiles apps for managing your business on-the-go

Best B2B Mobile Apps for Managing Your Business On-the-go

B2B mobile apps are not often discussed, as most mobile app benefits are confined to B2C businesses. However, there are still mobile apps that B2C and B2B businesses can share, and most business owners should know about it.

A company can benefit from on-the-go mobile applications with the correct setup and strategy. For firms, the likelihood of encountering issues such as financing and personnel development might be intimidating. Furthermore, issues with management and coordination among team members might degrade service quality and it becomes difficult for organizations to track and maintain project timelines. In this case, B2B mobile apps can aid in the organization of the working pipeline while also providing convenience and efficiency.

These tools help in scaling projects by simplifying the approach. Both the employees and business owners can work efficiently with better results without compromising their work and mental health.

Best B2B Mobile Apps

Google Analytics

google analytics sample interface a b2b mobile app
screenshot from Google Analytics

Websites are common among B2B businesses. It’s where expertise and products or services for clients are provided. When you are running your website, you have to have Google Analytics. It is one of the most vital tools for website owners.

Google Analytics provides information on the traffic that happens within your website. It gives you information about the number of views, what page gets the most traffic, bounce rate, and so on. Using Google Analytics to study the website data can help in creating better campaigns and understanding what is needed for the business.

Originally, Google Analytics was a desktop app, but now B2B businesses can enjoy iOS and Android versions.

It provides real-time data, audience insights, conversions, and more. In addition, it allows the saving of reports to easily access them when needed.

Google Analytics is a free tool for desktop and mobile users.


Asana is a project management software that helps teams stay organized, on track, and productive. The app allows team leaders to assign tasks on their team, add due dates, add notifications, and more. Each member can see the progress or work of everyone and they can understand the flow of a project.

Asana is available on iOS and Android devices.

Both OS have the same features.

  • Accessible anytime and anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection
  • Create a new project, set due dates, breakdown tasks, and more in one place
  • The My Tasks is a feature where each member can see a list of tasks assigned to them and create their checklist section.
  • There are the like, comment, and file attachment features with auto-updates on tasks or project progress.
  • View tasks in different ways from timeline to Gantt chart.

If your B2B business manages a large team, you can download Asana to help check on project progress and more even when you are outside the office.


Docusign sample on Google Play Store
screenshot via Google Play Store

Signing contracts with clients and vendors are part of B2B businesses. Since everything is going digital, signing a contract requires digital signatures too. There are plenty of benefits as to why most businesses prefer to shift the way they handle documents to a more digital environment.

DocuSign is a handy app that allows users to scan a document and apply a digital signature.

Not only does it resolve any signature concerns, but it also allows users to send signed contracts back to the office in a seamless manner, allowing them to attend a meeting while someone on the team ensures that the contract is ready to go, saving more time.

This application can be used in any document form, like email, Evernote, or Dropbox. In addition to signing documents, users can check the status and remind the other party to sign the contract, get real-time updates, and allow multiple people to sign.

Documents signed digitally are now considered a legally binding contract. Once the document is signed it is encrypted and changes are not allowed.

So, if you need to sign a document or on the go, download DocuSign. It is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store for free.

Google Drive 

If you need a B2B mobile app that can manage files and other documents for you and your team, Google Drive gives you the freedom to access files anywhere you are. Google Drive can store any range of files, from photos to video recordings.

When you have a Gmail account, you’ll have 15 GB of free storage, but if you need more space, Google offers paid plans for that. Users who have access to Google Drive can view, comment, download, or collaborate within a document.

Drive is part of the Google Workspace suite, that’s why users are able to work and collaborate on a document.

Other features of Google Drive for mobile devices:

  • Quick access to recent files
  • Allows a quick search on files by typing the name or using a keyword
  • Set access permission on files and folders
  • Allows offline access
  • Receive notifications
  • Scan paper documents with the device’s camera
  • Manage users and file sharing
  • Direct sharing of folders and files to teams
  • Shared drive for a team

Google Drive is free to download at Google Play and Apple App Store.


hootsuite plan campaign
screenshot via Hootsuite

B2B businesses use social media platforms to market their brand to other businesses. However, managing social media channels together is a daunting and complicated task.

But thanks to HootSuite, marketing professionals don’t have to manually work on each social platform anymore. HootSuite is a centralized social media management application that is used to allow automatic posting, gathering of social media insights from all channels, answering comments, and so on.

HootSuite can be accessed on your desktop and mobile device, so changes are immediately reflected on the app or desktop.

You can manage any social media platform of your business from Facebook to LinkedIn.

  • Compose content to upload directly from mobile devices.
  • Customize or edit content anytime and anywhere
  • Check on likes, comments, and mentions
  • Manage all replies and messages

It is free to download at Google Play Store and Apple Store.

HootSuite does offer different plans depending on what your business needs.

Salesforce Mobile

To maintain your business’s sales efforts, every strong B2B organization should have a CRM in place. If you’re still looking for a reliable CRM to implement, Salesforce is a terrific alternative – not only because it has a great desktop version, but also because it offers a superb digital app! Everything you need to access in your conventional desktop CRM is included in the mobile edition. Now, B2B owners can ensure that their firm stays successful and that sales keep coming in.

You can personalize your dashboard using your mobile device by showing reports, lists, tasks, and so on.

What you get on the mobile app:

  • Access to business data at all times
  • Secures data in transit or at rest with enterprise-grade built-in security
  • Receive notifications

Install Salesforce for free.


evernote apple mobile app
via Apple App Store

Evernote is one of the B2B mobile apps that you must own. It’s a lightweight application where you can take note of all your ideas when on the go. You don’t need to ask someone to jot down some notes or carry a pen and paper at all times when you have Evernote installed on your phone.

The great thing about Evernote is that it’s not only used for taking down notes and ideas.

Here are some features Evernote offers on the mobile version.

  • Add articles or web pages on notes
  • Accepts any content format (PDF, photo, txt, doc, and more)
  • Scan paper documents with the device’s camera
  • Set reminders
  • Sync content on any device
  • Share notes to team

Evernote offers a free plan, but you can upgrade to the Personal or Professional version for more storage space and features to use.

Microsoft Teams

When working in teams, clear communication is a necessity. If there is better communication and understanding among members, projects can be accomplished and it will lessen issues.

B2B businesses need a communication app that can cater to their needs, to communicate with employees and with clients. Microsoft Teams is one of the best communication tools currently on the market.

The application offers chat, meetings, video and audio calls, and more.

  • Shareable link or calendar invite for a call
  • One-on-one or group chat and call
  • @mention to get a person’s attention on chat
  • File sharing of documents, photos, audios, and videos
  • Virtual rooms for meetings and allows screen sharing and whiteboard
  • Collaboration with clients while protecting company data
  • Digital Safe to store all passwords
  • Equipped with enterprise-level of security

Microsoft Teams is free to download for Android and iOS users. They offer multiple plans from free (personal) to Standard plans (business).

Why Do You Need B2B Mobile Apps?

After gathering the most common B2B mobile apps that best fit this industry, here are reasons why we think you should invest in them.

Like B2C, B2B mobile apps are crucial in the growth and success of a business. When you invest in these tools, you give your business more power to succeed.

B2B mobile apps:

  • Promotes team and client collaboration
  • Enhances productivity
  • Understands business data
  • Creates effective marketing campaigns
  • Helps interaction with clients

Wrapping Up

B2B mobile apps are essential in the overall performance of a company. It helps in various ways, from simplifying tasks to making them more accessible to understanding complex company data.

Furthermore, B2B mobile apps allow companies to manage everything wherever they are at any time.

B2B businesses should always stay alert and proactive when protecting their devices and company data. Get real-time protection from Avast security for PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Visit Softvire NZ to get 20% on our Avast products and more.

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