best dictation and speech-to-text software in 2022

Best Dictation and Speech-to-Text Software in 2022

When dictation software came out, it was slow and couldn’t detect words accurately. Hence, it was frustrating. But jumping to the 21st century, developers have brilliantly created smart and efficient dictation software than before.

Aside from its ability to turn speech to text in real-time, dictation software programs are able to perform other tasks like transcribe, schedule a meeting, open a program, and more. 

The convenience of dictation software is what most people like about it. Furthermore, it is a handy software for those with disabilities and chronic disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome.

This list is what you need to find the best dictation software you’ll use this 2022.

But before giving the list, let’s take a look at the meaning of dictation software and what are its benefits.

What is Dictation Software?

When looking for dictation software online, bear in mind that it might refer to a variety of apps and services. Dictation software, speech-to-text, and speech recognition software are terms used for a program that translates voice to text in real-time. But they all have different purposes.

Dictation software or speech-to-text software is not the same as voice recognition or transcription software. Dictation apps and programs transcribe words in real-time. They are often standalone apps that convert speech to text. It can even embed the software on Word or other document processing programs.

Advantages of Dictation Software

Dictation is an excellent tool to help you multitask or switch between typing. Despite the fact that these software programs receive better updates, it still requires users to talk clearly and slowly. However, some dictation software programs are getting better at that.

But despite some limitations, dictation software’s advantages outweigh the limits.

  • Affordable: The widespread use of speech-to-text software has become significantly less expensive. Whatever your budget, you’ll be able to find a dictation software app that can meet your transcription demands. In fact, there are a lot of them that are free.
  • Getting fast: As mentioned earlier, speech-to-text software is getting smarter and faster. It can convert speech to text in a few seconds or minutes. Some can follow along with the speaker and recognize different accents and languages.
  • Convenient: Dictation software is impactful to those who have less time to write, are disabled, and with chronic diseases. Furthermore, it has a mobile app version that allows users to bring their work anywhere.
  • Improves productivity: It frees users from the need to type lengthy text. Instead, they can dictate to save time and focus on tasks that require their attention. Users can multitask with different projects.

Before purchasing a dictation software program, check on the features if it means real-time speech to text. Some software is labeled as dictation software, but they are transcription software that transcribes audio to text, not real-time speaking.

Best Dictation Software

Dragon Professional

Dragon Professional is a next-generation speech engine that employs deep learning technology. It is owned by Nuance. This dictation tool can assist you in dictating and transcribing with greater accuracy and speed than before. It works well with different accents and improves accuracy in noisy situations.

This Nuance dictation software is ideal for students, health care professionals, lawyers, and others who need to transcribe and distribute information securely. It transcribes with 99 percent accuracy and uses 256-bit encryption. This program also allows you to use voice commands to operate your computer and supports cloud document management.

  • Adapts to the users’ words and phrases
  • Works in a noisy environment and recognizers speakers with an accent
  • Works with business apps
  • Can complete lengthy documents
  • Create forms or fill out reports
  • Share on cloud-based sharing tools
  • Sync to mobile device app, Dragon Anywhere
  • Transcribe recordings to text
  • Works with any audio format

Although Nuance Dragon Professional is expensive, it’s worth the price. With advanced technology incorporated into the software, you’ll get the best results than most dictation software. Students can afford Dragon as there are various plans available and for a specific user.


Braina is an artificially intelligent software assistant that can recognize the human voice and understand the human language interface. It can work as a speech-to-text software or voice command.

braina dictation software reviews
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It supports over 100 different languages worldwide. Its built-in natural language processing makes it easier to adapt to the user’s words and way of speaking.

Users can easily control everything on their computer, from internet searches to opening a folder.

  • Converts voice to text in any application and browser
  • Supports more than 100 languages
  • Mobile devices can be set as a microphone to convert speech to text or perform a task on a PC
  • It can read EBooks, documents, and emails aloud.
  • It can search for information, solve a mathematical problem, and define words.
  • Works as an AI assistant by following commands, scheduling meetings, writing emails, setting alarms, opening folders, and so on.

You can try Braina for free on Windows PC.

Google Docs Voice Typing

If you frequently use Google Docs for your work, this dictation tool will be an excellent choice. It recognizes the voice of the user and converts it to text accurately.

It works when you open Google docs on Chrome. But it can work on both Windows and Mac devices.

It’s a free application within Google Docs. All you have to do is go to Tools > Voice Typing. A microphone icon will appear on the left part of the screen. To start transcribing, click on the icon. The microphone usually stops when idle for 30 seconds.

The speed works well, but it can’t catch up with other words when talking fast.

Apple Dictation

For Mac, iPhone, iPad users, Apple dictation is one of the best speech-to-text tools. It’s a built-in feature that needs an internet connection to work. But the Enhanced Dictation can help in offline dictation.

Users can dictate a message and write a document. It even permits transcribing on Word, social media, and creating presentations.

There are commands available, if you want, to select a word or add a new paragraph. It can appear on a small window to look at while working on a document.

iOS devices can access Apple Dictation by pressing the microphone icon on the stock keyboard. For Mac users, go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Dictation > create a keyboard shortcut to activate it.

It supports up to 20 languages for the Enhanced Dictation and 21 for the default Apple Dictation.


Otter is one of the few dictation software that provides better accuracy. Ambient Voice Intelligence is used in this program, which allows it to learn as the speaker speaks. This software includes capabilities like zoom sync, exchanging voiceprints, and more.

otter dictation software
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Otter is unique among dictation software as it has a speaker identification feature. It’s perfect for meetings with multiple speakers because the transition between speakers will be underlined in the transcribed text.

It works both online and on mobile devices. You can use it to acquire a brief transcript of what was stated during a business meeting. After the meeting, you can add speaker comments, audio files, photos, and video files to the transcript.

The free version allows 600 minutes of monthly transcription time. Meanwhile, there are various options for the premium version.

  • Records conversation and import it to other services
  • Live transcribing within minutes
  • Can collaborate on a voice note

Otter’s premium package also has a limit of up to 6000 minutes, with 4 hours per month.

Speech Notes

Another online dictation program used to type anything using your voice is Speech Notes. It’s simple to use and works in a variety of languages.

Speech notes may be used on any website, and the keyboard shortcuts for starting and stopping the recording make it even easy. This dictation program works on Gmail and Outlook to make sending long emails easier. This program also allows you to export to Google Drive.

It is easy to use, and users do not have to create an account to use it. Open the app, click on the microphone icon and start transcribing.

You can also use voice commands to dictate punctuation marks and formatting. Finally, custom keys that you set up on the keyboard can be used to incorporate greetings, signatures, and names.

Speech notes Premium can be purchased per month through the Chrome Web. You won’t see ads, the app may be full screen, it counts words, and you’ll get a quick access button on the Chrome toolbar for that modest monthly fee.

Windows 10 Speech Recognition

In Windows Vista, Microsoft integrated the speech recognition feature for the first time. Speech recognition is also included in all following editions. Windows 10’s speech recognition feature outperforms its predecessor. The speech recognition software can be trained to recognize your voice.

This program is compatible with Microsoft’s desktop operating system. It has excellent voice recognition capabilities built into the operating system.

It isn’t always accurate, especially when compared to Dragon, but it won’t set you back any money. Furthermore, as the computer learns your terminology and speaking style, the quality of your documents improves.


gboard voice typing
Google Play Store

Gboard is an Android and iOS keyboard application that is simple to use. When conversing, you may use the app to dictate text, perform swipe-style input, and search for emojis.

To use Gboard, navigate to a place where you can type, and the keyboard will appear. Then, tap the microphone icon at the top right of the keyboard and begin speaking. It will quickly convert your speech to text no matter how fast you talk. However, if you’re idle for 10 seconds, the microphone will switch off, and you’ll have to press it again.

Gboard can detect and enhance your voice usage patterns over time and enhance accuracy. It does not include stammers, as it eventually learns the speaker’s language pattern.

It’s free to download at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Dictation software may not be perfect. There can be some errors along the way, but it’s an excellent productivity tool. Users can work on their tasks while carrying out other projects. 

Furthermore, these dictation software apps and programs learn over time. Therefore, it will pick up the words users use and eliminate unnecessary languages like “um” and “ah.”

Consider your operating system, budget, and whether you’re using a desktop or mobile device when choosing speech-to-text software for your project or task. It’s also a good idea to think about the content of what you’re dictating.

However, don’t forget to proofread your work after using a dictation software program.

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