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best genealogy software in 2021 to trace your roots

Best Genealogy Software in 2021 to Trace Your Roots

The best genealogy software assists in tracing family history simply and conveniently. It allows the study of family background and long history at any time. It eliminates the need to travel miles to find out about your family’s lineage.

Building your family tree is no longer restricted by only looking at old documents and photos, searching local libraries and archives. With the help of technology, genealogical research becomes easier.

The best genealogy software in 2021 gives users the freedom to dig into their family’s history anywhere and anytime they want. Furthermore, these software programs can have a mobile app version that makes it possible to use on any device.

However, like other software, this list of best family tree software has limits. It only serves as additional assistance in tracing the family lineage of an individual. For better results, thorough genealogical research is highly recommended.

Steps to Conduct Family History Research

If you plan to trace your roots, then you can take a long way around by doing the following steps.

  • Find items at home as most families keep old photographs, certificates, memorabilia, cards, diaries, and more. Like professional detectives, you have to find clues that are first at hand.
  • Talk to your relatives. You can conduct interviews with your relatives, particularly your older family members. Ask them questions about the items you have found.
  • Get a DNA test. There are plenty of DNA testing kits available online. Make sure to choose one that has a massive database of people tested. DNA testing helps discover the migration path of a family.
  • Connect online. Use the power of social media connection. You can post online or connect with people who have a similar surname as yours. You can reach out to them and ask for information that could be connected to your family.
  • Use online and offline software for tracing your family tree.

You don’t need to spend much when tracing your family’s lineage, except for DNA testing. You can first start by collecting the data you need and go through documents like birth certificates. Moving from present to past, you’ll gather enough data to build your family tree.

But as you move to older generations, information is limited. That’s when genealogical software can serve its purpose.

Unlike traditional methods of ancestral study, family tree software provides different possible ways to trace and store information. You can build a family tree, keep records, search from thousands of resources, and share them with your family.

Genealogical software can also keep a record of all media and documents for future use.

We have gathered a list of the best family tree software in 2021 that you can use to start getting to know your roots and connect with your ancestors.

Best Genealogy Software in 2021

best genealogy software ancestry

Ancestry is the most popular online heritage research tool. It has over 27 billion records and 100 million family trees created.

With a subscription plan, you can build your family tree and gather records from their database. You can begin by making a basic family tree starting from you, then going to your parents and grandparents. As you add data or files to your tree, Ancestry generates matches. It appears as leaves.

You can click on the leaves to get records stored in the Ancestry database. It will provide information about a person that might be your relative. This feature is helpful for beginners. But there is also the option to upload files and data manually.

When it comes to data privacy, Ancestry has a flexible option. You can choose to share your information online or keep it private. Furthermore, you can ask Ancestry to destroy DNA records permanently and not use them for any research.

The mobile version of Ancestry is limited. But you can access Ancestry on your Android, iOS, and Amazon account. It gives you the freedom to access your family tree and data anywhere you are.

Ancestry is a bit expensive. The cheapest plan is access to US records for $24.99 a month. If you want to access all data, it’s $49.99 a month.

The Ancestry website also offers DNA testing, which you can add to your family record. You can get DNA testing as a standalone offer or try their package plans.

Family Tree Heritage

encore family tree heritage platinum primary product image

When it comes to collaboration, Family Tree Heritage is the best genealogy software you can invest in. You get millions of records from multiple sources such as Ancestry and FamilySearch.

You can create an extensive family tree or sync records that you manually input on the database. Furthermore, you can choose various ways to show your data. It can appear as a traditional family tree or an individual with precise data included.

You can add other information like relationship status and more.

Family Tree Heritage also allows users to organize their information by using tags. You can add three tags per person to your family tree.

With the interactive timeline, you can search for events that have affected your family. You can discover events like war or immigration, everything that might have happened to your ancestors. Everything you add to your timeline can be printed.

It is compatible with Windows, Android tablets, and macOS.

There is no web and smartphone version of this software.

You can purchase this full-featured family tree maker at Softvire NZ. We offer two versions, the Family Tree Heritage Platinum and Gold versions.


Like Ancestry, MyHeritage is a popular ancestral software program with over 4.7 billion profiles and 82 million family trees. It is considered one of the best genealogy applications for iOS. It’s proven to be an effective software as it is rated with 4.8 stars from 37.6k ratings on Apple Store.


myheritage database

You can start creating your family tree using the Family Tree Builder for free. But to retrieve in-depth information, you need to subscribe to one of their plans.

When creating your tree, you can add photos, notes, and other information on each person in your tree. Moreover, you can manually input the data via GEDCOM files, or Smart Matches will give you hints of people related to you.

Unlike Ancestry, MyHeritage has a better option for downloading and printing your family tree.

MyHeritage goes over billions of records to see if there is any information about your ancestors.

You can choose to keep your family tree public or private.

What’s also good about this software is its massive option of languages to choose from.

The mobile app version of MyHeritage has most of the website’s features. You can build a family tree, input data, retrieve files, get hints, add photos, and even include your DNA test result.

Also, collaborate with your family members by inviting them via email or SMS. They can add details to your family tree if they have some facts.


RootsMagic is not as popular as its competitors, but it’s one of the best software for researching and building a family tree.

It was designed for Windows users only, but now, it has a mac version that includes features you can find on other genealogical software. Hence, it is regarded as one of the best genealogy software for Mac 2021.

RootsMagic collects data from other family history websites like Ancestry, FamilySearch, and MyHeritage. Furthermore, you can access all of these databases at the same time. You can move information from one database to RootsMagic with its drag-and-drop tools.

If you want to continue your work anywhere and anytime, the RootsMagic To-Go feature lets you save a portable version on a hard drive or USB. With that, you can access your family tree and continue your work anywhere.

When it comes to sharing your discovery, there are plenty of ways to do so. You can do it digitally or print them out. Save information you have on a website or CD and give it as a present to your loved ones.

The app version for your mobile device is limited. Your only option is to view your creation. It’s also possible to observe your family tree without editing on your desktop. All you need is to download the RootsMagic Essential software.

Also, you can add the relationship status of your relatives, whether it’s traditional or same-sex marriage.

It’s a one-time payment software that is compatible with Windows and Mac devices. You can get the RootsMagic 7 for $29.95 and upgrade it to the latest version, if available, for $19.95.

Family Historian

It’s one of the uncomplicated genealogy platforms you can use without the need to take time to learn the software. You add the specific information you need on your family tree and view the entire picture. Also, you can compare your family tree before adding information or merging two family trees.

Like RootsMagic, you can share your family tree with your loved ones via print or digitally.

Family Historian is linked to databases like FindMyPast and MyHeritage. Hence, you can search through an intensive amount of data.

You can enjoy Family Historian with their 30-day free trial version before you decide to purchase.

Also, you can add traditional and same-sex marriage, polygamist families, and other complicated relationships or family statuses. This feature is not present on most genealogy software programs.

The latest version of Family Historian permits users to change font size and color, more language options, and tools that professional genealogists can use for their work.

The downside to using Family Historian are these:

  • Outdated/dull background
  • No DNA testing
  • Only for Windows users
  • Best for British and Irish ancestry
  • No mobile device app version


Almost all of the genealogy software programs are similar to one another. Some may lack a feature or two, but it’s not that much.

When choosing the best software to use for your hobby or profession, you need to consider if it’s compatible with your device, can you take it with you anywhere, does it have DNA testing, and so on.

Knowing what you want to get from a software program can help you narrow down your choice and pick one that will best fit your needs. You can also give some of these software programs a try, as some offer a free version.

Ultimately, these programs will be of great assistance to your journey of discovering your family line.

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