Best Project Management Software in 2020

project management software for small businesses

Best Project Management Software in 2020

best project management software 2020

Project management software and tools are often overlooked by some businesses. In fact, only 22% of organizations invest in a project management tool, whether it is free or paid. There could be various reasons as to why some businesses won’t invest in project management software.

Some business owners avoid using PM software because they only have a small team or that it causes an additional expense on their part. But management tools are vital for the success of a project no matter how small a business is.

What is Project Management Software and Why You Need One?

Project Management Software is a tool used for teams, no matter how big or small, for collaboration and managing projects. It provides a real-time view of the progress of a project.

PM services show the entire flow of the project, the progress, and accomplished tasks. In addition, some tools also include the management of resources, whether the resources are about money or materials.
With the right management tool for your team, it can bring a lot of positive changes in productivity and better results.

There are various reasons why you should invest in a management software program, and to give you an idea, here are a few reasons as to why.

  • Effective and effortless planning: it provides an overview of what task is assigned to a member and if the project is in progress or being accomplished.
  • Resource management: Aside from tracking assigned tasks and project progress, PM is also used for balancing and managing resources.
  • Team collaboration: It improves teamwork as members can communicate well.
  • Control Budget: Manage budget for projects from start to end.
  • Enhances customer/client service: It helps in accomplishing projects on time to satisfy your clients.
  • Improves productivity: It focuses on tasks that are vital and what to accomplish to finish the project. Hence, leaving no time to waste.

There are different management tools you can choose from. You can choose software depending on the needs of your project or team. Here, we will be sharing the best project management software free and paid for you to try.

Free Project Management Software

Free software applications have incomplete features, but some provide the basic tools that will work. If you need a specific feature, you’ll always have the option to get the premium version.


Trello management software is an unlimited free plan you can enjoy. It specializes in helping teams communicate and collaborate well to bring success to projects and tasks. Even the free version has some features that freelancers can use for managing their projects.

It utilizes the Kanban method of project management with a simple and easy to understand interface. The free option of Trello offers users up to 10 Trello boards per team. Trello board is where lists of tasks are posted, and when a task is on-going or done, simply drag the list written in a card to another column.

Even with ten boards offered, users get to create unlimited cards and lists for the free version. In addition, you can attach up to 10 MB per file.

You can create boards using the pre-designed templates or start from scratch. Even the cards and lists can be customized, such as by adding dates, members, checklists, or even comments.

Get one power-up per board to connect your calendar and view your tasks on it, add voting options, and more. Also, add automation process on task to simplify the workflow, one command per card, board, and rule, and allows up to 50 commands per month.

2-factor authentication is the only protection provided to free users.


Wrike gives excellent features on their free plan. In addition, if you are a small team or business planning to expand in the future, Wrike can help you easily upscale.

Similar to Trello, Wrike uses the Kanban method of project management. There are boards (seen in Board view) that have columns and lists of tasks that can be dragged from one column to another. Furthermore, it allows the sharing of files into the Wrike, where can upload and edit content quickly.

Even though Wrike may appear similar on the board view like Trello, you can also have a spreadsheet view. So, if you are comfortable working on a spreadsheet, this is what you need.

Get real-time Activity Stream for updates on boards and conversations of your team. Stay updated with either the mobile or desktop version.

Integrate apps and cloud storage such as Google Drive, DropBox, Box, Microsoft 365, and OneDrive.


The basic (free) version works for individuals or small teams who are just getting started. Let Asana take your to-do list to a whole new level. Breakdown your projects into sections and sub-lists and track the progress of your project.

You can add as many projects, tasks, files, and even track activity log.

Asana is even generous enough to provide up to 15 users for better team collaboration. Furthermore, you have the option to view your projects with the following options: Calendar view, List view, or Board view.

And, like other management applications, the free version of Asana permits up to 100+ integration of third-party apps and a time tracking app.


Customize your dashboard the way you want. Freedcamp gives the option to manage your task and organize the calendar and milestones for better scheduling of your projects. You get the choice to arrange your task on a to-do list option or Kanban view.

All of the Freedcamp plans contain these basic features:

  • Tasks: Set due dates, priorities, and names of people assigned to the task.
  • Calendar: Add your to-do lists, milestones, and events. View them on your calendar, whether daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Discussion: Enable discussion to comment on tasks or discuss the project with your teammates.
  • Files: Upload and search files added to the project.
  • Time: Track your team and their progress on each task. It’s also a great option when hiring freelancers to track their time and bill their tasks.
  • Milestone: Add multiple tasks with a single goal to see the progress of the project.
  • Passwords: Save and share the password with your team.

You can even make your project public for others to see it!

Best Paid Management Software


If you have employees or a team working remotely, Basecamp is certainly the best management tool for you. For 20 years, their experience in handling remote workers’ projects and tasks are definitely worth investing in.

All you need to get your work done together with your team is streamlined by Basecamp in a single package.

Create to-do lists with assigned tasks and due dates. You can also incorporate the name of the person to do the job, add a comment, and attach files.

Get all you need on a single board. You don’t have to search for tasks, comments, notes, or files elsewhere when Basecamp allows you to create a single board for a specific project. In addition, you can embed files and images to messages and share them with others.

Set a schedule for events and to-do tasks, share documents, files, and images, enjoy real-time chat with your workmates, and get an overview of how your project is going. Work with your client with less stress. Integrate email so you can share tasks and messages with your clients.

Get Basecamp business plan at $99 a month only.


Zoho Projects is the most comprehensive tool for managing your projects and tasks. You get an overview of everyone in your team, their progress, data and report of the project, smooth communication, and more.

Take control of your project’s task by breaking down big projects into manageable parts. Set goals by adding tasks and milestones by assigning names, due dates, priorities, and more. View your entire project in a Kanban view with cards and columns.

Besides managing tasks, Zoho allows social management too. In addition, it permits you to comment, get real-time updates, and use forums and chats. Members can add a comment on a task or topic, attachment of files, @ mention, creation of public and private discussion, and more.

Check the progress of your projects with a Gantt chart, check available resources, and view the task report of your project.

Zoho also includes a time tracking application that can be used for billing or creating invoices.


Microsoft has come with excellent and world-class features of project management software. With compact tools, you’ll get almost everything done and enhance your team’s productivity.

The new Microsoft Project Professional 2019 comes with pre-built templates you can use to start creating tasks or projects. It helps to create designs quickly. You can run what-if scenarios to see how each task will turn out.

Automate your task by setting schedules on tools you have trained. In addition, manage your team’s human resources by implementing a due date, checking on duties, and assigning members who are available to other tasks.

Get a walkthrough of the features and basic capabilities of Microsoft Project with the Getting Started screen. Real-time collaboration allows you to see the availability of members on Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.

It also provides concise reporting of the tasks and the progress it has achieved in the process. Furthermore, it comes with a built-in reporting system such as Burndown and Resource Overview. It will provide insights, deliver information to stakeholders, and get results.

Microsoft also has a Standard version, which is a lot cheaper than the Pro version.


Yes, we mentioned Trello previously, but as a free version. But Trello has also been one of the best management apps even on its paid plan. So, we have decided to keep it on the list. All features mentioned in the free version are included in Trello’s paid plans. But it doesn’t stop there. Here are some of the features you’ll get when opting for the paid plan.

Most features become unlimited such as power-ups and commands. In addition, those who choose premium plans get support from the Trello team immediately.

Furthermore, security is further enhanced in paid versions. Observers is a security setting that will limit the action of users when accessing a board. You can restrict who can enter or see your boards, restrictions are added to your team using email, deactivate inactive employees, and more.

Butler automation can make an unlimited amount of commands, buttons, and rules. In addition, you can disable commands, customize email notifications from Butler, and request HTTPS.

The paid version allows additional fields to add to your cards, choose calendar view to see due dates in your calendar, and integrate up to 100+ apps.

Trello has two versions of the paid plan – Business Class and Enterprise.


Project management software proceeds to add more value to your project and enhances the productivity of your team. With the right software, you can bring your team together, finish the task in no time, manage your resources, and track everything for the success of your project.

If you have a lot of projects and tasks, even if you are a small team, invest in any of the mentioned software. Give it a try using the free version, or get the paid plans, which are affordable.

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