Best Software Development Tools You Should Know

Best Software Development Tools You Should Know

Best Software Development Tools You Should Know

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Software development has never been viewed as necessary as it is now. With the never-ending progress and discoveries in technology, software and applications are continually evolving because of the publics’ interest.

The number of software developers in the world has increased from 23.9 million in 2018 to 45 million in 2030. However, despite the increase in number, there is still a shortage. The reason behind such is the increase in demand for applications and software from individual users and businesses.

One good example of the increase in demand for software development is our current situation. The pandemic forced most businesses or companies to shift into a new work environment. People are working from home nowadays, which is not a common practice for most companies. It is arduous to manage a team and get tasks done as compared to working in an office. However, with the aid of software or application, it makes things easy.

As demand increases, software developers have evolved. They have gone beyond their usual job description and become a jack of all trades. Developers now switch their work tasks and collaborate with cross-functional teammates.

To make collaboration possible and meet the demands of the public, developers sort into using tools to help them with their development.

In this article, we will be discussing the best software development tools developers should have to make the coding, designing, and other processes easy and quick.

Why You Need a Software Development Tool?

Like any other career, developers are also required to have tools to create their apps and software. Tools do not only help to achieve the end goal or task but also simplifies each step of the process.

Software tools for development can be used to accomplish and check every step of the process. In addition, these tools are highly-recommended to increase productivity and maintain an easy and smooth workflow. Some development tools also allow team collaboration by sharing codes and editing them to make the software process development faster than ever.

So, if you are a software developer, here we have put together a list of tools you can use to start creating your software or applications without placing a lot of pressure on your work.

There are free tools available online, but their features are limited, which poses a hindrance to the development of software and apps. Therefore, it is better to opt for a paid tool, whether it is a one-time payment or subscription plan.

Best Software Development Tools


GitHub is one of the most popular software development tools known by many. It is a web-based Git repository hosting service. Furthermore, it focuses on code review and management. It becomes so popular because it allows users to build applications and software, manage projects, review the code, test, and do more.


  • Collaborative Coding

Work with your team by contributing to projects, seeing every change, and building a community around the code. Codespaces is a feature used to code, build, test, and debug apps or software with a cloud development environment, and it can be accessed on any device.

You can review new codes and merge them, assign code reviews to team members, and discuss with them the projects and issues.

  • Automation and CI/CD

GitHub permits automation of almost every task, from CI/CD, testing, and planning to the management of projects and more. In addition, preconfigured workflow templates are shared across organizations.

  • Enhanced Security

Security is crucial in coding to prevent hackers from injecting malicious code into your software. With GitHub, you can secure your code, automatically review your codebase, and check if there is a presence of a vulnerability in it. Furthermore, you can add a layer of protection such as two-factor authentication or 2FA when you log in to your GitHub account.

  • Manage Projects and Team

You can check the progress of your project and keep your team up to date in every step. In addition, you can give access or permission to your members, add new users, and sync Azure Active Directory.


Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) that allows the creation of desktop, mobile, and web applications and cloud-based apps. You can either choose a subscription plan for a cheaper version or get a software program for a one-time payment. Visual Studio offers different editions.

Subscribe or Buy Microsoft Visual so you can manage your creation of applications on any platform and device, which includes Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, web, and the cloud.

You can build your app, game, or extension using your preferred language.


  • Development Tools

Visual Studio comes with full access to IDE features for the development of software and applications for any device and platform. Tools such as Azure DevOps Server, Parasoft Virtualize/ SOAtest Professional Desktop, and more.

Development tools assist in the creation, testing, and deploying software and apps. In addition, it provides an end-to-end solution to any team size.

The tools you get depends on the edition or plan you get. Visual Studio Enterprise mostly has all the features you’ll need.

  • Access to Azure

Some plans of Visual Studio offer Azure credit up to $150 with no additional charge. It also provides a basic plan and access to the basic features of Azure like artifacts, pipeline, and test. Azure helps in smarter collaboration, planning, code sharing, shipping, and more.

  • Training

Get to know the latest trend and enhance skills with technical and professional training lessons shared from LinkedIn Learning, Pluralsight, Data Camp, and CODE Magazine.


Cloud9 is a cloud-based IDE that allows users to write their code using various programming languages like JavaScript, Python, PHP, and more. In addition, you can run and even debug programs in the cloud.

There are multiple editing options that are easy to use and are even more accessible. It even has real-time code analysis and reformatting.

There is no need to install any program at all. Simply access your work online anywhere and anytime.


  • Browser-based editor

The browser editor provides a full feature and access to write, run, and debug your software. It even has code hinting suggestions as you write your code that enhances productivity and avoid errors. In addition, you can customize your view the way you want it to look.

  • Integrated Debugger

It inspects variables of PHP, Python, JS/Node.js, and more. Cloud9 also allows the setting of breakpoints and stepping on codes.

  • Edit and Chat for Collaboration

Share your work with your team and edit simultaneously on the same file. Furthermore, you can communicate with one another with a built-in chatroom.

  • Tools for Serverless Development

You can use tools to build serverless applications effortlessly, as Cloud9 is packed with SDK and tools for the creation or development of serverless applications. Furthermore, since it supports Serverless Application Models (SAM), you can use ready-made templates.

  • Image Editor

Edit images by resizing, cropping, rotating, or flipping the image on your browser.


Another great product by Microsoft that many developers use to build, manage, and develop their mobile or web apps is Azure. It allows coding using various programming languages, works on multiple devices, and more. In addition, it works quite fast than other software development tools.

Another exemplified feature of Azure is its ability to protect the system by detecting and removing threats.

It is best used for creating apps that require the input of private information.


  • Supports multiple programming languages such as .NET, Python, PHP, JavaScript, and more.
  • Supports the creation of web and mobile applications.
  • It can support various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and more.
  • Get protection from threats.
  • Flexible to build, manage, and deploy apps anywhere.
  • Build and scale up depending on your organization’s need.
  • Use AI technology with a range of skill levels for development.


Linx provides the fastest and powerful way to build backend applications and web services. This tool requires a low code IDE and server to automate the process. In addition, it is also used to automate business processes, integrate applications, and expose web services.


  • Visual Debugging

View your application’s actions, errors, and other details to smoothly fix issues even on the go.

  • Automate Workflow

With low-code development, you can easily automate the process and use pre-built components when creating backend applications.

  • Pre-built Plugins

With over 100 pre-built plugin programming functions and services, you can speed up the delivery of applications for fast development. You can simply drag and drop the plugins you need.

  • Deploy Application Anywhere

You can choose Linx’s cloud or your own when you want to host and deploy your applications. Choose an environment that will support your business.

  • Highly Secure

Linx is powered by Microsoft Azure. So, your applications and web services are safe and can be run with no worries.


Buddy allows the use of pipelines to build, test, and deploy software. What’s even great about Buddy is that you don’t have to wait that long when configuring your applications. It only takes as fast as 15 minutes.


  • Access to unlimited delivery pipelines.
  • Project number depends on the plan.
  • Provides real-time progress and history.
  • Git support that is first-class (GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitlab, AWS, Shopify, WordPress, and more)
  • Manage permissions of users.
  • Fast recovery from failure.
  • Supports different languages and frameworks.
  • Fast deployment time.


If you want to start creating applications or software, invest in one of the best software development tools to help you and your team. You can now write, manage, test, and deploy your applications and software as fast and secure as you want it.

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