best tune-up utilities to improve your pc in 2022

Best Tune-up Utilities to Improve Your PC in 2022

You have heard of tune-up utilities used to improve the PC’s performance. Most people who’ve tried it say it works. It improves their devices, like a brand new computer. Now, you’ve decided to have one for yourself, to enjoy a fast working PC with no slow processing in 2022. You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list (updated, we have a 2020 version) of the best tune-up utilities you can use to improve your PC this coming 2022.

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When you originally acquired your PC or laptop, it’s most likely operated smoothly and had no issues. However, it is easy for it to become clogged with multiple apps, files, and remnants of installations over time, all of which can drastically degrade its performance.

If you’re getting low storage warnings, it’s evident that you need to do something about it, but even if you have plenty of spare capacity, it can have a major impact.

Over time, all computers slow down, and dealing with it can be incredibly aggravating at times. However, you may solve this by using tune-up utilities to boost your computer’s speed and make it as quick as possible.

Whether you have a low-cost PC or a powerful gaming rig, all PCs slow down after prolonged use. Various activities, files saved, and installed programs can clog up your hard disk and registry. Hence, it starts to consume more resources than they require.

You have three options: continue to use your slow PC, buy a new computer, or use one of many tune-up utilities available in the market.

What are PC Tune-up Utilities?

A PC tune-up software is a program that scans your computer for problems and fixes them. It can defragment your hard drive, manage the very problematic Windows Registry, and clear up disk space by eliminating unneeded and duplicate files, among other things. Some tune-up utilities only do the basics, while others include extra features that improve your PC in unexpected ways.

You can choose which tune-up utilities you think may suit your needs. There are even free versions available, but the best tune-up utilities are those with premium features, but not at all times. 

Take a look at this list of tune-up utilities to decide what will be best for you.

Best Tune-up Utilities for 2022

Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo is one of the brands that provide software programs to help in PC protection and performance. They offer a range of products such as Iolo Privacy Guardian, Iolo Malware Killer, and Iolo Search and Recover.

One of their most outstanding products is Iolo System Mechanic. It has always been one of the best tune-up utilities mentioned on technology blogs. Iolo System Mechanic reviews online rave about the effectiveness of the software.

It is compatible with all versions of Windows, from 7 to 10. The Iolo lab shows that it can detect and repair 30,000 issues that are based on updates available.

Iolo System Mechanic starts to run once the PC is idle. 

What makes the Iolo Mechanic System the best?

  • Increases speed by defragmenting hard drives, getting rid of unnecessary files, and maintaining the CPU and RAM usage.
  • Removes unnecessary bloatware or startup programs that take much of the PC’s space.
  • Improves internet speed
  • Removes junk files
  • Keeps PC stable by detecting issues and repairing them
  • Protects online activities by securing vulnerabilities and updating browsers
  • Free technical support

Unfortunately, Iolo doesn’t offer a full license. It’s a yearly subscription plan. You can upgrade your Iolo System Mechanic to Pro or Ultimate for added features.

AVG PC Tune-up

It’s also regarded as one of the best tune-up utilities for PC performance enhancement.

AVG tune-up has a simple interface like the antivirus version. It only takes minutes to understand the software.

AVG is compatible not only with Windows devices but includes Mac and Android. The Windows support also covers Windows XP. It even supports up to 10 devices.


  • Automatically cleans registry and junk files
  • Removes browser history and tracking cookies
  • Put unnecessary programs to sleep
  • Control when you want programs to sleep or run.
  • It collects a list of software and apps, then gets rid of it.
  • Removes old backups, junk files, and temporary files
  • Updates all software on PC

You can try AVG tune-up for free. 

We offer one and two-year subscription plans.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is one of the best free tune-up utilities available. Although they offer a paid version, their free version does as much as other paid tune-up utilities.

It efficiently improves the speed on the computer, with their latest improvement on their software. Furthermore, it offers a full license, so it’s better than rivals that offer subscription plans.

  • One-click optimizer
  • Simple user interface
  • Internet Cleaner: removes junk files on both the computer and browser
  • Deletes history and cache on the browser (compatible with Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Opera)
  • It gathers extensive details on the disk usage, system, and hard disk. It uses the information to determine issues and provide solutions.
  • AntiSpy: Manages telemetry, sharing, remote access, and updates
  • Win10 Privacy Control: control privacy by disabling location, syncing, and Cortana.
  • File Wiper: permanently deletes files

Unlike other tune-up utilities, Ashampoo offers privacy security and permanent file deletion. For free software, that’s an excellent choice. 

Unfortunately, Ashampoo WinOptimizer is only available for Windows PC.

iObit Advanced SystemCare

iObit offers a free version but with limited features. Meanwhile, the paid version includes impressive tools. The free software comes with basic PC optimization and internet connection speed up. 

It is only available for Windows users.

Features of the paid version:

  • Uses AI to personalize the scanning, cleaning of junk files, caches, logs, and browsers.
  • Speed PC by removing startup programs and services.
  • With 30+ troubleshooters
  • Keeps privacy in check by removing traces such as passwords and fingerprints on programs and browsers. It checks vulnerabilities and issues, provides updates, and blocks suspicious programs.
  • Boosts internet speed by maximizing the network bandwidth
  • The AI technology will learn from the users scanning and optimizing activities.
  • The firewall is also monitored and keeps running at all times.
  • Remove large files 
  • It schedules the scanning of the PC automatically.
  • Premium technical support
  • With privacy and security features, including spyware removal, automatic FaceID intruder capture, and email filter

IObit has a modern and straightforward interface. Beginners and advanced users can easily navigate through the system. 

There are two paid versions available. It either supports 1 PC or 3 PCs. They have the same features; the only difference is the number of devices supported.

Norton Utilities Premium

This tune-up utility has an intuitive dashboard with a one-click PC optimizer. Norton provides excellent tools to clean and speed up the computer to make it run like new. You’ll have a PC that doesn’t freeze, crash, and slow down.

Furthermore, it improves the stability of your Windows registry and speeds up the launch of apps by repairing and optimizing them. It also cleans your hard drive to improve overall PC performance and free up storage space for your files. Most importantly, it provides step-by-step instructions on how to get your PC running like new again.

It automatically detects issues and solves problems on the PC. It removes unwanted startup programs and downloads on the browser.

  • Automatic Care: automates the process of detection
  • Boost the PC and internet speed by removing programs and other causes of slow down
  • Extend the life of drivers by defragmenting hard drives
  • Remove temporary and junk files to increase drive space.
  • Deletes cookies and tracking data on browser
  • Real-time optimization of CPU, drivers, and RAM
  • Customizable
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Startup Optimizer: Used to prevent startup software, but now it can control unnecessary, dangerous, and user choice on startup programs
  • Can find updates even for the most modern apps
  • Regular updates as soon as there’s one available

Available on Windows only, but can be up to 10 PCs. It is subscription-based licensing.


CCleaner is one of the most affordable tune-up utilities in the market. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android devices. 

The Windows version offers two plans, Professional and Professional Plus.

Listed below are features available on both versions.

  • PC Health Check: scans and analyzes the computer for any issues and provides automatic solutions or fixes the problems.
  • Searches for unused and old files, get rid of it to make some space for new ones. Furthermore, it searches for drivers that require updating to allow the PC to function at its best.
  • Temporarily stops unwanted or startup programs that run in the background or when starting your device.
  • Get rid of clutter to make the PC stable and prevent crashes.
  • Erase browser history and tracking cookies. It maintains your online privacy.
  • Automatic updates on all software, browsers, or programs installed.
  • Monitors PC in real-time
  • Maintains the health of hard drive to run efficiently (only on Professional Plus)
  • Recovers accidentally deleted or missing files (only on Professional Plus)


You don’t have to buy a new computer once your PC starts to slow down. There are ways and tools to bring back your PC’s previous function. With tune-up utilities, there’s a bigger chance you can save a good PC from being thrown out. Plus, it saves you money.

Computers do get worn out over time, but it will return to its previous performance when you try one of the best tune-up utilities mentioned in this article. Some do offer a free trial so you can give it a try. Now, your PC doesn’t have to suffer from slowing down and crashes this 2022.

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