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    Personal Architect v14 ANZ (ESD)

    Personal-Architect-v13-ANZ-ESDpersonal architect esd ANZ v13
    4.70 out of 5

    Personal Architect v14 ANZ (ESD)

    SKU: CPA-1

    If you are looking for an architectural design and layout application, you are on the right page. Personal Architect v14 saves time and money when you plan and design to renovate, remodel, and construct a home. The new home -architectural design software privileged sophisticated floor plan in 3D layout.

    Personal Architect v14 ANZ Product Highlights:

    • Allows Virtual Reality
    • Allows to import 3D models from different formats
    • Outstanding visual effects
    • User-friendly full-featured tools
    • This product is a digital license.
    • This product is compatible with Windows PC only.
    $110.34 Incl GST
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    Pro Architect v14 ANZ (ESD)

    Pro-Architect-v13-ESDesd pro architect v 13
    4.75 out of 5

    Pro Architect v14 ANZ (ESD)

    SKU: CPA-2

    Pro Architect v14 is your ultimate assistant in providing a sophisticated renovation or construction of your home of home projects. Cohere your professional knowledge with this intelligent software that will deliver and results in success -more deals and projects!

    Pro Architect v14 ANZ Product Highlights:

    • Enable Cut/Copy/Paste from one model to the next
    • Available in VR Mode
    • Enables you to group elements together in a model then, you can save them to the catalog.
    • The “Step Back” option is available to put a roof on a model with Picking Points.
    • Unique header trim for windows and doors.
    • Cabinets now include a toe space option for floating cabinet styles.
    • This product is a digital license.
    • This product is compatible with Windows PC only.
    $1,048.80 Incl GST

Cadsoft is Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that’s built for home designing and construction. With over 2 million users all over the world, it only proves to be one of the best architectural and home designing software.

No matter your profession is, whether you are a designer, architect, contractor, estimator, or homeowner, Cadsoft Envisioneer is for you. 

Create floorplan, estimate bills, get VR experience, and more with this BIM software.

Softvire brings you two of the best Cadsoft products, Personal Architect and Pro architect. It contains the most advanced features to assists you in creating your designs,

Visit us today and buy Cadsoft at the best prices and great discounts.

What We Offer

Personal Architect

It’s made for hobbyists and homeowners who want to remodel, renovate, or redesign their homes. No need to have expert knowledge, as Personal Architect is an easy-to-learn software.

  • Add special effects like reflection, time of the day, season, and more. This gives you the ability to create realistic designs and estimate the cost of it. 
  • It has technologies such as Oculus Rift™ and HTC Vive™ for implementing a virtual tour inside your design. And also, including a 360 degrees rotation.
  • Personal Architect, despite made for beginners, has professional tools for designing, creating 3D models, building a greener and amazing outdoors, and more.

Pro Architect

For home designers and professionals, the Pro Architect is the perfect software to use. It brings ideas to life like never before. With BIM features, designing tools, and accurate documentation process, it gives a compact software to create impressive designs.

  • Share your work with your clients and give them the experience to try your designs with the 3D RealView and Virtual Reality technology. 
  • It complies with Australia’s and New Zealand’s standards or requirements on materials and objects you want to use for your designs.
  • Edit one part of a room and get updates on others. 
  • Furthermore, create outdoor designs for your home. 
  • It also supports AutoCAD files, construction documentation, and the import of .pat files.