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Importance of data backup for businesses

Importance of Data Backup for Businesses

Business data backup is a crucial practice that every organization should implement. There is no need to think twice when talking about business data protection. With the alarmingly increasing cyber threats daily, keeping your data safe should be prioritized. There are plenty of consequences if data is left with no protection or with no backup. Data is vital to all businesses. It contains everything, from customers’ information to business deals. Any loss of this data can cost a lot and [...]

video editing software for small businesses

Video Editing Software for Small Businesses

Video editing software programs are expensive tools. It doesn’t come cheap, and they are often complicated. Professionals who get used to their software take time to learn them before having complete control over the tool with no sweat. But what about amateurs or small businesses who want to adapt to the video marketing trend?  How can they afford or enjoy creating videos without the need to break a bank or spend more time learning the tool? The fast demand for videos has [...]

how to protect your business from DDoS Attacks

How to Protect Your Business from DDoS Attacks?

via Pixabay Online threats like DDoS attacks are alarmingly increasing every year. It affects millions of websites, from small-owned businesses or larger enterprises. Hackers behind a DDoS attack don’t care how small or big a company is.  This year, there were 972,000 DDoS attacks in January alone. But it eventually decreased to 759,000 in June. Regardless of the decline, it was this year that the most significant DDoS attack occurred. A group of cybercriminals aimed their attack on a German internet service [...]

5 best cad software for all levels

5 Best CAD Software for All Levels

Architects and engineers were adept at the use of manual methods. They created designs and plans on paper, taking them days to finish. But with the advancement in technology, those days are gone. Now, architects and engineers, together with 3D artists and game designers, can enjoy software programs that can assist them. CAD or Computer-Aided Design software programs are what most engineers and architects use to accomplish their projects. Even 3D designers depend entirely on CAD software to create their designs.  Whether [...]

9 ways to secure your business wi-fi network

9 Ways to Secure Your Business Wi-Fi Network

via Pixabay Businesses rely heavily on the internet. It is the best technology invented, as it paved the way not only to access sources at your fingertips. The internet created job opportunities, made communication convenient, and helped businesses expand. Wi-Fi networks made it possible for businesses to connect multiple devices to access files and allow employees to do their tasks. It’s a superb creation. In fact, most organizations set up their own Wi-Fi network without even considering some precautions. As we started [...]

social media video ideas for small businesses

Social Media Video Ideas for Small Businesses

via Pixabay Not so long ago, text and images were the top media consumed by people online. But now, the rise in video content has immensely changed the marketing game. People spend 16 hours a week watching videos online, which prompted marketing professionals to adapt to this consumer habit. It shows that video helps in brand awareness and conversion rate. About 86% of people like watching a video from a brand, and 64% will purchase after watching. With the increasing demand for [...]

best OCR software a small business tool

Best OCR Software: A Small Business Tool

Like corporations and enterprises, small businesses work on multiple papers and files. They handle plenty of overwhelming paperwork daily.  Traditionally, businesses work with physical paperwork, from tax filing, clients, suppliers, and more. The physical files consume plenty of space, and it can be a time-consuming process to go through them. Luckily, there are software programs available to manage forms and other documents. OCR software is designed for businesses to take care of the papers and convert them into digital format. It [...]

mobile marketing strategies for small businesses

Mobile Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Smartphones and other mobile devices have been steadily rising in popularity. Recent data have shown that there are about 3.8 billion smartphone users in the world. That’s almost half of the world’s population. The sudden demand for the use of mobile devices has changed the way people interact online. It happens that people frequently access anything online. Since mobile devices bring convenience, it means people can now easily purchase anytime and anywhere.  With this sudden shift in purchasing behavior, marketing experts [...]

how to successfully manage remote workers for your business

How to Successfully Manage Remote Workers for Your Business

via Pixabay Hiring remote workers is not a new concept. Even before the pandemic, there have been businesses that employed talented people all over the world. In fact, some small businesses online have a full staff that works remotely. When the pandemic hit in 2020, organizations needed to shift the way they manage work. Everyone was forced to work from home. For some, this transition became a challenge. Not only were they not prepared, but employees were lost in the process.  But [...]

tips on how to start an online business

Tips on How to Start an Online Business

via Pixabay Back in the days when the internet was starting, online business wasn’t a thing. Most businesses have to have a physical store. Also, marketing strategies are traditional and target local customers. Although it started to open up in the late 70s to early 80s, most people learn about a business through word of mouth, magazines, or television. In the past, people who start a business are those who have enough money. But now, anyone can start a business with [...]