web analytics: benefits and how to boost sales banner

Web Analytics: Benefits and How to Boosts Sales

via Pixabay Web analytics are beneficial to the growth of businesses and increase revenue. Digital marketing experts use web data to help them with campaigns or strategies they are working on.  We are currently in a world where data and collection of it matter to businesses. They become a tool for businesses to evaluate, change, and expand their strategies to target their desired audience. 94% of businesses and professionals say that data is vital for transforming their organization. That’s why it is [...]

How Artificial Intelligence helps small businesses

How Artificial Intelligence Helps Small Businesses

Pixabay Artificial Intelligence has been around for many years, but Hollywood movies made it look as if it’s a bad thing. But as businesses are starting to adapt to this technology, people are beginning to understand the positive effects it has on our society. Gone are the science fiction dystopia that we all have imagined about AI. No more robots and AI taking over the world like most movies have made it look like. Instead, artificial intelligence begins to work alongside [...]

why your business needs a mobile app

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Application?

via Pixabay The mobile application industry is thriving even in our current situation. With over 6.3 billion smartphone users worldwide, everyone has apps on their mobile devices. With more people spending their time on their smartphones, creating a mobile app for your business will give your brand a chance to grow. Although websites are great for businesses to sell their items and create credibility, mobile apps are also a great way to achieve such goals. Mobile apps are convenient, and people [...]

13 ways businesses can secure customers' data

13 Ways Businesses Can Secure Customers’ Data

via Pixabay Securing customers’ data should be at the top of every business’s priorities. Larger enterprises do experience data breaches, but small to mid-sized businesses have it worse. In fact, 43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses, and only 14% of them are prepared for such attacks. Cyber threats will continue as we transition to a more digital and smart approach in every industry. Data collection becomes valuable for businesses to analyze their customers’ behavior and create better ideas. But the [...]

Importance of data backup for businesses

Importance of Data Backup for Businesses

Business data backup is a crucial practice that every organization should implement. There is no need to think twice when talking about business data protection. With the alarmingly increasing cyber threats daily, keeping your data safe should be prioritized. There are plenty of consequences if data is left with no protection or with no backup. Data is vital to all businesses. It contains everything, from customers’ information to business deals. Any loss of this data can cost a lot and [...]

how do hackers attack a website

How Do Hackers Attack a Website?

via Pixabay With about 300,000 pieces of malware created daily, there is no doubt that attacks happen all the time. Even as you are reading this, a hacker is trying to launch an attack on an individual or organization. According to the University of Maryland, every 39 seconds, an attack happens online.  Hackers don’t stop for a while to take a break or so. They constantly check on vulnerabilities or possibilities for them to get what they want. Since there are millions [...]

successful tips to improve small business productivity

Successful Tips to Improve Small Business Productivity

via Unsplash | Green Chameleon Small business productivity is vital to the success of a business. Every minute, resource, and process counts and shouldn’t be wasted. Small business owners need to keep on track with everything. They should be able to improve the business while avoiding exhausting their limited staff and money. Unlike large enterprises, small to mid-sized businesses have finite resources, and they must make the best out of it. Productivity can bring success to a business when work, tasks, and [...]

mobile marketing strategies for small businesses

Mobile Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Smartphones and other mobile devices have been steadily rising in popularity. Recent data have shown that there are about 3.8 billion smartphone users in the world. That’s almost half of the world’s population. The sudden demand for the use of mobile devices has changed the way people interact online. It happens that people frequently access anything online. Since mobile devices bring convenience, it means people can now easily purchase anytime and anywhere.  With this sudden shift in purchasing behavior, marketing experts [...]

how to successfully manage remote workers for your business

How to Successfully Manage Remote Workers for Your Business

via Pixabay Hiring remote workers is not a new concept. Even before the pandemic, there have been businesses that employed talented people all over the world. In fact, some small businesses online have a full staff that works remotely. When the pandemic hit in 2020, organizations needed to shift the way they manage work. Everyone was forced to work from home. For some, this transition became a challenge. Not only were they not prepared, but employees were lost in the process.  But [...]

tips on how to start an online business

Tips on How to Start an Online Business

via Pixabay Back in the days when the internet was starting, online business wasn’t a thing. Most businesses have to have a physical store. Also, marketing strategies are traditional and target local customers. Although it started to open up in the late 70s to early 80s, most people learn about a business through word of mouth, magazines, or television. In the past, people who start a business are those who have enough money. But now, anyone can start a business with [...]