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BYOD Policy: What should small businesses know about it

BYOD Policy: What Should Small Businesses Know About It?

via Pixabay BYOD policy or Bring Your Own Device policy has been a method practiced by businesses of any kind for years. Whether you run a small number of employees or manage multiple remote workers, the BYOD policy has been of great use. Not all businesses can afford to buy individual laptops or computers for their employees. It’s expensive, and they need to invest in its maintenance. Hence, the BYOD policy has been used by some companies to lessen expenses. In 2020, [...]

Security Threats Encountered by Online Businesses

Security Threats Encountered by Online Businesses

Security threats are rising in number. Last year, eCommerce and retail experienced 7.6% of cyber-attack in the first quarter of 2021. The reason behind the increase in cybercriminal activities is primarily rooted in the advancement of technology and more businesses moving online. Cybercriminals are even becoming sophisticated in their approach to attacks. Like cybersecurity experts who use technologies, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, so are hackers. They weaponized what we use against them. That’s why we find it difficult [...]

social engineering: impact & Prevention

Social Engineering: Impact and Prevention

Social Engineering is an effective technique used by 98% of cyberattacks. Hackers don’t often spend hours cracking on passwords that can take them for eternity. They often rely on strategies that can shorten the hacking process. Corporates are targeted by cybercriminals, but they often go for small to mid-sized businesses. Small businesses lack the resources when it comes to security. Or, they even disregard cybersecurity. Hence, they end up falling for tricks practiced by online criminals. Of all the attacks, social [...]

web analytics: benefits and how to boost sales banner

Web Analytics: Benefits and How to Boosts Sales

via Pixabay Web analytics are beneficial to the growth of businesses and increase revenue. Digital marketing experts use web data to help them with campaigns or strategies they are working on.  We are currently in a world where data and collection of it matter to businesses. They become a tool for businesses to evaluate, change, and expand their strategies to target their desired audience. 94% of businesses and professionals say that data is vital for transforming their organization. That’s why it is [...]

how to protect yourself from phishing attacks

How to Protect Yourself from Phishing Attacks

via Pixabay Cybercriminals are becoming smarter with their tactics. They have leveraged the latest technology like artificial intelligence to combat security personnel’s prevention methods. That’s why the best way to protect oneself from attacks is to educate yourself. With the increasing number of threats, consumers must learn to spot signs of an attack and news about them. Phishing attacks, being the most prevalent cyber threat online, can affect businesses and individuals.  The reason why phishing scams have been prevalent is due to [...]

how to increase your blog traffic

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic?

via Pixabay Blog content is one of the most crucial content marketing strategies marketers use to promote their brand. Although it is not as popular now as video content, it still drives traffic that converts to sales. But some businesses don’t create content or write blogs because they find it difficult to think of one. In a survey, 52% of bloggers admit that it’s hard to grab the attention of their readers.  Furthermore, with millions of content being published each day, it [...]

how website security affects SEO

How Website Security Affects SEO Ranking

via Pixabay SEO is one of the most valuable strategies website owners focus on. It helps rank the top of search engines, drives traffic, and builds brand awareness. But it is not as simple as you may think. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, requires careful planning and keeping updates with the latest algorithm by Google and other search engines. And when we say keeping up, it means SEO experts need to follow 200 ranking factors for the website to be on [...]

best practices to develop a secure app

Best Practices to Develop a Secure App

via Pixabay As we become more inclined to the digital world, developers will continue to build apps and software to meet the demand of the public.  Applications and software are vital for individuals to go on with their daily activities. It is for entertainment or fun too. Furthermore, even businesses need to use software to help them in their operations. As this need becomes prominent due to the pandemic, software developers fast-track their process of creating software to provide the mass. There [...]

e-commerce threats encountered during the holiday season

E-commerce Threats Encountered During The Holiday Season

via Pixabay The holiday season is upon us, and people will rush to purchase as much as they can for gift-giving and more. With that, physical and online stores are ready to welcome visitors to their shops. The number of sales in the last year has proven that e-commerce and online shops are most people’s go-to when in need of something. It is predicted that this year, e-commerce retail sales will grow up to $4.89T globally, which is a 14.25% increase [...]

how to protect your business against fraud

How to Protect Your Business Against Fraud

via Pixabay No matter what type of business you run, it is susceptible to fraud. It’s because there are various ways cybercriminals can attack a firm. Hence, making it difficult to protect from all of them. In 2020, the number of identity theft and fraud reports worsened. It increased 45% from 2019, which is mostly due to identity theft. The increase in this number is putting businesses and customers at risk. As hackers and cybercriminals are getting better with their techniques to [...]