Cloud Storage and Backup Solutions for Small Businesses

cloud storage & backup solutions for small businesses

Cloud Storage and Backup Solutions for Small Businesses

Small businesses, like large enterprises, are loaded with tons of information and data that are critical to their business. These data play a vital role that once lost or stolen it could shut down an entire business. But nowadays, most businesses, even small business owners, rely on the cloud. It’s a secure way to keep your data safe even after a total system failure. Furthermore, cloud storages are cost-effective, user-friendly, and makes collaboration a breeze.

Small businesses that leverage cloud server cuts the cost of IT teams and creates a better work-life balance with its productive and efficient functions. But it’s a bit difficult to choose which one you can use for your business. Don’t worry, we’ll simplify things for you.

Dropbox Business

Dropbox allows users to store personal files. But now with its Business version, you can store more than that. It excels when it comes to storing small business data and, you can enjoy world-class features that will not break your bank. Furthermore, it’s a place where your team comes together to work.


DropBox Business automatically backs up all data from you and your team. Work on your device and save it on the cloud to free up space on your hard drive. Its high-speed network, industry-leading technology for streaming, file compression, and LAN all influence the increased speed in file syncing.

It also comes with collaborative tools that are efficient. The Dropbox Paper allows you and your team to share and edit documents, plus you can add videos or images into it. Dropbox Showcase can easily create memorable presentations, and let people react to your work. You can integrate your commonly used apps too.

There are administrative tools that let you track your team’s Dropbox, monitor the activities, and devices connected to it.

Of course, it comes with a strong and enhanced security tool. You can recover files without worries, add passwords on shared links, set expiration dates, and remove or wipe files when a device is stolen.


Small business owners will enjoy this cloud storage as it’s affordable with unlimited space. Box simplifies the workflow by making collaboration easier. Share important files to your team with no worries and finish your projects in no time. You can also bring your work with you anywhere you go.


Security is the top priority of Box. It has advanced security controls, strict data privacy, intelligent threat-detection, and complete information governance. Box makes sure that none of your files are lost or stolen.

Get to collaborate with your clients, customers, and teammates with collaborative tools from Box while files are being secured. Furthermore, speed up the work process and avoid repetitive work.

Like other cloud storage solutions, Box lets you integrate your favorite app to transform your work.

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive is a Microsoft product that’s part of the Windows operating systems. Businesses who often use Windows will benefit from this. However, you can also run OneDrive on your iOS, Mac, and Android devices. This intelligent technology of Microsoft 365 connects all files and lets you share them with your colleagues. Get to access, work, and collaborate anywhere you are.


With Microsoft OneDrive, you can easily store and access your files in Microsoft 365 using any of your devices. Furthermore, you can still edit files even when offline, it will automatically sync the changes once you connect. Work anywhere you want with OneDrive.

The cloud makes collaboration easy. You can work faster and smarter when collaborating with your team in real-time.

OneDrive has a mobile app that can make you more productive by letting you edit, view, create, and save anytime you want. You can take pictures of whiteboards or scan receipts and save them on the app.

You can back up your files on OneDrive for security and easy recovery. Accidental deletions and malware attacks won’t stop your business from its operation.

Acronis Backup Solution

Acronis Backup Solution gives you the cloud storage you need for your files. Protect all your data, not only the important ones but all your computer’s content. Acronis stood out from its competitors by backing up the whole system in an effortless way.


Acronis is gold when it comes to backing up files. It saves time and offers fast access to backup files. When you lose your files, you can restore your backup data within 15 seconds.

Every cloud storage comes with secure protection you’ll need. With military-grade encryption, SSAE-18 certified security, Tier-IV designed data centers, and ransomware protection, you get the security and support you need 24/7.

You don’t just store your data. Acronis gives you complete control over it. You can work fast and with no interruption in your projects with the flexible and cost-effective features of Acronis.


Tresorit is an effortless solution. It stores and shares your files in the cloud with end-to-end encryption that you can access anywhere and anytime. Collaborate with your team while keeping your confidential data safe and secure. With zero-knowledge technology, your data won’t be revealed.


Tresorit is dedicated to protecting your data. It’s packed with highly-secured world-class protection your files need. You can access your files on any desktop or device and with zero-knowledge encryption. Try its Swiss privacy setting and data residency option. Tresorit’s end-to-end encryption protects confidential documents and restricts the access of files from unauthorized individuals. Files in your devices are immediately encrypted before it’s uploaded to the cloud with 256-bit keys. Only you can access the content in the cloud, no one, not even Tresorit, can see or look at your content

Collaboration with clients and teammates is easy and secure. All updates happen in real-time. You and your clients can access the latest files on any device. Share Links and File Requests replace unsecured email attachments and file transfers to have a safer option when sending and receiving files. You can share files with others outside of your company by creating a download link.


SpiderOak is built with high-security technology that is mission-driven and efficient. It eliminates cyber attacks and helps businesses work with confidence that their data are safe. Furthermore, it has a zero-knowledge environment to make sure that no one, not even SpiderOak, knows anything about your stored data.


SpiderOak defends your organization’s data by protecting the core of it. It won’t allow attackers to find a way into your files. In addition, work faster and expand your capabilities on other networks. Collaborate with your partners and team or on any multiple security domains. It’s secured with AES 256-bit to encrypt data on your computer before going to the cloud. Moreover, with its zero-knowledge environment, you can be sure that no one can have access or know anything about your stored files.


You can choose among the different cloud storage names mentioned above to secure and back up your files. More than that, these cloud storages also offer smooth collaboration and sharing of data. Find the perfect way to store your organization’s files with less worry in your mind, and focus more on what your business needs for it to grow.

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