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    Encore: Family Tree Heritage Platinum 15 (ESD)

    encore family tree heritage platinum primary product image
    encore family tree heritage platinum primary product imageencore-family-tree-heritage-platinum-15-esd
    4.67 out of 5

    Encore: Family Tree Heritage Platinum 15 (ESD)

    Recover the family’s long lost files, or discovers your clan, tribe, or ancestors. You can build your family tree by finding your great grandparents or their descendants through the world’s largest Genealogy websites. While it helps you unleash the past, Family Tree Heritage Platinum 15 also saves you time and money.

    The best deal is exclusive through Softvire New Zealand only!

    Family Tree Heritage Platinum 15 Product Highlights:

    • User-friendly software interface
    • Over 14 billion records
    • Collaboration with powerful Genealogy sites
    • This product is a digital license product.
    • This product supports Mac devices.
    $55.14$66.18 Incl GST
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    Encore: Office Suite 3.0 (ESD)

    office suite 3.0
    office suite 3.0office suite 3.o esd
    4.33 out of 5

    Encore: Office Suite 3.0 (ESD)

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    SKU: EOS-1

    The best deal for Office Suite from Softvire is available in an affordable price. Encore Office Suite allows you to finish a project, create a document, project presentations and more with the complete home and professional office tools such as word processor, spreadsheet and presentation.

    Encore: Office Suite 3.0 Product Highlights:

    • Various templates for a quick start.
    • Compatible with Hunspell dictionaries with 38 languages
    • Languages options:  English, Spanish, and French
    • Licenses available for 5 home use and 1 commercial user
    • This product is a digital license.
    • This product supports Windows.
    $44.10 Incl GST
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    Family Tree Heritage Gold 16

    Family Tree Heritage Gold 16-600x600
    Family Tree Heritage Gold 16-600x600
    4.00 out of 5

    Family Tree Heritage Gold 16

    SKU: FTHG-1

    Your family tree database comes with the new and improved Family Tree Heritage Gold version 16. It’s packed with incredible tools and features that’ll help in the creation of a colorful and stunning family tree for your lineage.

    Family Tree heritage Gold v16 Product Overview:

    • Over 14 billion records of documents, photos, and files.
    • Descendant view.
    • Traditional and non-traditional couple relationships.
    • Add a background image.
    • Support various languages.
    • This is a digital license product.
    • It can only support Windows PC and Tablet.
    $66.18 Incl GST

Encore delivers professional software that supports individual users and businesses. You’ll get products with different uses, from designing postcards, invitations, and party supplies to building your family tree. 

With 20 years of experience, Encore ensures to only provide easy-to-use, reliable, and comprehensive products.

Softvire NZ, your one-stop-shop online for software, commits to bringing you the best of Encore products. With our selection of the said software, it comes with the best prices you’ll find online. Visit us today!

What We Offer

Encore Family Tree Heritage Platinum and Gold

Our Family Tree Heritage software gives users an excellent way to spend their time and know more about their family’s history. 

The Platinum 15 version comes in the Mac ESD version only. You can search for documents to uncover stories about your ancestors. It is also linked with popular genealogy sites such as FamilySearch, Findmypast, and MyHeritage. 

Furthermore, the platinum 15 edition has a color-coding system and tagging feature. You can also choose your preferred language.

Meanwhile, the Gold 16 version is the latest family tree software. It contains some features found in Platinum and with new features to brag about. The Descendant View lets you browse through different categories such as Family, Pedigree, Timeline, and more.

It also includes traditional and non-traditional relationships and their status. You can also share events, remove and add country names, and even change the background images.

Encore Office Suite 3.0

Office Suite by Encore is the latest home and professional that has the basic office applications. It’s your alternative to Microsoft Office. This Office application is easy to use, has superior Word, spreadsheet, and presentation tools. Create a stunning document and presentation to impress your clients.

It’s integrated with intuitive collaboration tools to work with others. In addition, it gives access to address book and allows commenting on documents.