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    ESET Internet Security

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    eset internet security primary imageESET Internet Security box
    4.60 out of 5

    ESET Internet Security

    ESET Internet Security delivers powerful protection for everyday web users. Thanks to ESET’s trademark balance of detection, speed, and usability, no minute of internet browsing will be risky.
    ESET Internet Security Product Highlights:
    • Enjoy a safer internet experience.
    • Safer webcam and home router.
    • Keeps your data secure by making your laptop invisible on public WI-FI and protecting your online identity.
    • Strong Antivirus at the core.
    • Scans the web thoroughly and blocks suspicious sites even before you can open them.
    • For Windows PCs only.
    • This is a digital license product.
    $84.53$208.23 Incl GST
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    ESET Mobile Security for Android

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    eset mobile security product primary imageESET mobile security for android
    4.33 out of 5

    ESET Mobile Security for Android

    Part Number: AV-ES-MSEC1D1Y-EMAIL
    SKU: ESM-1
    ESET Mobile Security for Android is more than a simple antivirus app for your Android smartphone and other devices. It is a complete security suite, with a lot of different tools that were all designed to protect your mobile Android devices.
    ESET Mobile Security for Android Product Highlights:
    • Protection from online and offline virus threats.
    • Increases the chance of retrieving your lost device.
    • Security for your sensitive data.
    • Anti-Phishing protection from fraud websites.
    • SMS, MMS & Call anti-spam.
    • This is a digital license.
    • Can support up to 1 Android Device only
    $25.88 Incl GST

ESET is one of the leading security software that can protect your devices from digital threats. It is a light and fast software that brings ultimate protection to your device without affecting the performance.

Join millions of users worldwide and experience how this leading security software can bring you the protection you have been looking for.

Softvire NZ offers two ESET products Internet Security and Mobile Security to protect your Android devices. Head on to our shop and enjoy the best prices we offer.

Start using any of the ESET products to secure your devices from threats like viruses, malware, ransomware, trojan, and more. In addition, you can surf, shop, and bank online without worrying about prying eyes spying on your sensitive information.