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essential programs for home users: what are the basic programs you should install on your new PC?

Essential Programs for Home Users: What are the Basic Programs you should Install on your New PC?

You’ve just purchased a new laptop, a new desktop has been installed, or just mounted on a strong new drive for you at home. Got to love the feel of a fresh new computer. But now, you are confused with the right software Home users should install.

Software is the foundation of a computer. Whether you’ve just acquired a new PC or reinstalled Windows, installing apps is probably the first task you’ll probably do. While there are hundreds of wonderful Home users programs out there, it is easy to set up a new installation by understanding first what software is needed or essential for your PC running at home.

Don’t know which one works for you? Well, let’s help with that. To get you started, we have compiled a list of basic and essential programs for Home users. From security to productivity apps, and many more, this post will be a boon for you if you have no idea what software programs you are supposed to install on your computer.

Essential Programs for Home Users

Internet BrowserHome users

These are the two by far the most relevant and important browsers I recommend you get now.

Mozilla Firefox is the best multifunctional browser ever created. While the fastest and safest browser is Google Chrome. In case something doesn’t work or is not displayed with one browser, you can test it using the other one, it’s always a good idea to have at least 2 browsers installed on your PC.

Cloud Storage

If you just pick one cloud application, the one which you should download is Dropbox. The 2 GB of free storage is not much, although by referring friends, you can increase that. With Dropbox you are able to bring the files everywhere, using the software for all main platforms. 

Documents can also be exchanged with others quite comfortably. You can not go wrong with Dropbox, whether it is used as part of your backup plan, as a network flash drive or to set up shared folders with others. 

And of course, how can we forget, Google Drive. Due to its seamless integration and versatility, Google Drive is a natural cloud-based storage solution for many G Suite and Android users. You can build and store files, laptops, presentations, and more using Google’s own office suite and also store your high-quality smartphone images using Google Photos. 

Even if the Internet interphase is not as user-friendly as anywhere else, the generous 15 GB of free storage will also appeal to users of other platforms. Native clients, however, make drag-and-drop file access simpler for both Windows and Mac users.

Office SuiteHome Users

You would likely need a tool that will allow you to work at some point with documents, tables, spreadsheets, and presentations. Without MS Office, we can’t imagine a computer running. You should have that on your PC, it’s a no brainer guys. From school to business purposes, this is a must, but not for free, and I recommend also that you use Open Office very much like MS Office with the added bonus that is available. 

Try purchasing Microsoft Products only in leading and trusted software stores or online stores. Buying a digital license is more convenient. You can download and get your product key in an instant.

Image Editor

Everybody should have an image editing software installed on their Home users whether you want to try photo retouching, need a way to blur sensitive information on the screenshots, or want to replace old images. You probably believe that Adobe Photoshop is the standard barometer, but a lot of free tools are now more accessible.

Our top choice is Paint.NET. it’s much powerful but doesn’t get overwhelmed. It’s far more powerful than Microsoft Paint. You can quickly bubble out frames, auto-level images to make them more appealing, and just a few clicks to add text and forms to your files. You can also extend its usability by using other plugins.


Windows 10 contains Windows Defender, which for most Home users is a great enough antivirus. It is wise, however, to maintain a secondary security program. There is a free antivirus software version that helps you to search for all kinds of malware on your computer. And we think upgrading your antivirus software is worth the cost for a powerful mixed security solution.

From our previous post, we’ve already listed some of the things you need to keep in mind in choosing the right antivirus software. You might want to check out the factors and other considerations when buying Antivirus software first, so you’ll know exactly what to look for.

Below is the list of the best antivirus software available in the market:

Media Player

Having a media player on your PC allows you and other Home users to organize your collection of multimedia, play songs, music, and movies. Windows Media Player is Microsoft’s default player in Windows. The media player in early versions of Windows was simply called “Media Player.” While Mac’s default apps are iTunes and QuickTime Player.

However, whenever we start talking about the best media players and how great they are, the name VLC comes up automatically. Thanks to its quick, simple nature and carefree measures, VLC Media Player is one of the best PC media players. The program also includes various modification tools that can help you improve your experience and change the media player’s appearance.

File Compression and Extraction

Everything is paperless during this digital era, and it was vital to share files across the internet. Compressed files make transmitting files with limited resources easier by limiting bandwidth availability.

One of the best file compression and extraction apps we would like to recommend is Winzip. WinZip does not require an introduction since it is one of the people’s most popular file compression software. You can easily store, preserve, transfer, and unpack your files. The software uses bank authentication and also includes multiple cloud storage services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. 

One of WinZip’s highlights is ZipSend to zip large files and to send them to mail as an addition. One of WinZip’s drawbacks though is that it is Windows platform-only compliant. Thanks to its simplicity and ease of use, WinZip is definitely one of the best software for file compression to use.

What are the Benefits of having a Computer at Home?

There are numerous things that a PC can do at home. It can be used for the purposes of entertainment, which would be sports, music, television, films, and a lot more. 

Communication Tools

Computers could also be used to deliver messages in various ways, generally an IM or instant messenger, but other methods exist, such as IRC networks and websites in social media which we dominantly using today.

Productivity Tools

Computers may allow people to work for some jobs at home, or they can perform certain useful tasks that may not be part of a job. Such as analysis, research, planning, procurement, accounting, and reference. Computers enable you to browse for any information you want to find on the web.

Online Shopping, Business, and Banking

You can order something online and pay via credit card or debit card using your computer and the Internet. E-Banking or online banking is also one of the great facilities for holding your electronic financial transactions.  In fact, you can pay your bills even when you stay at home from your account You can even start and run a home-based business using a computer with the Internet or use computers for online work at home.


You can watch movies, listen to songs, and find information on the web. Live streaming videos and audio songs, movies, TV shows or drama series are some of the entertainment media which can be easily accessed via a computer-enabled on the Internet.

Playing games is also one of the notable use at home. There are various types of games available today. And you can also play games online if you have an internet connection. From many websites, you can download PC games free of charge. Video games are played particularly by children who go to school.

home users

Computers are used at home only depending on the household’s needs. Schools sometimes require certain requirements to do homework and make it easy to have a computer. Especially if you have children going to school this can be very essential at home as well. Yes, in a library, it could be done, but convenience wins every time. 

These are just a few factors, but there are plenty of opportunities and benefits of having a computer at home based on your lifestyle and career path.

Now you’re all set! The next thing you need to do is to guard yourself away from those parasites online. Check this guide to keep your computer and online credentials safe and secure.

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