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Graphic Design Trends For The Coming Year

Graphic Design Trends For The Coming Year

As the next decade starts to roll in, new trends in graphic design are eventually come out. Like the year before, bold, bright colors and in-your-face fonts won’t see the light any time soon.  The creative landscape will be dominated with more reserved hues comprised of muted color palettes and basic data visuals. These subtle trends are the ones that will cut. 


Those in the creatives industry need to know the graphic design trends that will make big in the coming days. Being always be in the loop will help ensure that your motion graphics will remain relevant to your desired audience. Having the right set of trending designs will help ensure the right engagement from your target market. 

Likewise, these trends can also help beginners in video editing develop effective designs geared toward their particular market. Website designs, any logo design, or those that need cover designs rely heavily on current trends to help combat competition. 


Graphic Design Trends To Look Out For


1. Data Visualization


Many people are now looking for data and insights these days. Data now runs the world. However, people have been working with lots of information, so you mustn’t let them struggle to comprehend your visualizations. Otherwise, they’re just going to keep moving and scrolling past your designs.


The purpose of any data visualization is to make complex insights easier to interpret. Unfortunately, some have been giving attention to the style over content, making it hard to comprehend.


To present your data effectively through data visualization, you may use the pie chart. That is effective in social media platforms for quick sharing and contrast. You can also use bubble charts if you’d like to allow a simple contrast between the two subjects. These explanations can be incredibly simple, but they also allow people to grasp the data in seconds.



2. Muted Color Palettes


Although this is being carried over from previous years, muted color palettes will not disappear in the current graphic design trends. Muted color schemes are bright shades that have washed off their edge with an overlay of black, white, or contrasting paint.


After years of bold and vibrant colors, people tend to prefer something more calm and subtle. Particularly with so many aggressive, infuriating, and noisy messages that people have gotten in the last year or so. Social media images and advertising graphics had to adjust a little to suit the new atmosphere. Social networking graphics, home pages, and other interface tools feel trustworthy and relaxed because of these darkened colors.



3. Flat Icons & Illustrations


Style trends continue moving all the time, and this time, flat icons are in the circle. They are suitable since they can be tailored to a broad spectrum of images, such as social media videos, infographics, or presentations. Flat icons are a perfect choice since they can be easily adjusted. When your audience saw these images without any background or text, they might quickly grasp what message you are trying to suggest.


Icons can be a useful visual contact tool. You can say a quick visual story that brings a lot more meaning to your social media message, blog post, or infographic.



4. The Classic Serif Fonts


Serif fonts are one of the oldest font types or fonts currently in use. They date back to the 15th century and have been in use ever since. Serif fonts are generally considered as formal, sleek, or trustworthy. They will invoke a sense of nostalgia for a substantial portion of the population. 

Companies like Mailchimp use a range of serif fonts in their website design and landing pages. While they use basic fonts, they set the website’s mood and sound valid to their customers. 



5. Videos With Heavy Texts


Images have been the monarch of their rights in the modern age. It has become one of the most powerful means of capturing the audience. However, videos with heavy texts will take center stage in the coming year. Slack has already used this kind of graphics in their branding and promotional activities.


Since those videos do not require video documentation to be taken, which means they could turn it around a lot smoother as well. A whole production team will not be needed to produce a film in a matter of days. With just minimal team members and good video editing software, it can get an idea knocked out. 



6. Minimalism


Minimalism is a pattern that has been in the loop for the past few years and will continue to matter in the coming year. Many designers are brushing more and more elements off to give way to a while space.


This graphic design trend continues to become popular in websites, social media, ad banners, and clothing designs. It has penetrated too deep in different areas as it makes a simple layout better, easily understood, polished, and uncluttered.



7. Digital Painting


Creating images these days can become as easy as you think it can be because of the different graphic design suits you can find these days. CorelDraw Graphic Design Suite is slowly becoming a crowd favorite by many designers these days. It is jampacked with features that can help you be in the loop on the latest trends. CorelDraw is an excellent choice for those who want to make it big in the creative industry. 


One of the graphic design trends that becomes a massive trend is digital painting. It allows designers to incorporate traditional painting effects like oil painting and watercolor in digital arts. Many are adopting these trends in posters, packing, and other advertising materials.



8. Vintage Effects


This graphic design trend is not relatively new and is coming back. However, this time, it makes a big difference and creates a huge impact. The vintage era can be seen in the creative industry coming back in light through oversized fashion, old street brands, and dimmed color.


While it plays a significant impact in the fashion sector, these vintage effects can also be seen in graphic designs. It can transport a person to the past through a portrait of an old city or an old car. While it may play nostalgic moments for the older generation, it is also appealing to the younger populace. Many in Generation Z can adopt these kinds of graphic design trends in how they style their clothes, share social media contents, or process images.


Final Thoughts


As 2020 got closer to conclude its reign, people in the creative industry expect that there will be no significant changes in the design landscape. However, it does not mean that you will let your designs get stuck in what it used to be.



These days, the boundaries of “normal” in the design are blurred and distorted. The modern audience wants innovation even in designs. So, do not be afraid to experiment. 

Listen to what your audience is saying, so you can adhere to the latest trends without getting lost in the competition. Remember that while you are encouraged to innovate, it would be beneficial to stick to graphic design trends to remain relevant to your target audience.


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