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grow your small business in 2020

Grow Your Small Business in 2020

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Are you desiring to grow your small business? Do you want to introduce your products and services to more and more audiences? This write-up introduces new marketing strategies that’ll help you to promote your business and attract more viewers. You can boost your business growth by opting for such techniques.

8 Marketing Tips to Take Your Small Business to the Next Level

We are discussing eight essential strategies that help in growing your business securely at a rapid pace in 2020.

Your Website Must be Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, every person owns a mobile, and they devote tons of time to internet surfing. A mobile-friendly website is a great idea to indulge your customers and make them stick to your products and services. If your website needs zooming, scrolling endlessly, or is difficult to access, then you will, unfortunately, lose your customers. Therefore, you must know how beneficial it is to have a responsive website:

  • Getting a responsive website can gain more than 50% of mobile users 
  • Build trust in your brand and increase web traffic
  • Allows you to compete against similar brands offering similar products and services
  • Provide excellent browsing experience to customers
  • An easy and convenient way to build communication between your brand and customer

Engage with Customers for Feedbacks and Reviews

A customer always goes through comments, reviews, and feedback on social media before connecting with your brand. You can increase your customer’s loyalty by encouraging them for feedback. You can get a chance to improve your product quality and solve customer problems. Also, some social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the best sources to connect your business to the world.

If you are running a small business, you can speak directly to the individual customer. Your fans can lift your website and business by posting positive testimonials. In addition,  increased engagement of visitors can position up your brand and allows other customers to engage with your products and services. 

Video Streaming

A picture or video depicts a lot more than written content. Almost 80% of online traffic can be estimated due to content streaming. You can share all about the brand, products, services, and tutorials on various video platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and the like. Furthermore, people keep on streaming and quickly know about your business. 

Video content is an excellent way of expressing feelings. Engaging content connects your business with an audience and promotes sales. The content always remains fresh and inspiring. Live video streaming is another great option to interact with the audience and solve their issues directly. It is a trending strategy in digital marketing to promote small businesses. 

Get an Employee Engagement Application

Investing in an employee engagement application can be beneficial for your business. It allows you to manage your employees to increase productivity. Happy and satisfied employees can boost your business in the long run. Furthermore, you can acknowledge their achievements, behavior, efforts, birthdays, and also announce their tasks. 

There are specific reasons for acquiring employee engagement application:

  • Easy to integrate employees by providing all the documents and emails at a single platform.
  • Provide security training to your staff
  • Notifications and messaging alerts can grab employee’s attention quickly
  • Monitors employee’s performance, and improves the company’s metrics
  • Boost employee engagement through puzzles, quizzes, and games
  • Effectively improves employee communications at the workplace


Chatbots are the trending AI-based applications that can be installed on your business website for 24×7 online assistance. This messaging technology is smart enough to handle unlimited customers and their queries. It increases customer engagement and also helps in collecting and analyzing the data. Moreover, it is highly advantageous to implement chatbots on your website like:

  • Easy to handle millions of customers at a time
  • Excellent application for small businesses with lesser employees 
  • Minimizes expense of customer service by 30% and saves much money
  • Chatbot marketing allows customer engagement on social media platforms
  • Easy to analyze the data and customer behavior to build new strategies for business
  • Simplified technology for secure payments
  • Generates massive revenue to the business
  • Provides quick response to the visitors

Implement Competitive Analysis

It is one of the vital processes to grow your small business safely. A competitive analysis is done to observe the planning of competitors. After analyzing the data, you can generate ideas for your business and surpass the competition. Moreover, several tools are available to gain insights into competitive strategies. It also helps with how to implement them in your business. Furthermore, there are certain benefits of conducting competitive analysis:

  • Understand what’s going in the market
  • Target customers in a better way
  • Easy to forecast the market potential
  • Tracks all the activities in competing products and websites
  • Cross-check the available price of the same product to customers
  • Acknowledging other strategies to expand the business 
  • Best for small companies and entrepreneurs

Modern Payment Options

If a customer wants to buy any product, then he always looks for an easy and convenient way to make payment. Limiting payment options and poor customer service make you lose your customers. Having diverse options for payment increases customer attraction. That also improves conversion rates. A customer must be provided with payment options like credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and other popular applications. 

Customers can recommend your website to others. That is only if they get a seamless payment procedure along with fast transactions. You can promote other businesses along with yours. For example, you can offer discounts on MasterCard or PayPal and benefit each other. 

Voice Assistant

Virtual search is a great way to seek information. Furthermore, it can bring up a change in a business. An embedded voice assistant on your website makes it easy for a customer to fetch details. They will easily know about the products, brand, or services. It is a new SEO strategy to provide answers to customer’s questions. This feature is new and trending to businesses. 

There is less competition that helps in growing a small business quickly. The technology improves customer experience. It also builds loyal relationships with them. Moreover, it helps in attracting new visitors and driving traffic effectively. This unique technology prevents your customers from switching to other competitors. 

An overview of the matter

Every business starts on a small scale, and it grows with endless efforts. If you are an entrepreneur or a small company executive, then you must work on several marketing strategies like we have discussed above to grow your business. You can start now and surpass your business to attain high revenue.

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