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growing your youtube views

Growing Views Of Your YouTube Videos

 As the new era begins to unfold, it is difficult to argue that many people’s lives have become very much influenced by social media and content. These days, the world is now dominated by video content. Many advertisers, business owners, and influencers found having a YouTube channel a great opportunity to grow their brands. With the growing dominance of videos these days, one of the most critical goals in your marketing strategies is to increase your YouTube videos’ views.


YouTube is now ranked second as the second-largest search engine, next to Google. It’s also the second most popular social media platform in the world today, with 2 billion active users worldwide. Eight out of ten advertisers see YouTube as a virtual platform to expand your reach and grow your business


Figures showed that individuals stream one billion hours of videos a day in 2019. This statistic makes YouTube an essential part of every digital marketing campaign. Videos have become a flexible way to make your brand a household name. These days, 81 % of businesses use YouTube to advertise offerings, launch new products, and connect with their audience. 


Advantages Of Using YouTube Videos For Promotion


Along with the other tactics you do to promote and grow your business, you can always bank on video materials and YouTube as these have both become strong influences among consumers. Some of the advantages of using video content marketing include: 


• Reach a Broad Audience

With the number of subscribers and the number of videos being viewed every day, YouTube is a perfect way to tap a broad audience scope. High-quality video material can allow you to reach your target audience easily. 


• Your Content Lives On

Even a simple yet effective content will make the brand awareness live on. Whenever you produce promotional content, you can reuse it to maximize your investment. It also allows you to several hours by reusing old content instead of creating a new one. 


• Builds a Brand Persona

Your video should showcase your brand’s personality. This strategy allows you to build your brand persona and help with retention to your target customer. 


• Customer Engagement

While you make video materials that represent your brand, your content must also speak to your audience. It should appeal to their interest and provide an answer to their needs. That will help spike engagement to your target audience, giving you a step ahead with your competitors. 


Things You Can Do To Increase Your YouTube Videos’ Views


1. Identify Your Niche Audience

Despite how cliché it may sound, knowing your niche audience is one of the crucial things you need to boost your YouTube views. While this tip may sound ordinary and straightforward, successful and famous YouTubers do not miss this step. 

Bear in mind that not everyone will be interested in your niche, regardless of the number of people watching YouTube every day. You need to know your market specifically, and what concerns your audience is to bring your content out and get you out to the target crowd. 


2. Make Your Thumbnails Stand Out 

Having a customized thumbnail can help your videos stand out amidst the millions of videos found online. It helps you with competition as it can capture the interest of your target audience. When a video has a convincing thumbnail, people will be drawn into it and click on your content. 

To make you thumbnail effective, make sure your viewers can already know your video’s gist by just looking at it. However, you should not make a false statement, or else it will disappoint your viewers. Do not mislead them by clicking on a clickbait thumbnail. It should match the title, overall message, and quality of your video. 


3. Establish A Connection With Your Audience 

It is essential that you build a connection with your audience in your every move. Without any rapport with your desired audience, you will not be a success in your video campaigns. 

When your goal is to gather more views in your videos, building your viewers’ relationship is a must. You can do this by responding politely to comments. Listen to your audience by running polls and surveys. You can also run thematic YouTube campaigns or collaborate with other content creators. Make your videos relatable by including content from your audience. 


4. Keep Track Of The Latest Trends

Ensure that your videos remain essential to your target audience, and your content should cater to them. To do this, you should have sufficient awareness of the current developments in the video-making industry. Listen to what the audience needs to see and show it in your videos. You may use common and popular video formats such as unboxing videos, product reviews, storytelling, tutorials, guides, and more. 

It is also essential that you have high-quality content on your YouTube channel. Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 is one of the best editing software you can find in the market today. You can trim, edit, apply effects and transitions, create titles and graphics using this suite. Many professionals rely on this editing software to come up with excellent video content. 


5. Use YouTube Cards 

Video creators use two strategies to bypass the YouTube algorithm. It can directly influence the viewers’ next choice of videos they want to see. These techniques are called cards and end screens. Cards are clickable and interactive parts that you usually put in the duration of your video. Cards contain links that can significantly boost the experience of your viewers on your YouTube channel. It’s going to be faster for those curious to find other related videos on your site. ⠀ 


6. Don’t Skip The End Screens

Drive the viewer to the next stage by adding visual call-to-action called end screens. You may want to use the end screens to allow the viewer to sign up or access your website. This approach is a perfect way to boost your views on your YouTube page, making it essential to your campaign on YouTube. 


7. Include Your YouTube Contents In Your Social Media Campaigns

Other social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn can be your greatest allies in promoting your YouTube videos. To gather more videos, you need to be creative in your campaigns, and social media allows you to these techniques. Drive people on your YouTube channel by posting teaser and trailers with your videos. You can also excite your audience by creating a countdown for your next video. 


Final Thoughts 

You can make your video contents work to your advantage, so growing your YouTube views is essential. Make sure that you keep with the latest trends and listen to your audience. Build rapport and avoid presenting your brand in sales-y way. Regardless of what your business is, YouTube can give you an opportunity to reach a broader audience, expand brand recognition and rake in profit. 

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