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How Technology Improves Productivity in the Workplace

technology improves productivity

Technology improves productivity in many ways. But it doesn’t stop there. Technology has also enhanced other aspects of different industries, from production time, team collaboration, client communication, and more. Furthermore, it improves the lives of many individuals. Everything seems to become accessible with technology. With just a single click online, you can buy anything you want, from food to clothing items. Also, you can easily find information on the internet. Get everything you need within your fingertips.

Technology is an outstanding invention of humankind. Although it has pros and cons, most of the time, it does outweigh the cons.

Businesses using software systems, programs, gadgets, and more utilize technology to achieve the best outcome. Although we know that technology can affect multiple aspects of an organization, the most vital is that technology improves productivity in the workplace.

What is Productivity in the Workplace?

In simple terms, workplace productivity is the ability to complete tasks and goals for a project. In return, it increases the company’s profit and helps employees.

However, productivity in the workplace is more than attaining goals. Some businesses think that productivity is about getting results. It’s about producing the outcome in the shortest time possible. But it’s more than providing finished paper works or tasks.

Understanding productivity can help businesses acknowledge both their employees and how to create a productive environment.

Before getting to know how technology improves productivity, let’s learn why you need it for your business, so you can focus on using technology to improve it.

What is the Importance of Productivity?

Brings Much Needed Results in Time

The larger the company, the more critical it is to improve workplace productivity. When employees are unproductive, work can pile up, and it can affect the result or progress of a project. An ineffectual environment affects the entire organization, from sales to clients.

It is crucial to find out what makes employees productive and whatnot. Sometimes results aren’t achieved due to factors, such as untrained staff and not using the right tool to achieve better performance.

Training your employees to develop proper skills and using technology improve productivity in the workplace. With both, you can achieve goals set in no time.

Builds Better Customer Relationship

Customers are one of the most critical parts of a business. They can make or break an organization. When a company provides a better environment for their clients and customers, they receive positive feedback and word-of-mouth recommendation from others.

Productivity can help build a better relationship with your customers. When employees are productive, they can deliver products and services accurately and on time. If this happens, your business leaves a positive impression on anyone who comes in contact with your company.

Having an organized, well-trained staff and the right tool helps complete tasks less than the time required with better and more high-quality. Therefore, customers get the best from your business, and in return, you get happy, satisfied customers and potential ones.

More Time Available for Other Tasks

In a productive environment, results are get done with better quality and either on time or earlier. A productive workplace is not about making employees rush their tasks to finish them earlier. It’s about making the work process smooth for them to achieve better results faster.

When employees are productive, they save time. They can use their available time to improve their skills which benefit the company, help other team members, and perform other tasks in advance.

Boosts Staffs Confidence

When employees are stress-free and happy, productivity is high. If the work environment caters to make their employees satisfied, they’ll get results faster.

If businesses want to create a productive environment, they must reduce stress, set up a system that boosts confidence, and provide a working system that helps staff accomplish their work without pressure.

After learning about the importance of productivity and how it impacts a business, it’s time you need to improve it.

As mentioned earlier, using the right tool makes employees productive, which means using technology improves productivity. So, how exactly can technology improve your staffs’ work environment?

Leveraging Technology Improves Productivity in the Workplace

Better Collaboration and Communication

Collaboration and communication go hand-in-hand. Without one, the other would fail. Therefore, affecting the company. Collaboration drives productivity by allowing team members to communicate projects and tasks all in one place.

Technology improves productivity by providing tools to allow staff to communicate. Now, there is no need to have adjoining cubicles or meet up weekly or monthly in person. Technology has made it way better to communicate in real-time and smoothly.

There is system software available to achieve smooth communication and collaboration.

Communication tools are becoming a must-have in the workplace, not only due to the pandemic. Businesses invest in communication tools to improve employees’ productivity and to reach out to remote employees.

Tools as such go beyond the usual emailing routine. There are software and programs that permit video calls, chats, voice calls, meetings, and even one-on-one messaging.

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Chanty

Collaboration can be achieved with these tools. However, there are also collaboration tools that track projects, task progress, and more. These software programs are known as project management software.

  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Zoho Projects
  • Wrike

With these programs, better communication leads to enhanced collaboration. Hence, improve the productivity of the team.

Helps in Digital Marketing Strategies

Gone are the days when we rely on marketing ads from televisions, radios, billboards, and newspapers. Although some still practice traditional marketing, most businesses transitioned to digital marketing.

However, the market of advertising or building an online presence is exhausted. With plenty of competition, you’ll need to up your game with effective marketing strategies. You can read multiple resources on how you can build effective digital marketing strategies for your online store. But working in the marketing department requires tools to help your set goals and create campaigns.

If you want your marketing team to collaborate, build effective campaigns, and make sales, provide them with productivity tools made for marketing.

  • Hootsuite: Manages social media scheduling
  • Buffer: Track social media analytics and content scheduling
  • Google analytics: Build SEO strategies and data tracking
  • MailChimp: Create email marketing content with ready-made templates and automatic features

When employees work on their marketing campaigns with tools that create a smooth process, they can build effective strategies with better outcomes.

Continuous Education

Investing in your employees’ development is the key to fostering the motivation, innovation, and foresight required to stay ahead of the game. By offering employees a collection of training materials and certifications, a learning management system can further their knowledge, skills, and talents. Having these resources at their disposal allows employees to create innovative solutions and developments. As a result, it will add value to your company and customers.

Streamlined Customer Service

Customer service is a crucial link between a business and its customers. It provides services that satisfy customers and increases sales.

However, running a small business means you have to manage everything. You need to pack orders, talk to clients, and deal with customers’ concerns. It is a pain in the neck process. But technology has found a way to smoothen things up by taking some tasks out of your mind.

One particular technology that can be used by customer service is artificial intelligence (AI). Chatbots are the latest technology with the AI-powered ability to answer frequently asked questions by customers. Also, some chatbots can make a sale to customers by using the data and suggesting products they are most likely to buy.

Automate and Organized Workflow

No matter how large or small your business may be, there are plenty of data to manage, projects to organize, and information to store. Without technological advancement, we will all be left with stacks of paperwork around the office. Looking for files manually can also be time-consuming and even dragging on the part of the employees.

Technology improves productivity by software systems that track time, store files, create payrolls, and more. It keeps everything organized and updated in real-time.

Many successful firms make use of tools and technologies to simplify workflows and processes. These technologies include features that turn chores like collecting and sorting information easier and faster.

Several businesses use automation technologies. It ranges from marketing to operations. These technologies are designed to make things operate more smoothly and successfully.

Transferring repetitive and monotonous work with technology boosts productivity while lowering the risk of human error. Furthermore, technology allows you and your team to concentrate on essential business responsibilities and revenue-generating activities.

Improve Employees Engagement

According to Stephen Shinnan, vice president of WorkTango, engaged employees are more productive than their unproductive counterparts. Engagement software is built to determine if employees are productive with their work. Furthermore, it improves collaboration between workers. With highly engaged employees, it can promote a strong culture of teamwork that will boost the employees’ want to work and accomplish a task. There are also employee engagement software programs with gift cards or rewards as incentives for being more productive.

Make Employees Available

No matter where you are, technology makes it possible for employees to work and engage with other employees anywhere in the world. Work from home can be possible, which is convenient for most employees. In a study conducted by Stanford, over nine months, employees who work from home increase productivity by 13%. Results show that the performance improved due to the increased number of calls, a quiet workspace, fewer breaks, and sick leave.

With technology allowing companies to hire remote workers and let their employees work from home, they can also cut back on expenses and gain more profits when employees become more productive.

Better Concentration

When employees spend time and concentrate on their tasks, productivity is enhanced. Hence, they’ll be able to accomplish more.

Time tracking software helps employees focus on their work, making them concentrate and accomplish a lot. Such technology not only tracks time. But also keep employees away from websites that distract them. It also collects data of activities, so you can learn where you spend most of your time.

Virtualize Offsite Servers

Virtualization offers a better way to expand an old desktop’s lifespan. You can manage offsite computers to maintain hardware without spending money and time on upgrading the system. Furthermore, virtualization helps the team stay on track with their work even during power outages or downtime. They have a virtual copy of your company’s data, so there is no need to waste time.


Technology has an immense impact on how employees can help in the growth of a business. Their performance and productivity must be high and of good quality to create better outcomes to satisfy customers and get sales. Technology can change how employees interact with their work. It fosters a better work environment by reducing stress to help employees focus on their tasks and provide high-quality results in the earliest time possible. 

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