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    Iolo Malware Killer (ESD)

    iolo-malware-killer-esdmalware killer iolo box
    4.70 out of 5

    Iolo Malware Killer (ESD)

    SKU: IMK-1

    Malware Killer is the weapon for existing treacherous malware. This software provides instant protection against undetected malware. With modern technology, threatening malware, newbies such as ransomware are scanned and killed even they infect your computer.

    Malware Killer Product Highlights:

    • Cloud-based malware analysis and remediation
    • Eradicates newest types of malware
    • Fast detection time for latest threat outbreaks
    • Features a carefully developed heuristics algorithm
    • Continually adds to a vast “reputation database”
    • Can even detect previously unknown threats
    • One-year subscription plan.
    • This product is a digital license.
    • It is compatible with Windows PC.
    $44.10 Incl GST
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    Iolo Phoenix 360 (ESD)

    iolo phoenix-360-esd
    iolo phoenix-360-esdiolo phoenix-360-esd
    4.63 out of 5

    Iolo Phoenix 360 (ESD)

    SKU: IP360-1

    If you want a complete preventative solution against cyber criminality, you must try Phoenix 360 to protect your computer. Works around your whole system and introduce full protection against suspicious malware, viruses, and illegal activities across your device.

    Phoenix 360 Product Highlights:

    • Ensures the adequacy of your passwords by automatically assessing the security level of your passwords.
    • Protect yourself from malicious passwords and credit card hacks while making your life easier with ByePass.
    • secure password manager that also helps protect your online purchases.
    • Protect your personal information online with ‘anti-finger printing, which blocks trackers that follow you from site to site
    • This product is a digital license.
    • One-year subscription plan.
    • It is compatible with Windows PC.
    $132.42 Incl GST
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    Iolo Search & Recover (ESD)

    4.71 out of 5

    Iolo Search & Recover (ESD)

    SKU: ISR-1

    Let Search & Recover saves your deleted important files! This reliable recovery software retrieves everything on your drives including photos, videos, email messages, and complicated programs. Perform a one-click recovery!

    Search & Recover (ESD) Product Highlights:

    • Mirrors the whole drives to prevent future data loss.
    • Quick and easy recovery of email messages from Microsoft Outlook and more.
    • Recover files from any devices and drives.
    • This product is a digital license.
    • Compatible with Windows PCs.
    • License is renewable after 1 year.
    $44.10 Incl GST
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    Privacy Guardian (ESD)

    4.47 out of 5

    Privacy Guardian (ESD)

    SKU: IPG-1

    What you do online isn’t private and can be used against you. Trackers use cookies, fingerprints, and IP’s to monitor everything you do online. However, Privacy Guardian for PC provides maximum privacy protection for everyday users.

    Privacy Guardian Product Overview:

    • Secure data from spies and advertisers.
    • Prevents the collection of your private data and online activities.
    • Superior protection.
    • One-year subscription plan.
    • This is a digital license product.
    • It is compatible with Windows PC.
    $55.14 Incl GST
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    System Mechanic

    Iolo-System-Mechainciolo System Mechanic 17 - box
    4.77 out of 5

    System Mechanic

    Purchase to improve and restore speed, stability in the most effective manner possible. With an advanced toolset that efficiently protects your data privacy along with a provision for more power for high-performance activities using its patented technology that ensures that your PC is performing to the peak of its potential.

    System Mechanic Product Highlights:

    • Patented Performance Technology
    • Optimizes internet speed to its potential
    • Enables complete restoration of speed, stability, and power.
    • Available on an unlimited number of PCs and compatible with any Operating System.
    • This product is a single purchase.
    • One-year subscription plan.
    • It is compatible with Windows PC.
    $55.14$68.95 Incl GST

Iolo Technologies is an award-winning software brand that provides software that enhances the performance of your device, secures files by permanently deleting them, and with excellent protection use to block digital threats.

Join millions of people around the globe and get yourself a copy of any of Iolo’s products at Softvire NZ.

We offer products that range from security software to PC optimization. In addition, there are products that can protect your password and also update your drives and other software.

  • ByePass
  • DriveScrubber
  • System Mechanic
  • System Mechanic Ultimate Defense
  • GetMyDrivers
  • Malware Killer
  • Search & Recover
  • MyCleanMAC
  • Privacy Guardian
  • System Mechanic Professional
  • System Shield