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must-have adobe software for graphic designers

Must-have Adobe Software for Graphic Designers

The graphic designing profession has never been more valuable than it is now. With almost everything becoming visual, graphic designers are needed more. They have the ability to transform an idea or information into something to capture people’s attention.

Designers have lots of responsibilities to deal with, from creating crisp, stunning images, branding, logos, websites, applications, and more. Almost everything you see online from businesses you love is created and collaborated with a graphic designer.

But a designer cannot be complete without their tools to help them. You cannot create stunning photos without a photo editing tool. Furthermore, you cannot build a website without tools that will aid you with it. So, designers will and should have a good relationship with the software they use.

What Tools Do Graphic Designers Use?

There are plenty of software applications you can invest in as a designer. No one tool has everything you’ll need. Hence, you are surrounded by unlimited resources out there to provide you with features that solve your problem.

But when it comes to graphic designing tools, Adobe is the most known name in the market. Almost all designers rely on Adobe software, from creating videos to impressive website designs.

What is Adobe?

Adobe is the most popular name in the graphic design profession. They have been around for years and continue to update and create software with unbeatable features. Their most popular software application is Photoshop, a raster-based program for photo editing. But besides that, they have created a long list of designing software that can be used by graphics designers in their particular field.

Why Designers Choose Adobe?

Aside from being one of the first designing tools that made graphic designing possible for the digital age, there is no denying that they have one of the best tools available in the market. Designers automatically choose Adobe products.

There are alternatives to Adobe and are even better, but Adobe has been around for years, that anyone in the designing world will choose it over others. But of course, not all graphics designers rely on Adobe but once upon a time in their career, they have tried using it.

Software applications in Adobe are often sought out for their intuitive and flexible features. You can even use a single software from Adobe to edit images or make a logo.

So, if you are beginning your career as a graphic designer, Adobe is a friendly tool to invest in.

What Adobe Software Should You Invest In?

The latest Adobe designing application is their Creative Cloud. It’s a subscription-based software that contains more than 20 desktop and mobile apps. It ranges from photo editing, web designing to creating digital illustrations.

With the creative cloud version of Adobe, you can access or continue your work anywhere you are. You can get the Adobe CC for as low as $52.99/mo.

In the early days, Adobe used to offer single-purchased licenses of their software. They have even offered a creative suite known as the Adobe Creative Suite cs6. When you buy Adobe Creative Suite cs6 it has more than 20 Adobe applications, which is similar to the CC version.

Can You Still Buy the Adobe Creative Suite 6?


Adobe has discontinued its support to users who want to buy Adobe Creative Suite software. Hence, most of Adobe’s software without a subscription plan is limited, as they are promoting their subscription plan package.

So, if you plan to get an Adobe software application for your designing career, you could choose the creative cloud option or purchase the discontinued cs6 version. Some online retailers sell the cs6 version, but remember this software doesn’t receive updates anymore.

What Adobe Software You Should use as a Graphic Designer?

Adobe Creative Cloud

As mentioned earlier, Adobe CC is their latest product, which they have been pushing in the market. It is packed with applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and more. Furthermore, you can share your work on Behance, an online platform where creatives post their digital artworks.

Adobe CC also allows the creation of a portfolio, gives access to thousands of unique fonts, store on the cloud, and browse from the cloud library freely.

You can get a subscription plan for an individual user or a team.

Since the one-time purchase of their software is not available anymore, there is no other option than to use the subscription plan.

The Only One-time Purchase Adobe Software Available

If you are into photo and video editing, Adobe has a one-time purchase software that focuses on such. The Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 and Adobe Photoshop Premiere 2021 are two of their latest one-time purchase software that’s powered with the best AI technology in the market. Furthermore, it is one of the easiest software to use, especially when you need to work on multiple photos and videos.


Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements focus on delivering quick results with a professional output. It is one of Adobe’s most affordable perpetual licensed software.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop, part of the CC collection, has all the features you need, as seen on the perpetual license version. However, since it’s in the cloud, it continuously gets the latest updates to support the new camera, brushes, filters, effects, and more.

It is known to be the most popular application of Adobe and used by plenty of graphic designers. You can retouch or edit images to perfection.

But as it receives more updates, it begins to be more than a photo editing software. Graphic designers can create raster images, vector and 3D graphics, and create 3D videos.

However, Photoshop is a bit of a complicated tool to use. It needs time to learn the application and get the hang of it, but when done, it’s easy to play around with its features and bring your imagination to life.

Adobe Illustrator

graphic designers adobe illustrator

Another valuable tool of Adobe is Adobe Illustrator. It focuses on creating gorgeous vector illustrations and graphics. Also, you can create scalable designs, logos, branding projects, and more.

Other features you’ll get with the latest Illustrator CC:

  • Use simple shapes to create a design
  • Add effects
  • Use professional typography
  • Ready-made templates of Adobe Stock
  • 3D Revolve tool creates product packaging designs
  • Turn photos into works of art with trace and recolor tools
  • Create thousands of artboards on your canvas

Adobe InDesign

If you work in digital media and printing, InDesign is the perfect tool to handle all your publishing needs. Whether you are planning to create a design or layout for a book, brochure, magazine, posters, and so on, InDesign has all the tools you need.

  • Share work to get feedback and reviews online
  • Text wrap automatically detects what the image is all about
  • Provides missing fonts by automatically finding one and activating all fonts on the Adobe Fonts
  • Text annotations like highlight, insert, and strikethrough text
  • Use HSB for the automatic setting of color values
  • Detect and recover damaged documents
  • Play video content from a specific point to save time

Adobe Lightroom

If you are looking for a simpler and user-friendly version of editing photos, Lightroom works. It is an image organization and manipulation tool that graphic designers can use to manage plenty of images. Furthermore, it is a non-destructive editing software program, which means the original image and the edited image are saved separately. So, you can undo changes anytime.

  • Get cloud storage for up to 1 TB
  • Edit on any device. Continue what you were doing anytime and anywhere
  • Share work within the Lightroom community to connect with other creatives
  • Move edited photos to Photoshop and vice versa
  • Control colors by adjusting the shadow, highlight, mid-tones, and more
  • Get tutorials on how to use the application.

Adobe Spark

adobe spark graphic designers

Do you want to create social media content that is stunning, captivating graphic, and videos that are like a pro? Spark is part of the Creative Collection, which means you get it on a subscription plan.

Spark is often used by marketing experts and social media professionals to create the content they need.

  • Create social images, web pages, and short videos with features that will simplify the process
  • Share your creations directly to your social channels
  • Access content or design anytime and anywhere
  • Simple to use

Adobe Dreamweaver

Don’t have an idea about coding but want to build a website? Dreamweaver is a website builder that helps build websites without any coding experience. It lets you create responsive websites that are fast and with flexible coding.

  • Provides hint when creating or adding codes
  • Ready-made templates to build HTML emails, blogs, e-commerce, and more
  • Works on any device
  • Provides real-time edits
  • Customizes your workspace with the tools you need

Adobe Dimension

adobe dimension

Create mock-ups and photorealistic 3D images using Adobe Dimension. You can create a real-life image for your marketing, branding, logo designs, and more. Add depth and texture to your images to make them look more lifelike.

You can insert 2D graphics of photos to your 3D models, apply light source at the right position, create 360-degree and AR designs.

With Dimension, you can bring your imagination to life with no limits. It is also included in the Creative Cloud package of Adobe.


Adobe is not a perfect software program. It has problems too, but they offer extensive features that help graphic designers create what they need. In addition, they even make tools simple to use so that beginners will enjoy creating without an extensive learning curve.

Adobe may have good and bad reviews, but it has conquered the market of creatives.

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