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mst have software for your brand new windows pc

Must-have Software For Your Brand New Windows PC

must-have software for brand new windows pc bitdefender total securtity

There is nothing better than getting a new PC or installing a new Windows into your computer.

When you have a new device, your initial response is to check out what applications you want to install into it. You will want to add software and applications that are essential. But with thousands of software programs in the market, it would be a bit difficult to choose.

So, if you are not sure what software applications you have to install, we have compiled a list of essential applications for you to include in your brand new Windows PC. Whether it’s for enhancing your productivity to protecting your device from digital threats, these lists have everything you need to start personalizing your brand new device or freshly installed Windows.

8 Software to Install into Your Brand New Windows PC


Your Windows PC offers a built-in Microsoft Edge browser, and each year they are trying to improve it, and it’s even getting better. But, it is yet not enough to beat other known browsers. So, if you own a Windows PC, the best browser you must install is Chrome or Opera.

So, you have to choose between Chrome or Opera. These browsers have better advantages over other browsers in the market, and they are also totally free to install.

Here we will provide you an overview of each highly recommended browser, so you’ll see what to expect when installing one of them.


Chrome is the leading browser in the market. According to Statista, Chrome for Android leads in the web browser in the market. It was followed by Chrome on a desktop or laptop.

“As of September 2020, Google’s “Chrome for Android” accounted for 32.85 percent of the global web browser market share.”

It is the most common choice, as it has some features that are superior to others. But it is good to know that Chrome does not have all the features you’ll need. It may lack some minor features, but overall it is still a trusted browser for your PC.

  • Simple or minimalistic design. No distractions and with a simple logo.
  • You get free productivity software once you have created your account.
  • There’s a lot of extensions available on the Chrome Web Store.
  • It’s one of the fastest browsers.
  • Provides safe browsing for users by warning users if a website contains phishing or malware and allows users to control access to cookies.
  • You can go incognito when browsing.
  • Effortlessly clears all the data saved in your browser.


Opera, despite being popular, there are only a few users of this browser. It is one of the most underrated browsers you’ll ever know. Without Opera, the features you enjoy in your Chrome and Firefox browser wouldn’t exist at all. They were the ones who introduced features such as speed dial, incognito window for private browsing, pop-up blocker, and tabbed browsing.

  • It doesn’t take up many of your PCs or device’s resources, which means fewer crashes.
  • It has a built-in VPN.
  • With the help of Opera Turbo, it compresses data when downloading and increases the speed when searching.
  • It comes with a built-in AdBlocker, so you don’t have to install a third-party application.
  • You’ll get a battery saver feature without affecting your PC’s performance.


Installing a password manager is essential. It is crucial to have one because, as we all know, almost every website requires us to create an account, and the human brain has a finite capacity to remember them. Also, creating complicated passwords is not easy to remember unless you use simple passwords that are easy to decipher.

There are a lot of password managers available – free and paid. Dashlane is the best-paid password manager you’ll ever have, while LastPass is known to be the best free password manager.


brand new Windows pc software dashlane

Many Dashlane reviews show that it can provide the best security and protection for your password. In addition, it comes highly recommended as it has unique features not seen in other password managers.

  • Automatically audits passwords and recommends a new one when it detects that it is weak.
  • It comes with 256-bit AES encryption and 2-factor authentication to highly secure your notes, passwords, and other sensitive data.
  • Unlimited data for privacy protection (VPN).
  • It allows the sharing of passwords.
  • Automatically sync data to all linked devices.
  • The interface is intuitive and straightforward.


new windows pc software lastpass

Unlike other free password managers, LastPass provides helpful features.

  • It stores unlimited passwords.
  • Allow sharing of passwords.
  • Automatically changes password when it detects a weak password.
  • It offers multi-factor authentication.
  • Sync all data and passwords to other devices.
  • Auto-fill when you try to log in.


Your Windows or PC comes with Windows Defender that can secure your device. It scans and detects threats on your device or even before it gets into your computer. Although Windows Defender is already enough, it’s always best to install another security software for better protection since threats are getting more advanced and intelligent.

Bitdefender Total Security is the best you can have for your device when it comes to the best protection software. We highly recommend that you buy Bitdefender premium instead of getting its free version. Although the free version can work, getting the paid version is much better to get the most out of Bitdefender.

Why do We Recommend Bitdefender Total Security?

Bitdefender Total Security price is worth it, as you don’t only pay for just simple features. Instead, you get all the protection you need. You can secure your device from threats to optimizing its performance.

  • Real-time Data Protection

You’ll get the most efficient anti-malware available in the market. It protects against viruses, worms, ransomware, zero-day exploits, spyware, and rootkits. So, what else do you need? Why not look for where to buy Bitdefender Total Security 2020, so you can start protecting your new device.

  • Multiple Layers for Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is one of the most common threats encountered by individual users or businesses, so it’s advisable to look for a security software program that can provide excellent protection from it. Bitdefender ransomware protection is one of the best protection you’ll get from this package. It adds multiple security layers to safeguard your documents, videos, pictures, music, and more.

  • Enhanced Performance

Bitdefender is known not only for its ability to protect your device, but it also makes sure that it always keeps it at its best performance. It doesn’t take much of your system’s resources. Hence, you will enjoy fast and smooth work with no crashes and freezes.

  • Parental Control

You can now manage your child’s online activities by protecting them from inappropriate content online and limit their screen time.

  • Bitdefender VPN

Secure your online activity and enjoy ultimate privacy with a VPN. It encrypts all your data safely, and it can be used for your other devices too. Get 200 MB/ day of encrypted traffic.

  • Safe Online Banking and Shopping

With a dedicated browser that is secure and encrypted, you can start shopping online or conduct any banking activities. You don’t have to worry about phishing or fraud sites at all.

You can get all the protection mentioned and more when you invest in Bitdefender. What’s even great is that they also offer protection for those who run a small business. Their Bitdefender Gravityzone Business plan provides far more sophisticated features like virtual workstations and more.

So, got get yourself a copy and see what every Bitdefender Total Security review is talking about and why we highly recommend it too.


VLC Media Player

It is the most popular player downloaded and used by many. You may wonder why? It is compatible with any device – Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Furthermore, it can support and play on any audio and videos.

  • Fast and simple.
  • Free of charge, and it is an open-source program.
  • It is compatible with any format, including DVDs, CDs, and VCDs.
  • Customizable skin.
  • Can add as an extension to your browser.
  • Adjustable setting for playback, audio quality, and even subtitles.


You’ll need a software application to extract or compress files even though you have enough space to store your documents. Compressing files can save space on your PC and prevent your device to crash or freeze. In addition, it would also be better to compress large files before sending them, and a good compression software application must also have the capability to extract zip or compressed files when needed.

There are two compression software programs we would like to recommend you, WinZip and 7-zip.


It is the most popular name in zip file compression, so no introduction is needed for it. You can try their free trial for 45 days and then avail of their premium plan. It’s an excellent tool to compress, decompress, secure, and share files with ease. All compressed files have a bank-grade encryption system. It also allows connection to the cloud and sending of large zip files via email. It can also support files such as, but not limited to, zip, tar, gzip, 7z, IMG, ISO, and cab.


It is a popular compression tool that is free, even for commercial use. Even though it comes for free, you cannot underestimate its ability to compressed and perform other functions like a paid software program.

It has a powerful AES-256 encryption technology to secure compressed files. Furthermore, it also has a file manager to arrange your files, integration with Windows Shell, and it can support a wide range of file formats.

Why do we recommend 7-zip? It’s because even the advanced features you need can be found on free 7-zip. The only downside is its appearance or design.


You will need a PC cleaner to remove some junk files, unwanted software, and free up space and optimize your PC to keep it work at its best. There’s a lot of PC cleaner and optimizers you can choose from. But CCleaner and CleanMyPC is your must-have software.



It offers a free and paid version. The free version scans and removes unnecessary files. It also provides basic protection for your files. Meanwhile, the paid version gets more than you find on your free version.

CCleaner paid version offers the following features:

  • All features of the free version.
  • PC health check.
  • Automatically updates out of date software and applications.
  • Deep cleaning.
  • Secures browser history.
  • Blocks internet trackers.
  • Boost your PC’s performance.



It offers a free version, but it only functions to diagnose issues on your PC. Therefore, you’ll need to get the paid version of it. But getting MyCleanPC is worth the investment.

It scans your PC and deletes files that are slowing your device and all its functions. It also stops annoying and irrelevant pop-ups. Furthermore, it gets to clean logs and cache files, gets rid of residues from uninstalled apps, permanently removes unnecessary extensions, and makes sure that your files are completely deleted. Even your online activities and searches are protected.

Now, you can maintain your brand new PC just the same way with a PC cleaner.


You’ll be needing cloud storage to keep your files stored and secure on the cloud. So. you won’t be using up most of your PC’s storage unit. The most highly recommended cloud storage is IDrive. Almost every review ranked this to be the best and number one storage software for users.

The free forever plan provides 5 GB storage without requiring credit card registration. Furthermore, you can easily upgrade to paid plans from personal plans to any that fits your business.

  • It can back up multiple devices using a single account.
  • Real-time file syncing on all devices.
  • It backs up the entire computer.
  • All transferred and stored files are protected with 256-bit AES encryption technology.
  • Only delete files from the online account when deleted manually.
  • Easy and fast way to retrieve data from the cloud, whether you are using the application or the web browser.
  • Get the updated report on your files, backup status, and sharing of your reports.


Of course, you’ll need a software program where you can manage your documents, create PowerPoint presentations, and even use Excel for your data. Microsoft Office is the answer to this. Although, there is no denying that the Office suite is quite expensive. If you are willing to spend on high-quality software with great features, then, by all means, invest in Microsoft Office.


However, if you are on a tight budget, you can find productivity software programs that are free and yet effective. LibreOffice is a free office suite with a clean interface and tools created to enhance productivity and unleash your creativity. It has the basic office suite you need; this includes the following:

  • Writer (Word)
  • Calc (Excel)
  • Impress (PowerPoint)
  • Draw (creation of flowcharts and vector graphics)
  • Base (works as a database)
  • Math (for editing formula)


You can now get yourself a copy of any of the mentioned software above and install it on your brand new Windows PC. However, if you don’t want any of which you can search for an alternative too.

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