practices to generate leads through email marketing

Practices to Generate Leads Through Email Marketing

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Your firm cannot exist without a steady stream of consumers. To grow your customer base and enhance sales, it’s critical to use effective lead generation tactics. It is crucial to gain leads, and it is possible in many ways.

Businesses rely on leads, but it’s a challenge to find quality ones that can convert to increase revenue. Lead generation is an entirely separate field. There are numerous options available. Some are more effective than others, and some are also more costly.

One of the best ways to generate leads is through email marketing. Email lead generation has not only weathered the test of time, but its high success rate makes it a critical tool to include in your social media marketing approach. Even though email lead generation appears to be simple, many organizations make many readily avoidable mistakes when it comes to generating leads through email campaigns.

Using ideal lead generation tools with the appropriate approach and tactics is important. Any significant improvement in outcomes, on the other hand, does not occur overnight. To be successful, email marketing requires the correct contacts, approach, and strategies. The process of lead creation is ongoing, and it gains velocity over time.

So, here are practices you can implement to make your lead generation strategy for email marketing work.

How to Generate Leads through Email Marketing

Know Who Your Target Audiences Are

The first step to any campaign is to identify your audience. These are made up of people who are your ideal customers. If you know your target audiences, you can build a buyer person around them. In addition, it helps you understand their pain points and interests.

Here are some questions you can ask to identify your ideal customers:

  • What are your target demographics?
  • Where does your audience live?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • What industry do they work in?
  • How do they consume information?
  • What problems do you want to solve?

After you identify your audience, you can now build your campaign around them.

Create an Attention-grabbing Subject Line

The most critical factor in getting your readers to open your email is in the subject line. Consider how you might catch your readers’ interest or give a sense of urgency to your subject line.

To attract your audience’s attention and draw their gaze to the subject line, you can use strong, italic font customization and emojis.

You can see a significant rise in your email open rates and conversion rates by altering these few things. If you want to send an email to your email list with a lead magnet to prevent cart abandonment, you’ll need to come up with a subject line that entices your audience to open the email. You can share sales or coupons on the headline. Make it short, with about 30-50 characters.

Create Engaging Content

Instead of sending wordy, “fluff” content, you need to provide useful and engaging content that your target audience will find useful.

Value is an important aspect of producing email content for your audience. It must meet the major pain points and be intent-based. However, make sure that the content is short. Provide a crisp and short email with images or videos to entertain your readers.

Use Automated Campaigns

Add email automation to your email marketing plan to get the most out of it. You can schedule emails depending on your consumers’ behavior and interactions with your brand using automation.

You can send welcome emails to your subscribers as soon as they join up using automated emails. This contributes to customer loyalty and brand trust. Your consumers will be aware that they can contact you if they require assistance. You can also send thank you emails to every consumer that makes a purchase. Send them a heartfelt thank you email, emphasizing how important they are to your company.

When visitors abandon their carts, you can also send cart abandonment emails. Recover them and use a tempting offer to get them to finalize their transaction.

You can also send potential emails to triggers you have set for your business.

  • Opt-in to the email list
  • Buy a product
  • Register for any of your seminars or events
  • Subscribe to a service

Use Lead Scoring

Lead scoring helps marketers capture high-quality prospects. It helps in reaching the right people at the right time with the right message.

Marketers can easily sort out what is important and focus on that instead of sending various content to people or emails that won’t convert.

Using email automation to score leads is one technique to leverage lead scoring in your marketing. For example, if a visitor views a product on your website, by offering them an email with a coupon, they are more likely to purchase the product.

You also encourage your visitors to sign in to your list, by showing a popup before they leave your site.

Add a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Every email should include a call-to-action button so that readers may easily take the desired action. To draw the reader’s attention to a strong CTA in your email newsletters, you must utilize innovative phrasing.

By implementing great CTAs, you may improve conversion rates by adding excitement and urgency. Text such as Get the Discount can be included to encourage people to take action. You may generate a sense of urgency by keeping your CTA wording to two to three sentences.

Keep it Clean and Concise

Email design is also crucial in lead generation. If you use a clean and concise email people will be more drawn to it. Excessive designs can distract your readers and they won’t catch your message. So, try to keep things simple by;

  • Using plain fonts to read messages easily
  • Simple design without flashy colors or illustrations
  • Well-spaced and wordings are concise
  • Highlight important information
  • Use CTA for readers to know what action to take next

Link to Your Landing Pages

If you want to drive traffic to your website using your email campaign, make sure to link to the landing page. But take note that it must match the visuals, content, and headlines of the email. Always ensure that it is linked to a page related to the email campaign.

You can deliver a direct solution through your email, and link it to an appropriate landing page. Lead generation and conversions will increase as a result of your email marketing initiatives.

Don’t forget to keep watch on how your email and landing pages perform.

Optimize for Mobile Users

Most emails are accessed using mobile devices, which shows that marketing teams need to optimize their emails. Your emails must fit on the screen size, use a responsive template, and all content must be seen on the screen, including the CTA button.

Promote on Social Media

Email marketing and social media work hand-in-hand. Social media is a powerful tool that can help grow your traffic and email list.

You may add a CTA to your profile and plan daily updates to promote your free download on autopilot. You should advertise your social accounts through your email list besides promoting your email list on social media. You’ll simultaneously expand your social media audience and your email list this way.

Here is how you can build your email list through social media:

  • Use media on blog posts and share them on Pinterest
  • Include a sign-up button and opt-in form on a Facebook page
  • Grow list faster by creating promoted pins and Facebook ads
  • Add click-to-tweets to make it easy to share content

Split Testing Emails

Split testing your emails is critical for improving both your copy and approach. There’s always room for improvement, and by experimenting with multiple versions of your emails, you’ll be able to determine which ones perform best in terms of conversion rates.

Reward Current Subscribers for Referral Program

Referrals are always effective. You might ask your current email subscribers to refer others to you. When a friend or relative recommends a product, people are more likely to believe them without question. You may improve your email subscriber list and overall lead count by leveraging committed subscribers that know your business through and out.

But don’t forget to reward your customers for referring you. In exchange for their referral, you might provide them with a little discount or a voucher. You can encourage your subscribers to promote your email list by thanking them for their efforts and time.

Find the Perfect Time

To generate quality leads, make sure to launch email marketing campaigns. Some marketers say that Tuesday is the finest day, while others believe that Wednesday is the best day.

The optimum time to send emails to subscribers is on Thursday. Every business has its customers with different habits, tastes, and options. Things that work for one business may or may not work for others. As a result, marketers must research their target consumers to determine the best day and time to deliver email newsletters.


Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing techniques. It has the highest return on investment as you come in contact with potential buyers. By determining your leads, you can move them along the sales funnel via email marketing. Therefore, use your email list well to help your business increase its revenue.

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