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Avast is one of the leading names of companies that focuses on providing global security to users. It also offers an extremely secure cloud-based machine learning engine that can manage millions of data online. Despite the surge of traffic in the server, Avast can handle it with lightning-fast speed for better use.

The company creates a safer online world, for a stress-free digital life. In addition, it is designed for individual users, even those who are on-the-go, and businesses who need security over their valuable data.

It brings complete protection to multiple and any devices, making sure to remove all threats online. With 400 million users, you can’t deny that people truly trust Avast for the protection they need.

Softvire NZ offers you the ultimate and premium software of Avast, all at the best prices.

What We Offer

Avast Pro Antivirus

If you have more than one device, Avast Antivirus can protect up to 5 devices of yours. Furthermore, we offer subscription plans in our online shop. 

The antivirus software protects your device from online threats, like ransomware and malicious websites. Moreover, you can shop online and manage your online bank without worries. 

It has real-time protection using cloud technology to detect any threats that enter the system.

You also get gaming time with no interruptions, as you can set your Pro Antivirus to delay notifications in the background temporarily.

Get Avast Antivirus Premium for the best security you’ll have for your device.

Avast Internet Security

Having a dedicated internet security software brings deeper protection for your privacy. You can shop, use social media, manage your bank account, and more with the help of Avast. Get an extra layer of protection from all possible threats.

  • Protects files and other content from being encrypted by ransomware.
  • Avoid fake websites or spoof sites that steal people’s identity.
  • Stops scam emails from sending messages of links that are harmful.
  • Secures your server using firewall protection.
  • Smart scan of files.
  • Password manager to lock all passwords and use them to log in quickly and securely 

Avast Premier

Similar to other Avast products, Premier provides strong security to protect devices from threats such as malware, viruses, ransomware, spyware, or more.

  • Incorporated with intelligent technology to detect and remember threats that are entering the system. It immediately takes action if threats are present.
  • For unknown threats, the software detects suspicious activities and blocks them when unusual activity is noticed.
  • Ransomware protection blocks apps or sites that are unsafe. Furthermore, it makes sure that your files won’t be encrypted by this attack. 
  • Updates software by installing the new version and preventing attacks from threats.
  • Secures all your passwords and usernames in a safe place using a password manager. Furthermore, it automatically fills out forms.
  • Permanently delete files using the data shredder.
  • Protects webcam from being accessed by an unauthorized person.

Avast SecureLine VPN

Avast’s SecureLine gives you the freedom to connect to online without worrying about hackers and tracking advertisers. Furthermore, you get to see the content you want from other countries. 

  • Hides IP address to get away from internet providers, advertisers, and those that track your data.
  • Use OpenVPN, OpenSSL libraries, and run on UDP ports for better speed.
  • All your incoming and outgoing data are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Access content from over 34 countries and 55 locations.

Avast Security Pro

The Security Pro by Avast is a security software program designed for mac users. If you think your mac device is immune to threats, you better think again. Get Security Pro to protect your mac device.

  • Stops malware from getting to your system. It blocks viruses, spyware, and malware all in real-time. Even hidden threats are detected.
  • Protect your browser and email from spoof and malicious content.
  • Scans for vulnerabilities on your Wi-Fi connection and devices.

Avast Ultimate

It’s more than an antivirus. It’s a complete protection for your devices. Enjoy the convenience of premium features to block all threats online. In addition, get the privacy you need with a VPN and experience better performance with the top clean up tools.

  • Protection from online threats such as viruses, ransomware, zero-second threats, and more.
  • Get the security you need to browse, shop, and shop using one of the best VPNs known.
  • The premium clean up will remove junk files to allow the system to function fully and at its best.

Avast! Hide My Ass! Pro VPN

Get one of the best VPN software to protect your online activities and obtain the privacy needed.

  • One subscription plan can protect all your device.
  • Get the highest protection with 256-bit AES. 
  • It has 290 locations in 190 countries, allowing access to a lot of block content.
  • Lightning Connect to have the best online experience by providing the fastest server.

Visit Softvire NZ to learn more about the Avast products we offer in our shop. And, get the experience of the rave behind Avast antivirus reviews.

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