avira  Avira has been on the market for more than 3 decades, and it has provided their customers with only the best and effective software. Whether you are a small business, an individual user, or runs a large enterprise, Avira has the best security software that can suit your needs.

Softvire, one of the leading providers of software online, brings the best products of Avira. We offer the best quality software you’ll find online all with great discounts at its best prices.

What We Offer

Avira Antivirus Pro

One of the best products known of Avira is its antivirus protection with premium access and features.

You get real-time detection of threats new and old. Ther early recognition helps protect your device from attacks. Furthermore, it scans download content online.

Aside from detecting threats, it provides solutions to solve issues or threats on your device.

Shop, pay, and check your bank account online with certainty and protection. Also, enjoy receiving emails that are safe and scanned for threats.

Avira Internet Security Suite

If you need online protection when browsing you can get it with this compact Internet Security Suite.

Enjoy real-time protection from online threats to immediately detect any incoming threats before it could deploy its action. It adds a layer of protection when shopping or paying online.

Avira Browser Safety and Avira Privacy Pal help in blocking web trackers and removing add-ons on your toolbar.

Updates your device’s software to keep them up-to-date and ensure that security patches are fixed.

Enhanced firewall protection serves to protect the data or traffic that goes in and out of your server. Spies cannot see what you share with a third party.

Avira Optimization Suite

Do you wish to have that feeling of a brand new computer? With the help of optimization software like Avira, you’ll get a fast and smooth working PC.

Keep your device’s health at its best. It prevents crashes and lagging, and improving the over performance of your device.

Improve the speed of your device. You can open a file, search online, and run a software program with no freezing, crashing, and delays. Furthermore, it frees up storage space, cleans the registry, and removes junk files.

Aside from optimizing your device, it provides the best security software alongside it. Get to detect threats that can destroy your device and steal your data. It brings you the peace of mind you need when searching online, managing your bank accounts, and paying.

You can visit our site to look for the best protection software you need for your device. Softvire NZ ensures to provide only the best for their customers. We offer protection for any operating system and number of devices.

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