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IMSI Designs is one of the most sought out and outstanding software for Computer-Aided Designs (CAD) and home design software. Its affordable and flexible tools meet the needs of every individual user and business. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, IMSI software is a compact and friendly name you can trust.

IMSI has various product lines from TurboCAD to FloorPlan software. Anything you need for your home designs, IMSI has it.

Softvire NZ brings you closer to IMSI Designs with our wide selection of TurboCAD, DesignCAD, and FloorPlan CAD software. We also include versions that could either be compatible with your Mac or Windows device.

What We Offer

2D/3D Training Bundle TurboCAD (Deluxe, Platinum, and Pro)

Learn to use the popular TurboCAD software by using the Training Bundles offered by Softvire. You can learn the basics, how to create CAD designs, use the tools, create 2D drafting, 3D models, annotations, and more.

It’s the perfect step-by-step guide with a self-paced structure. 

DesignerCAD 3D Max

With DesignCAD 3D, you can start creating impressive designs and work efficiently. Both professionals and amateurs can find it easy to navigate the functions and parts of this software.

Use the upgraded rendering and visualization features like natural lighting and volumetric effects to impress clients. Furthermore, accelerate your performance using RedSDK mode. It is 30 times faster than OpenGL mode.

The latest version we offer allows the import of Adobe Illustrator designs to add as an overlay to your CAD projects.

FloorPlan Home and Landscape (Pro with Lightworks and Deluxe)

The new and improved FloorPlan Home and Landscape version of IMSI provide an opportunity to create the most impressive photorealistic 3D designs. Furthermore, the drag and drop features allow you to create designs indoors and outdoors easily. Plus, it helps estimate the cost of your entire design.

We offer both the Deluxe and Pro version. The latter comes with Lightworks which helps in creating stunning renderings.

TurboCAD for Windows

We provide a wide selection of TurboCAD software for your Windows device. Enjoy high-end 2D drafting and 3D modeling tools to create stunning designs. Visualize your ideas with these software programs.

  • Deluxe including bonus intro to TurboCAD
  • Designer
  • Platinum
  • Professional

TurboCAD for Mac

Similar to the Windows version, we also have an option for Mac users. Now, there are no limitations when creating your designs.

  • Deluxe 2D/3D v12
  • Mac Designer 2D v12
  • Pro v12

TurboFloorplan Home and Landscape Mac (Deluxe and Pro)

Create floorplan designs and photorealistic 3Ds to visualize your imagination with the Mac version of the TurboFloorplan. You can now show your clients, builder, contractors, and more the design you have imagined. Give them the exact version of it with no explanations needed.

Grab your copy of IMSI products and enjoy the best prices online.

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