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Watchdog provides the best security solution that many Windows users will certainly need. It brings the best protection for threats such as viruses, malware, ransomware, and more. There is nothing that the Watchdog security solution cannot do.

Softvire NZ offers the best Watchdog security software line on our online shop. With the best prices and great discounts we offer, you’ll never regret buying one. Check out our shop, and choose which protection you need.

What We Offer

We offer software programs such as Watchdog Anti-malware, Online Security Pro, PC Cleaner, and Privacy Guard.

  • Anti-malware: Protects against the worst digital threats that can destroy your device and steal your data.
  • Online Security Pro: Adds a layer of protection when performing online activities like banking or shopping.
  • PC Cleaner: Fix and clean your PC to keep its speed at its optimum level.
  • Privacy Guard: Highly acclaimed protection software to secure your identity online.

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