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2D/3D Training Bundle for TurboCAD Platinum (ESD)

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2D/3D Training Bundle for TurboCAD Platinum provides world-class training guides and step-by-step instructions on how to learn about CAD. It provides detailed lessons and videos that users can learn all at their own pace. This training bundle is affordable and makes sure that there would be a progression in your skill as you start from scratch.

2D/3D Training Bundle for TurboCAD Platinum Product Details:

  • Introduction to TurboCAD Basics at the beginning of each guide.
  • Packed with 16 lessons with 220 videos spread through it.
  • With 15 training sessions and over 250 videos for 3D training.
  • Each session has summaries for a concise review of progress.
  • Rapid Reference Index for the location of specific topics.
  • It supports Google Dictionary & Google Translate.
  • Browser-based HTML training guide.
  • Digital license.
  • One-time purchase product and needs no renewal.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include any physical components.

2D/3D Training Bundle for TurboCAD Platinum 2020 comes with educational tools to learn the common 2D and 3D CAD skills as efficient and fast as you can. It teaches how TurboCAD tools and products can be on your device. Learn through step-by-step training, easy guides, and at your own pace. This program works in your browser.

It can be incorporated into a classroom-based lecture for students to learn how to use CAD software.

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Learning Tutorials for 2D Features

The first program comprised of the basic introductory sessions about 2D features and 16 more materials for learning. With the 16 lessons, it has about 220 videos spread throughout all of it to provide a more detailed explanation of the use of 2D TurboCAD tools.

Complete Training Guides for 3D Tools

After learning the basics of 2D tools with the guides provided on this bundled product, move to a more comprehensive guide for 3D training. Learn about solid modeling, rendering, and more with over 250 video guides spread over 15 sessions.

Both 2D and 3D Sessions

Each session starts with a task worksheet that contains specific instructions on what to do in each session. Every session is considered a single session. Therefore,  the learning process can be completed easily and in a recommended time frame. Furthermore, it includes building your own project from scratch.

Learn Terms from Google 

If you are new to CAD, 2D/3D Training Bundle for TurboCAD Platinum allows you to learn or look up for terms using Google Dictionary or Google Translate. Moreover, it allows users to translate the entire page to the user’s preferred language

Other Features

At the end of each session, you get summaries to have a concise review of your learning and a Rapid Reference Index for locating a specific topic quickly. Also, you don’t need an internet connection to view the guide, but only when steaming the video content only.

10 reviews for 2D/3D Training Bundle for TurboCAD Platinum (ESD)

  1. Lizzy Barnes

    I like this product being comparatively affordable compared to other software of the same quality. I admire that TurboCAD is holding that up.

  2. Michael Thomas

    It’s a great bundle for the price. this is a very good program. this was an upgrade for me as I have used turboCAD for 20 plus years now. I designed and drew the plans for the house we live in now with turbo CAD. Pretty useful I even use it now for drawing projects for my clients.

  3. Ray Walker

    This training bundle provides more materials for easy learning. It also provides more sessions in relation to building my skills in 2D and 3D architectural design. Amazing.

  4. Mandy Leone

    This software designs architectural plans and even designs custom electric guitar body thus enabling great file compatibility and no troubles.

  5. Jacob Bailey

    Turbocad has been a helpful tool for me. I don’t spend much time on the drafting board, and I worked with a limited budget. A capable program that meets the need that I have and the cost easily affords.

  6. Steffany Butler

    Can use this even when offline to check on how to create something using the TurboCAD Platinum software. I like that it details everything from the basics to advanced

  7. Lora Benson

    A great beginner’s guide for using Platinum TurboCAD. You can easily understand how to use the software because it also includes videos.

  8. Leonard Christie

    It helped me on how to navigate through different tools and start a template. This training booklet even comes with videos that show tips and tricks in using the software.

  9. Catherine Daniels

    It’s not necessary to have the file if you are online at all times because you can search it. However, if you like to work offline, this ebook copy comes in handy. Every instruction on how to use TurboCAD Platinum is within the instructions. It even shows video tutorials.

  10. Ivy Roosevelt

    A complete guide to learning all about TurboCAD Platinum. There’s nothing complicated about it. It’s a guide so just open and read or watch, as simple as that.

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