Avast! Hide My Ass! Pro VPN Unlimited Devices Global (ESD)

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Hide My Ass! is Avast’s latest VPN offering that will change the way you live online. Stay safe, secure, and encrypted while enjoying lightning-fast connections and geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world.

Avast! Hide My Ass! Pro VPN Devices Global (ESD) Product Highlights:

  • Experience true online safety and anonymity.
  • Access to geo-restricted and censored content from anywhere in the world.
  • Stream without any throttling.
  • This software purchase is a digital license.
  • Supports an unlimited number of devices for 1 or 2 years.
  • It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. No physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes included.

Supercharge your online experience with Avast’s latest VPN  service, another addition to its family of security products. With Avast Hide My Ass Pro VPN, it gains true online anonymity at unbelievable speeds that Avast VPN reviews have gushed about.

Get your Avast HMA! Pro VPN License from Softvire New Zealand at a price that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You won’t find a better deal for a secure VPN than Avast! Hide My Ass at the Softvire online store.

Multi-device Utility

With just 1 license, gain top-notch VPN access for up to 5 of your devices.

Multi-platform Support

Enjoy Hide My Ass Pro VPN features on your iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux devices. 

Unlimited Data

No throttling! Enjoy access to content you need without worrying about getting cut off.

Lightning -fast Connections

Fast and reliable access to whatever content you’re accessing regardless of your location.

Designed for Everyone

Activate your VPN using the Hide My Ass! easy-to-use interface. No settings you need to tweak that don’t make sense.

Established Network

Gain access to a varied amount of international content with over 930+ servers in 190+ countries.

Military-Grade Encryption

It has the highest encryption standard to prevent hackers from getting into your system and spy on your sensitive information. It comes with 256-bit AES encryption to get the best security for your online activities.

Leak Protection

HMA has built-in protection from IPv4, IPv6, and other DNS leaks. With the no-log HMA DNS servers to handle all your DNS requests, your activities and data are protected from threats.

Year Subscriptions


29 reviews for Avast! Hide My Ass! Pro VPN Unlimited Devices Global (ESD)

  1. Larkin Castro

    Yah! The HMA! The program is straightforward to use. Sign up for an account, pick your activation code and activation code, and you’re ready to go. In multiple languages, the app is also downloadable, so you have lots of possible choices. Just sign in with your login credentials, and you’re just a click away from connecting.

  2. Jamison Farnley

    I’ve been using Avast VPN for a couple of years now. It’s so easy to use, and the pace of the server is constant. This website is user-friendly and cheaper than the rest.

  3. Dominica Hill

    I regularly use it, and the most amazing thing is that I do it effectively. Especially if you use its helpful devices, kill button, speed test, and more, everything you need to know is explained in the app basically. I’m grateful HMA chose to restore its ‘geeky’ looks as I like my own personal app settings. It takes a couple of seconds to attach and is stable. Surely my money is worth it!

  4. Pete Maguire

    HMA is very fast and secure and I can say that HideMyAss is about the best VPN out there. It is cost effective compared to a lot of VPN software and services out there. It has servers in almost all the countries of the world and I find this very convenient for my work and its servers are fast. The fact that it has several server options for every country makes it even more attractive. The setup is also easy and seamless. You can use it on different types of devices too. It also has secure OPenVPN encryption and no ip leaks.

  5. Ashley Wilkerson

    HMA VPN can manage to unblock good speeds and multiples streaming pages. Logs are no more managed, good safety features are available, and many venue options are available. It is usually better suited for searching for safe navigation and stream but may also be an alternative for torrenters. Best VPN so far.

  6. Miles Ellis

    HideMyAss works well. The UI is fantastic, and the service is fast, making it more appealing to users unfamiliar with VPNs.

  7. Claudia Murphy

    I love this superb service very much. It fits completely perfect. On my PC, I used it for several weeks on my mobile computer, even in an Asus router. It can be conveniently ordered and customized, regardless of the platform.

  8. Arthur Emeny

    HMA has given me flexibility in my online work. It keeps me secure as I work the whole day online. HMA also has given me a bit of anonymity online and has been useful during the time that everyone had to stay at home, our family had more options to choose from because we can access content from other parts of the world.

  9. Sebastian Cooke

    We’ve been using HideMyAss to stream, download, browse, and generally keep our internet activities secure and private..

  10. Annabelle Wiley

    Quickly connects to a server. I’m not sure if I suddenly disconnect from the server and if my IP address is secure. I have some encounters when the internet or connection gets slow.

  11. Leanne Storr

    If you want the speed that will not keep your PC logging, HMA is suitable for you. It keeps unblocked all the streaming sites and fix the correct speed. It has stable security features and lots of location options. I am glad and satisfied with this product.

  12. Crystal Osborne

    I really like HMA VPN. I’ve been using it for years and It’s easy to use. Connection to different servers is easy and no slow internet connections even with servers that are not much used. Although sometimes the connections get lost, but it’s not that often. Also plenty of countries to choose from.

  13. George Blake

    This is the best VPN I’ve tried. Stay connected all the time and I can use it on all my devices.

  14. Caleb Rainer

    secure, fast connection and multiple serves to choose from, but not all countries have different servers for their cities, so you connect to one server for that country only. The US has the most server for different states.

  15. Susie Taylor

    has multiple servers I can choose from and informs me immediately if ever I am disconnected to the server.

  16. Leigh Simon

    The best VPN I’ve ever tried. It’s affordable and has plenty of options. Plus for a single license, I can use it on multiple devices. I even share it with my family.

  17. Angelina Trump

    My absolute favorite VPN as it gives me multiple serves to choose from and speed is fast.

  18. Alice Barton

    I use this often to access content I need. It’s really easy to use. Install its and you’re good to go.

  19. Laurie Weir

    Connection takes a bit like about 10-15 seconds, but I like that it doesn’t often get disconnected from a server.

  20. Davin Lozano

    reliable VPN. You can even test the connection.

  21. Lewis Hobbs

    If you want a cheap but extremely effective VPN, Avast HMA is what I highly recommend. It does connect me to servers safely and even tells me if I am accidentally disconnected. There are plenty of locations to choose from. The connection is fast, but some servers or locations result in a poor connection.

  22. Dora Mooney

    my favorite VPN. It has multiple servers to choose from and infirms you once you are disconnected. There are other outstanding features but I enjoy the most is the P2P servers available in selected countries.

  23. Patrice Briggs

    The best VPN I’ve tried so far. The connection to other servers is fast.

  24. Callie Dickens

    I don’t have to think much when using HMA. It’s easy to set up and use. Plus, I have plenty of countries to choose from when connecting online. I trust this VPN every time I have to connect online when I’m on my travels.

  25. Chloe Wiggins

    fast connection and plenty of servers.

  26. Jimmy Michael

    It has a fast internet connection and informs me immediately once I’m disconnected from the server for security.

  27. Louis Solomon

    There are plenty of countries I can choose from but sometimes I find it difficult to connect with them and it’s slow.

  28. Neo Richmond

    Cheap and the best VPN that’s within my budget. Plenty of connections to choose from and fast connections.

  29. Guy Garcia

    A great and fast VPN. Although it’s not a top-notch VPN tool, it still does its job pretty well.

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