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Avast Premier

(9 customer reviews)

Avast Premier blocks hacking attempts and ransomware before they can even attack your system. With Avast Premier’s top-of-the-line features, you’ll never need another digital protection solution.

Avast Premier Product Highlights:

  • Test suspicious files using a digital sandbox.
  • Real-time threat protection with no performance issues.
  • Scan for vulnerabilities and repair them with one click.
  • Recognize and protect your system even from emerging threats.
  • Make sure only you can delete or recover files.
  • Protect your webcam from hackers.
  • Keep your system up-to-date automatically
  • This software purchase is a digital license.
  • Compatible with Windows PCs.

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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. No physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes included.

Avast Premier secures your PC with the most advanced protection technology in the world. Defend against all manner of digital threats with the antivirus system that Avast Premier reviews have praised.

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Solid protection

Identify all kinds of digital threats before they have a chance to attack. Protect your system even from emerging threats.

Smart Scan

Get an understandable report about your system’s current health with just one click. Smart Scan checks and fixes every security issue it detects on your PC.

Home Network Security

Stop anyone trying to break into your network in their tracks. In addition, get updates on your network’s health.

Bloatware Cleanup

Wipeout unneeded bloatware that fills up your browser’s toolbar.

Solid Firewall

Block any unauthorized access to your device.

Password Manager

Let Avast Premier help you remember your passwords and log in to your accounts.


Keep your PC safe even while opening suspicious files. Open potential threats in a virtual sandbox where it can’t touch your system.

Data Shredder

Make sure that only you can recover or delete your sensitive files.

Safe Online Transactions

Keep your online banking details safe with SecureDNS and Avast SafeZone.


Fight back against un-needed with Avast Premier’s anti-spam feature. In addition, stay safe by blocking any email phishing attempts.

Advanced Threat Detection

CyberCapture technology can detect the latest malware on your device by scanning unknown files. Even hidden threats are detected.

Lightweight Malware Scanner

Even though Premier’s scanner is powerful enough to detect threats and is able to detect every update, it doesn’t take up much of the system. It’s a lightweight scanner that works faster with better results.

Behavior Shield Monitoring

Detects all programs, apple, and software for possible threats, showing real-time results. Furthermore, it reports any suspicious behavior on your system. It forms you of this suspicious activity, so you can solve the issue immediately.

Activate Passive Mode

You can still use your Avast antivirus even if you are using another antivirus software. With the Passive Mode on, you can use other security solutions without the need to uninstall Premier.

Update Software Automatically

With Software Updater, you don’t have to worry about out-to-date software. It will cover it for you by downloading the latest updates to ensure the security of your PC.

Wi-Fi Scanner

It scans your home network or other Wi-Fi connections for vulnerabilities. It also shows devices connected to the network. If any issues are present it will suggest ways to fix it. Keeping your network safe.

Real Site 

You’ll always be sure to land on an authentic webpage because Premier has the Real Site feature. It ensures that all sites you open are not a spoof or false sites.

Game Mode

Play or word without interruptions. Avast allows you to temporarily stop or block notifications and other background processes, so you can concentrate on what you are doing.

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9 reviews for Avast Premier

  1. Xanthia Bailey

    It is a good program to analyze and eliminate malicious files; therefore, it does not have negative aspects of this program.

  2. Bryan Wong

    I been using Avast products since 2013. I started with the free version which was adept so I was convinced to get the paid version to gain access to more functions. It stopped countless of ransomware attacks and from the notifications it send me, I’m surprised how the internet can be a scary place.

  3. Philip Brooke

    The software is just awesome! Avast is just awesome! My laptop works well. My company has installed every system has using it just unbelievable.

  4. Aofie Christensen

    Avast Premier is reliable to use for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Perfect software for us! My siblings like this so much!

  5. Drayden Pollard

    I love Avast antivirus because it is convenient and complete since it detects any virus type. It also protects us from multiple malware. It also protects the passwords that we have saved in the browser. I really like that it has its virus chest where we can see the blocked threats, giving us a detailed description of the infected file’s location.

  6. Lila Barnes

    The Avast was really good. Since using it, I haven’t had any problems. My device has been online forever. I will suggest an avast. I will recommend the avast. My desktop has been kept clean by Avast. The price is highly competitive.

  7. Jac Bowman

    Avast can detect any virus and protect us from multiple types of malware. It also protects the passwords that we have saved in the browser. Avast has a virus chest where we can see blocked threats.

  8. Dominic Condon

    Premier provided for me a great collection of features that compliment my need for the protection of my device and important information. I’m able to pinpoint areas that have been hogging my system resources and be able to repurpose those with just a click. I am happy that every time I open it, I am able to make sure that I am using my computer at its best.

  9. George Boden

    A bit expensive but worth the cost. I love the astonishing number of extra features, very well organized, and easy to understand the program.

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