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Avast Ultimate takes the best Avast utility and protection software and puts them together in one package. Secure your devices by getting this affordable bundle packed with top-of-the-line products from Avast, now.
Avast Ultimate Product Highlights:
  • Premium antivirus protection with Avast Premier.
  • Avast Secure Line VPN gives you true online anonymity.
  • Avast Cleanup Premium keeps your PC running like new.
  • Avast Passwords Premium secures and manages your passwords.
  • This software purchase is a digital license.
  • Compatible with Windows PC.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. No physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes included.

Avast Ultimate takes the most powerful security and performance tools and brings them all together in one bundle. Keep your system protected and running at peak performance using world-class programs that you and your system need.

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The Ultimate Protection Package

Avast Premier turns your system into a digital fortress against old, new, and emerging digital threats. In addition, you can also check for vulnerabilities on your Wi-Fi network.

Your Privacy Assured

Avast Secure Line VPN gives you true online privacy you won’t find anywhere else. Therefore, access region-locked content while shielding your online activities from prying eyes.


Keep your passwords and login information secure using Avast Passwords Premium. You can now login to your accounts across multiple devices without having to remember complex passwords.

All-in-one Protection

You don’t have to buy different protection software to secure different parts of your device. Avast Ultimate brings the complete security solution that you need. It is the ultimate package containing Avast Premium Security, Sceureline VPN, and Cleanup Premium. So, get all you need for your device.

Ultimate Cleanup for Better Performance

The Cleanup Premium eliminates junk files and fixes issues that cause your device to slow down. With single-click maintenance, you can now have a device that its best. In addition, you’ll experience fewer freezes and crashes on your device.


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21 reviews for Avast Ultimate

  1. Zareb Cody

    Easy to install. I loaded this to my MacBook Pro, and no issues at all. I like the Cleaner program that comes with it. It helped me locate duplicates and extra files that could be deleted to save me space.

  2. Yohan Hagey

    I always use this software to save my data, information and documents because my system is free from any virus. And my system always secure and protected. Without Avast Antivirus our data and important information will be destroyed at anytime. But last and important thing that I must say about this software is that you can easily communicate with each other without any problem of virus attack.

  3. Shaye Lowe

    Very pleased by the price of cleaner and VPN for robust security. I used Avast on one of my machines once, so I wanted to use Avast Ultimate 2020 on all my gadgets after the license expired. I have faith in defense. It was a little more difficult than it needs to be to install what are, in fact, three different applications, but I still set up everything easily. Recommended exceptionally.

  4. Hashim Burgess

    AVG Ultimate combines internet security, VPN services, and computer and mobile device tune-ups to create a comprehensive online security package.

  5. Tatiana Campbell

    It is effortless to install and use. The nice interface offers many premium features that you would not find in other security suits—true value for your investment.

  6. Gabriel Cunningham

    I got a great collection of security features with Avast Ultimate. I got no complaints. It has what I need to secure my device.

  7. Rowan Duncan

    Avast Ultimate easily and quickly finds and eliminates junk files. It also has SafeZone that protects financial information and online transactions from hackers. Setting your bank and online shopping sites to SafeZone, it automatically protects your account and personal information.

  8. Alan Carton

    It works and much more affordable. Avast Ultimate has everything that I need to safeguard my computer. It can also secure smartphones, laptops, tablets against viruses, and other cyber threats. My wife likes it. We can now secure all the gadgets that we use in our house.

  9. Kaitlin Howell

    I have no issue installing the Avast Ultimate on my new Windows PC. I like how smooth the transaction went when I purchased my copy.

  10. Adolfo Blanche

    Complete protection for my device is available. It includes deep scanning, password security, filtering emails, and link scanning on websites. It immediately blocks the threat.

  11. Ira Williamson

    Complete protection with plenty of security options available. You can protect your entire device by scanning, email, online activities, and more.

  12. Ernest Stevenson

    It has everything I need for my computer. I can scan for threats with just a single click and see if there are viruses present in real-time. The tuneup is my favorite part of it, as I have no more issues with the performance of my PC.

  13. Kate Archer

    This offers complete protection from online threats and even makes your computer run faster like it’s brand new.

  14. Mara Holt

    Really ultimate protection since you can secure by scanning, improve the performance, and there’s an unlimited VPN included too.

  15. Carla Taylor

    I’ve tried other Avast products but the ultimate is my favorite. There’s a lot of features to learn and absolutely enjoy. There’s differemt types of scanning method too that I like, I get to choose if I want a full or quick scan.

  16. Kenna Evans

    Complete features. It has everything I need to protect my device. Easy to use, just install and you get the security you need. You can even protect more than one device.

  17. Valentine Harrington

    It has everything you’ll need – virus protection software, tuneup, and VPN. The VPN and the virus protection is the best part of this software. Meanwhile, the tuneup offers only the basic scanning and fix PC issues.

  18. Caleb Gray

    All the security tools are available in ultimate. It scans every part of my computer and website. It also includes email protection and a password management.

  19. Leah Hunt

    Fast scanning. Limited VPN but effective when browsing content from another region. Helps in keeping my device performing at its best.

  20. Louis Fowler

    All that you need in Avast is here in this software, It includes basic antivirus protection, internet or online security, VPN for anonymous surfing, and improves the overall performance of your computer.

  21. Freddie Camacho

    Complete from scanning threats, blocking phishing sites, protecting passwords, and a VPN.

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