AVG Antivirus Pro for Android 1 User 2 Years (ESD)

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AVG Antivirus for Android is the ultimate mobile security solution you need on the go. Defend against malicious viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware using AVG’s solid software for Android phones.

AVG Antivirus Pro for Android Smart Phones Product Highlights:

  • Free up system resources with one click.
  • Scan connections to ensure security.
  • Defend against malicious software 24/7
  • Secure your data even in worst-case scenarios.
  • This software purchase is a digital license
  • Compatible with only one Android device.
  • Subscription for two years of usage.

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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

AVG Antivirus Pro for Android is the best antivirus for Android devices. With AVG Antivirus Pro, your Android device is protected offline just as much as online. Keep your data private and safe even when you lose it using AVG for Android.

Get AVG Antivirus Pro at the best price from Softvire NZ. With our great deals and discounts for AVG security products, you won’t find a better alternative to protect your Android device.

Upgrade Quick and Easy

Upgrade from AVG Mobile Free to AntiVirus Pro for Android with a click of a button. Enjoy premium mobile protection using just your serial key, available at our online shop.

No. 1 Mobile Protection

Protect your device against the worst viruses and malware in real-time. In addition, scan your current data to root out any hidden threats that may have already infiltrated.

Safe Public Connections

Scan public wi-fi networks for vulnerabilities. Keep your device safe no matter where you’re connecting from in the world. Get one of the best Wi-fi security for Android devices.

Anti-theft and Loss Security

Advanced anti-theft features give you control over your data privacy. Track your phone’s location and – in the worst-case scenario – purge your device of sensitive data if it looks like it can no longer be recovered.

Lock App with a PIN Code

You can prevent others from accessing your apps, especially those with sensitive information. With the help of the App Lock feature, you can add a unique PIN code, pattern, or fingerprint. Now, secure your sensitive apps like email, social media, documents, and more with the premium version.

Camera Trap

You can now check if someone is trying to access your mobile device with the Camera Trap feature. If anyone fails to unlock your device three times, this feature will be activated. It secretly takes a photo of the intruder and sends them to you via email. It also includes the time and location.

Device Lock

Since most theft will automatically change your SIM card once they got your phone, AVG Android has a better way to solve this issue. Once someone replaces your SIM card, your device will lock itself. Hence, preventing the theft to make a call or access any of your private data on your device.

Backup App

Besides its mobile security feature, AVG for Android can back up the data and content of your app into your SD card. You don’t have to worry about losing the content you have when you are always updated with your back up system.

Enhance Mobile Performance

With the Power Save, you can extend your battery life because the software turns off battery-draining apps on your device. In addition, you’ll get a fast and smooth functioning device as it kills tasks and apps that slow down your Android device. And, it also cleans your device from junk files and frees up storage space

8 reviews for AVG Antivirus Pro for Android 1 User 2 Years (ESD)

  1. Drew Taylor

    I had it in my phone and it worked wonders! I am more on my phone than my computer and all of my important contacts and passwords are in it. I’m very satisfied with it but you should really be careful, once you install it you give it access to your phone content. Great to spot viruses though!

  2. Regan Sander

    The software effectively eliminates and analyzes files that could be infected. It analyzes the files that I download in real-time and allows scanning to be performed at Windows startup.

  3. Shawn Butler

    It is easy to work through the clean interface of the app. The excellent tools to secure theft and privacy provide plenty of protection against your personal data theft—the best antivirus for android.

  4. Alexei Grifith

    AVG is an Anti-malware suite that is easy to navigate. It also has anti-theft and privacy protection tools that offer plenty of safeguards against theft of personal information.

  5. Priscilla Lewis

    At first, I was a bit hesitant to try this android device on my phone and my windows devices, but when I installed it, the security went well beyond! Such a perfect antivirus for android phones. Same with AVG for desktop, it also does a great job.

  6. Beau Jones

    I make sure that my phone is equipped with an antivirus. I did not want to go through feelings of helplessness caused by an attack. I bought the 2 years license so I can focus my attention on more important things.

  7. Elizabeth Moran

    I enjoy this application because it works, even when it is offline on my Android device. With just a click, I notice better performance from my phone. Although this is a 2-year subscription, the promo is budget-friendly.

  8. Amber Jackson

    It perfectly fits for me! Sometimes I misplaced my mobile and didn’t know where I placed it. Thanks to this antivirus for android, I can now easily navigate it, and it has an anti-theft and privacy protection tool that protects my personal information on my phone.

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