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AVG Internet Security

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Get assured protection for you and your family using AVG Internet Security 2019. Never go online without being covered by AVG’s world-class digital security technology.

AVG Internet Security Product Highlights:

  • Defend against online hacking attempts.
  • Keep important files encrypted and away from prying eyes.
  • Prevent hackers from hijacking your WebCam Protection
  • This software purchase is a digital license.
  • Compatible with Windows devices.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

AVG Internet Security turns your system into a digital fortress. Stop online threats dead in their tracks before they can damage you and your system at work and play.

Get AVG Internet Security at the best price from Softvire NZ. With our great deals and discounts, you won’t find a better offer for AVG security products anywhere else.

Full Range of Safety Options

Keep your computer free of malware, viruses, spyware, ransomware, rootkits, and Trojans using advanced AI and real-time analysis tools. Scan links, downloads, and email attachments to ensure your online activities are always safe.

Digital Privacy Ensured

Encrypt your private files and data to keep them away from prying eyes. In addition, shred data you want to make inaccessible even beyond the digital grave using the built-in file shredder.

Webcam Safety

Stop online predators from spying on you and your kids. Prevent malicious software from hijacking your webcam and invading your privacy.

Keep Hackers Away from Your Device

Have full control over what goes in and out of your device. You can now protect your files and other sensitive information and content from cybercriminals. With an enhanced and powerful firewall, hackers are prevented from accessing your files. 

Protect your files and other documents from being encrypted by hackers with AVG’s ransomware protection feature. In addition, protect your saved passwords on your browser from blocked apps.

Shop and Bank with No Worries

Get an extra layer of protection when shopping or banking online. You can now access or pay online without worrying if you landed on a fake or spoof website. AVG will redirect you to a safe and trusted website.

Protect Multiple Devices

We offer AVG for PC that can protect one or unlimited devices. Now, you can enjoy protection for your device and your entire family.

Quarantines Suspicious Files

When Internet Security by AVG detects a suspicious file, it will send it to the cloud for analysis. Once it is detected to contain new malware, a new security update will be released for the protection against the new threat, and all users of AVG products are informed of it.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Enjoy a continuous flow on your work, when you’re playing games, presenting, or watching a movie with the Do Not Disturb Mode by AVG. All notifications are temporarily disabled in the background.

Removes Unwanted Toolbar

Get to remove toolbars you haven’t installed and those that are difficult to remove.

Link Scanner

You can now stay safe online with the Link Scanner of AVG. It’s effective in scanning links before you can click on them. This ensures that you click on a safe website. It is applicable to web searches, social media websites, and more.

With these features of AVG, you’ll always get the best protection you need for your device. Buy your AVG Internet Security download version at Softvire NZ.

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19 reviews for AVG Internet Security

  1. Lyn Mattson

    Compared to its free version that hasn’t been doing well versus its competitors, the business version indeed offers a powerful antivirus solution for your business machines. It actively scans for viruses on the network as you browse, download, extract archive files, or plug in external storage devices. I found that it is pretty lightweight running in the background and does not cause any slowdowns for our computers.

  2. Roana Ross

    Didn’t slow my computer down. Works with most apps without any problems

  3. Marco Higgins

    With AVG internet security I don’t have any problem at all on my devices.

  4. Luanne Sinclair

    I will continue to use AVG and recommend it to friends and family who have problems with internet garbage and viruses. I have not had one problem with it installed on a computer. Maybe I’m lucky; probably, AVG works!

  5. Freddy Hartley

    My first free antivirus was AVG Internet Protection. But the free version is complete, unlike most antivirus software on the market. Protects the computer from spews, ransomware, trojans, and more. The scans are complete, and all drivers are scanned.

  6. Nickson Humphrey

    On handheld devices and a Windows PC, AVG Internet Security 2020 was easy to navigate — as you were accustomed to the system. It didn’t seem to be slowing down our computers, which can be an antivirus problem.

  7. Isabelle Campbell

    Like most of my peers that view that viruses and malware are just the stuff of movies, I did not believe that code or program can harm me. Until I needed help to remove one from my device. Found this from Softvire and I bought the offer for unlimited devices. I needed this because we have a lot of devices at home.

  8. Stella taylor

    I really like this application because it runs smooth, speeding up the connection through wi-fi, it keeps me in shape, and I can update it in the click of a button.

  9. Hayley Cott

    AVG internet security is an excellent free software for those who want to surf the internet without paying for an antivirus safely.

  10. Frankie Gardner

    This product is suited to protect our home devices because it offers full security to different threats like hacking our files and spying us using a webcam. Live customer support is not included; that is why I have to spring for a Premium Support Package for a hands-on-service if needed.

  11. Victor Piper

    I like that Softvire offers a variety of devices to protect. The overall protection of AVG is excellent, not take up much space on your device, scans websites for threats, even blocks them when it recognizes them as suspicious. But you can also choose to unblock the website too.

  12. Jeanette McKinney

    Great protection for all online activities. Smooth and fast to install and use. No issue with its protection capability. I like that it runs in the background but doesn’t show pop-ups all the time.

  13. Riley Ferguson

    It secures my activities online and prevents my accounts from being hacked. also no more annoying third-party ads.

  14. Edgar Schmitt

    It can protect multiple devices and keeps running in the background to keep devices safe.

  15. Brandon Fletcher

    Avg is not only excellent protection for my device but I like that it is affordable too.

  16. Joshua Lancaster

    I can safely pay my bills and shop online because once I open a website, AVG immediately scans it to check if it is safe to enter my credit card number. This protection is really important if you do online transactions most of the time.

  17. Bethany Hawkins

    A great online protection software. Scans your computer thoroughly and it even includes scanning of website and email for safety

  18. Dominique Bauer

    One of the best antivirus software I am currently using. It really gives you great protection and keeps you away from phishing sites.

  19. Jake Rodrigez

    It’s a reliable security solution and it doesn’t slow down my computer even if it’s working.

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