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Give your system the maintenance it deserves using AVG PC TuneUp. Say goodbye to unoptimized systems and wasted resources with a click of a button using PC TuneUp’s advanced maintenance features.

AVG PC TuneUp Product Highlights:

  • Let TuneUp work in the background while you work and play.
  • Keep your system files updated with a click of a button.
  • Extend your PC’s lifespan with regular maintenance.
  • This software purchase is a digital license.
  • Compatible with Windows PCs only.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

Give your system more power you ever thought possible using AVG PC TuneUp. Keep your system running at peak performance using PC TuneUp alongside AVG’s award-winning digital security that reviews know and love.

Get your AVG PC TuneUp keys at the best prices from Softvire NZ. With our great deals and discounts for all AVG products, you won’t find better system utility software offers anywhere else online.

Automated Maintenance

Keep your system running smoothly while AVG works in the background. Let AVG PC TuneUp set its own maintenance schedules or set them yourself to make sure your system runs at its best.

Clear Junk to Speed up

Stop unnecessary programs and files from slowing you down. Use PC TuneUp’s user-friendly interface to disable any unimportant apps and junk files from taking over your system’s resources.

Update Without Hassle

Never have to hunt down software updates one-by-one on your own. Use AVG PC TuneUp to scan your device and find the updates you need to download with a click of a button.

PC Health Beyond the Protection

Monitor your system’s overall health using AVG TuneUp’s intuitive dashboard. Get recommendations to improve your system to lengthen its lifetime.

Optimize with Sleep Mode

The new and improved sleep mode will put some of your programs to sleep when not need. Hence, it prevents from hogging your PC memory and CPU performance. 

Disk Cleaner

Clean up all installer file cache, old backups, and unimportant system files with Disk Cleaner of PC TuneUp. It will deep clean your PC and eliminate unnecessary files to free up space and storage.

Browser Cleaner

Whatever internet browser you use, Avg’s Browser Cleaner can eliminate temporary data and online leftovers. Therefore, you can now have a fast and lighter browsing experience the next time you go online.

Easy to Use Interface

There is no need to go through and learn the interface of PC TuneUp. At startup, users are presented with the main menu which has all the essential components or features. In just a few clicks, you can get the action you require. Furthermore, you can customize the program to make it features you mostly used accessible.

Prolonged Battery Life

With the Economy and Flight Mode, you can prolong the life of your battery to keep your PC working wherever you are, and especially when you’re on the go.

Get the best tuneup utilities to keep your devices at its beats performance with AVG. Visit Softvire and buy AVG PC TuneUp!

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25 reviews for AVG PC TuneUp

  1. Bella Collins

    It keeps my device running smoothly in the background as AVG works. AVG PC TuneUp has set its own maintenance plans, but I have set them up on my own to ensure that my machine is working at its best.

  2. Harvey Bankard

    AVG Tuneup improves system performance. Comprehensive driver update software. Includes a secure file shredder. Smart cloud-based software uninstaller. It’s very useful for someone like me who does a lot on PC.

  3. Audrey Williams

    My computer needed to be optimized. It was getting slower and I could not figure out what was hogging the system resources. Thanks to AVG, I got my computer running properly. There was so much junk that I think accumulated through the years hidden in areas that I would not think of looking for.

  4. Josef Orayenza

    I was trying to figure out why my PC got slow. I’m happy to discover PC Tune-up. Maintenace is not a hassle now. I even got a great offer. I got the 3 device license for a 1-year subscription. I was tempted to get the unlimited device’s license because the difference in price is not that far off. But I only have 3 desktops that I need to protect.

  5. Darcy Scheneider

    Improved home my computer functions. Makes it feel brand new.

  6. Lacey Paterson

    An exceptional piece of AVG software, easy to set up, and lightweight.

  7. Leslie Anderson

    Keeps my computer at its best performance by getting rid of junk files and unnecessary folders. PC TuneUp makes sure that it only keeps what my devices need and removes the ones that are taking up space and consuming my computer’s resources.

  8. Garrette Gibbons

    It’s better than other tuneup software I have tried. It scans and provides solutions to issues, updates outdated software, and gets rid of temporary files. Upon using this software I can say that my computer has improved its speed, not 100% fast but better than it was before.

  9. Leonard Wood

    straightforward. Pretty much cleans your devices and gets rid of content that slows down my PC. Performance is great again!

  10. Luke Devlin

    Keeps my PC at its best performance. Scan every part of my computer.

  11. Fay Kaufmann

    It makes my computer work better than before. It feels like I just bought a new computer. Like that it’s easy to use, just click on the scan button and it proceeds to check your computer’s system.

  12. Sally Flemming

    It effectively scans my device for issues or unnecessary files and removes them from the system. In this way, my device runs fast and it feels like it’s a brand new computer.

  13. Eric Whitney

    AVG tuneup makes my computer run faster than it was before, It gets rid of files or kills software that takes too much of your RAM.

  14. Anya Davis

    It’s really effective. It got to make my PC run fast as if it’s new.

  15. Elise Cowan

    The best PC optimizer I have ever tried. In just a click, it gets rid of all junk files, and my PC works fast. It has even left out free space for me to use.

  16. Aurora Odonnell

    Very useful particularly if your device is starting to run slow and some software is not working. It can detect any issues on drivers, fragments, junk files, or anything that causes your device to slow down.

  17. Shannon Blackmore

    It brought back my computer to life. My device is so slow, It even takes time to open an application and when it’s running it slows down my PC, I’m grateful for this application. It’s very helpful and genuine.

  18. Angelina Munoz

    Gotta say it does make my computer work better than before.

  19. Edgar Yates

    It really made my PC run fast after a single-use. But I constantly use AVG to keep my PC functioning better. I set schedules when to scan and get rid of junk files to keep my computer’s performance at its best.

  20. Rodney Hudson

    effectively cleans up my pc, it shows solutions on how you can fix your computer and helps you with it. Also, it’s not complicated to use.

  21. Madeline Hicks

    Makes my computer run fast again. I just install the software and then you can click on scan to check for issues on your device, and them AVG will fix them.

  22. Charmaine Hay

    It keeps my PC at its best performance by removing junk files and unused content.

  23. Cheryl Valdez

    I don’t have to suffer from slow PC anymore. My system and device’s performance are maintained and at their best all the time.

  24. Meera Olson

    Very helpful as it finally made my computer run better than it used to.

  25. Jaycee Carleigh

    It’s a great PC enhancer software. You don’t have to do that much since it can run in the background and check for issues to fix or junk files to clean. It even updates automatically.

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