Avira Antivirus Pro

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Avira Antivirus Pro is the premium protection software you need to have defending your system. Surf, shop, and stream without being vulnerable to the latest digital threats.
Avira Antivirus Pro Product Highlights:
  • Protects your against new and emerging digital threats.
  • Transact online with peace of mind any worries.
  • Protects your system with no negative performance effects.
  • This software purchase is a digital license.
  • Supports Windows devices.

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Get protected by the no. 1 digital protection suite – Avira Antivirus Pro. Have access to premium digital protection not just for your PCs, but your macOS, iOS, and Android devices as well.

Download Avira Antivirus Pro from Softvire NZ, now and get it at the best price. With our great deals and discounts, access to premium protection and intuitive features that Avira Antivirus Pro reviews love is just a click away.

Advanced Threat Warnings

Avira detects and warns you of all kinds of digital threats to your system. From phishing attempts, malware, and spam, Avira protects you from the worst online software that could compromise your system.

Solid Digital Prevention

Tracks the behavior of digital threats to make sure Avira can eliminate them before they do damage to your system. In addition, Avira’s Mail Protection and AHeAD technology let you inspect code and keep your e-mails filtered of dangerous material.

Important Repair Options

Remove all traces of infection without any complicated settings and actions using Avira. In addition, save a backup of your PC using Avira’s Rescue System.

Safe Online Shopping and Banking

Enjoy online banking and shopping anytime and anywhere you are. With the ID-theft protection, there is no chance for hackers to steal your data.

It blocks phishing attacks or sites, even the most sophisticated ones. Hence, you avoid falling into a spoof website or give your credit card, passwords, and details away unintentionally.

Real-time Protection from Online Threats

Get protected immediately once a threat is recognized. It will block sites that are infected, secure your online music and movies, and clean files that are infected with malware.

It scans downloaded files such as music, photos, and others. Also, scans your files located in the cloud. Furthermore, it removes unwanted apps or bloatware that came from unwanted toolbars or adware installation.

Email Protection

You don’t have to worry when receiving your email. All links and attached files are scanned and kept safe. It’s compatible with Outlook and web-based services.

It keeps you safe from spam, phishing links, infected email attachments, removable devices, and more.

Artificial Intelligent Technology

The next-generation technology in Avira Antivirus Pro 2019 will detect new threats and immunize all users once a never-seen threat is detected. Within minutes, millions of users would be safe from the new virus.

Includes Adblocker and Browsing Blocker

Prevents companies and other organizations from monitoring your online activities. In addition, it blocks annoying banners that appear on websites.

Simple and Intuitive Interface

Avira gives a flexible dashboard for you to take control of how you want to scan and protect your device. Automate the task in many ways. You can choose to click once to scan your device or automate the task completely by setting a schedule.

Operating System

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7 reviews for Avira Antivirus Pro

  1. Koby Wilbert

    It doesn’t really matter what kind of ransomware or malware, whether new types or old types, Avira detects all of them and eventually removes them. For those in wonder about whether to get this software service, well, it’s a great way to avoid ransomware than to start restoring corrupted files effectively. It’s best to install!

  2. Ronny Bailey

    We used it in our home and worked fine. No problem at all. Great product.

  3. Lanny Pittman

    I used Avira Antivirus on my laptop for about one or two years. The decision to stay with Avira has not disappointed me. It works much better than my previous antivirus because it warns me and gives the option of ignoring or deleting the file whenever it is faced with a malicious file. I don’t remember having any infections since I started using Avira.

  4. Venacio Robertson

    It’s a great app that did everything it’s supposed to without any problem. It’s straightforward to use also. I recommend Avira product to everyone.

  5. Elise Skinner

    Avira is a trusted brand for security software. This is my first time purchasing a subscription and I chose Avira when I saw that their services were affordable and after reading more about it. I haven’t used it that long but I am happy with what I have purchased. There are a lot of much more famous brands out there but I feel good about this.

  6. Marvyn Peters

    Excellent anti-virus product. I originally discovered it through the free version, but I’ve known a few people who liked it so much they decided to go for the full version and have been with it for years.

  7. Richard Lane

    I am impressed with the Smart Scan, and when I click the full scan, it detected 100% of the malware samples on my PC.

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