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Bitdefender Antivirus For Mac

(28 customer reviews)

From $45.99

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is the ultimate protection solution for your Mac device. With Bitdefender, keep your personal and financial information safe without affecting your system’s performance.

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac Product Highlights:

  • The best detection and protection on the market.
  • Top-rated protection without affecting your system performance.
  • Shuts down ransomware trying to hostage your data.
  • Checks public WiFi networks to ensure protection.
  • This software purchase is a digital license.

Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. No physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes included.

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is the latest digital protection beyond PCs. It protects your system with Bitdefender Antivirus, the best antivirus for Mac, and get 100% certified anti-malware protection. With Bitdefender for Mac, prevent cyber-attacks and protect your backups like never before. Buy now and gain access to the best Mac protection features that Bitdefender antivirus reviews are raving about.

Get your Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac download and activation keys at the best price from Softvire NZ. You won’t find a better place to get top-rated antivirus protection than from Bitdefender and Softvire.

Stop Ransomware Attacks

With Bitdefender’s Safe Files constantly monitor your important files and block unapproved unapproved apps from accessing them. In addition, choose which files fall under Safe Files’ security measures.

Keep Your Backups Safe

Time Machine Protection prevents the worst malware from encrypting or destroying your backups. Always have access to a safe version of your files and systems with Bitdefender installed.

Work and Play with No Interruptions

Manage all your security settings without the hassle using Bitdefender Autopilot. Furthermore, it automatically detects and removes any threat from your system without any interruptions from your security software..

Eliminate Annoying Adware

Even Macs are vulnerable to the worst adware online. Let Bitdefender for Mac detect and remove adware from your system while blocking unwanted apps from installing themselves without your permission.

Real-time Protection

You can get rid of or stop threats from gaining access to your device and data. With Bitdefender’s real-time threat detection, it can immediately detect known and also unknown threats and block them.

Browse Online Anonymously

With Bitdefender VPN, there is no need to worry about prying eyes. You can freely browse online as all your traffic is encrypted. In addition, get 200 MB of secured traffic daily.

Ultra-Fast Scanning

It combines accuracy and speed, so you get an ultra-fast scan to detect threats immediately.

Year Subscriptions

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28 reviews for Bitdefender Antivirus For Mac

  1. Daisy Ruiz

    I was confident with my Mac because I heard that it’s less prone to computer viruses and malware. My IT friend recommended the Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac 1 User 1 Year due to the recent attacks of Malware and Adware.

  2. Arleana Wood

    Software is very lightweight and easy to use. Can remotely trigger and schedule other PC/Mac to scan, optimize, and more. Without other people having to do anything other than leaving their computer on.

  3. Kristie Foster

    This is the best anti-virus program I had in a long time. It performs really well. Great customer service. Even free software is awesome.

  4. Nigel Moran

    Thanks to its excellent clean-up rate, useful features and low price.

  5. Audrea Richardson

    Simple and easy to use interface designed for a user who does not have extensive knowledge. Everything is obvious, with very intuitive icons—high detection of virus elimination and control at the moment and with a large percentage of correct answers.

  6. Devan Clark

    The anti-virus is good. Without distracting me, it does its work. I can feel comfortable with my PC and not think too much about the protection because of the good reputation of the brand. It had never been a concern. The installation was simple. And no hidden control boxes were tested by mistake, and unnecessary software was installed. Bitdefender is superb!

  7. Juana Bull

    Bitdefender is a wonderful product to be free. For three years, I have used this app on two of my Macs, and I have no feeling that I have any other need to invest in security. This effectively covers my Mac. It is stored in a quarantine folder if you detect viruses to uninstall the broken data. Currently, depending on the use, I conduct weekly or monthly scans. It performs fantastic.

  8. Florence Anderson

    I have done my research and there are more attacks towards Macs than ever before. More attempts of infiltration has been detected also. With this info, I wanted to get Bitdefender to provide protection for my Mac. I’m happy with my purchase.

  9. Ahava Nguyen

    I’ve noticed that my Mac has been acting differently. I decided to test if using free antivirus online will make a difference. Although I got fundamental protection, I was not satisfied so I decided to purchase a premium one. I saw this offer from Softvire and inquired about it. I am happy with my investment.

  10. Shiela Baxter

    I have read recently that more Macs are experiencing exploits and other malware attacks. In response, I got a subscription for 1-year for 3 devices. Though I only needed 1 license for my device, I shared my 2 licenses with 2 friends who also has Macs. I am thrilled that my friends loved the gesture. I may ask them for their experience using the software some time in the future.

  11. Pearl Armstrong

    I love the fact of how it protects the files from my PC and backup quickly from ransomware.

  12. Birdie Moore

    Bitdefender for Mac is the same as other of their products. I get the same protection that can secure my mac. It’s always my go-to antivirus software.

  13. Ben Walsh

    It can scan my computer without compromising the speed of my device. It also shows an alert whenever a threat is available and blocks it immediately.

  14. Katrina Compton

    Can’t get enough of how amazing it is. Very high-quality and protection is always proactive.

  15. Theodora Cope

    Fast and reliable. Finally, security software that is compatible with Mac.

  16. Joyce Washington

    Probably the best antivirus software for mac I have ever tried. quick scan, secure devices well, and absolutely packed with other useful security features.

  17. Connie Newman

    Got nothing bad to say about Bitdefender. I’ve been using it for years so I really like how it secures my device and scans smoothly in the background.

  18. Evangeline Chung

    I like this product because it’s dedicated to mac users especially. Most antivirus offer protection that is focused on Windows but Bitdefender also has a Mac version. Superior scanning technology, fast, and protects online, device, and email accounts.

  19. Vincent Jensen

    I like this antivirus software, Many think that mac doesn’t require an antivirus program, but it actually does. Bitdefender is an excellent choice, It’s affordable too with plenty of tools like a password manager. proactive protection, and more.

  20. Gael Bradley

    fast scan really detects threats and even runs in the background with no impact on the device.

  21. Carsen Gibson

    Zero knowledge on how to use it doesn’t matter because you don’t need to know that much. Install and you can start scanning your device. It is proactive in its protection, running while you are busy with other stuff. When it’s running in the background, it doesn’t affect my Mac’s performance, but when I do a full scan it slows down my computer.

  22. Brooklyn Everrette

    It’s one of the best security software I have tried for my mac. It scans threats quickly, allows me to back up some of my files, and I enjoy the free VPN available, but it’s only around 200 MB per day.

  23. Debbie Gross

    Mac devices are known to have fewer viruses but you’ll still need security software. I recommend Bitdefender because this mac protection software is amazing you get all the features found on the windows version and Bitdefender is really great when it comes to protection. Also, it has plenty of extra features that comes useful.

  24. Valerie Fuller

    Apple products do get viruses too, that’s why I learn to keep my device safe with Bitdefender, They are not only designed for Windows products, their Mac security is also as incredible as their other versions. It has protection for my online activities, social accounts, and network.

  25. Nathaniel Chung

    Very useful and helpful antivirus. keeps me safe from website phishing and those emails that are bothering me. Also, it has no effect on my computer’s battery even if I scan my device or if it is running in the background.

  26. Alexia Roman

    Security is always running in the background once you turn on your device.

  27. Scott Reid

    I used to leave my mac unsecured. I thought that it’s less prone to attacks, after getting a ransomware virus I decided to keep it safe. I’ve heard a lot about Bitdefender, so I’ve gave it a go. So far no complaints. I like that it’s still keeping my device safe.

  28. Elaina Pennigton

    This antivirus is impressive. Once it’s installed you can start scanning for threats on your Mac computer. But it doesn’t stop there as all your online activities and email is safe. It’s even so affordable. The only downside is the limited VPN available.

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