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Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

(28 customer reviews)


Bitdefender Antivirus Plus keeps your financial and personal information secure against all modern threats. Never compromise your system’s performance for the sake of protection with Bitdefender.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus Product Highlights:

  • Top-rated performance amongst all antivirus brands.
  • Keeps your computer running at top performance.
  • Secures your data from ransomware attacks.
  • Scans and secures your network connections.
  • This software purchase is a digital license
  • Compatible with Windows PC.
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Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is all the protection you need against modern digital threats. You won’t find any other program that matches the power and ease that Bitdefender antivirus software delivers. In addition, you’ll find Bitdefender Antivirus Plus reviews to prove the excellent results it has.

Get your copy of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus from Softvire NZ at the best prices. With our great deals and discounts for Bitdefender products, your solid digital defense is just a download away.

Bitdefender Autopilot

Bitdefender manages your protection settings without interrupting your work or playtime with Bitdefender Autopilot. In addition, there’s no need to experiment with complicated settings just to get the level of protection you want.

Comprehensive Protection

Go online knowing you’re fully protected against all digital threats. Never have to worry about your personal and financial information online.

Designed with Performance in Mind

Keep your system safe without eating up your system’s resources. Never let your safety compromise your system’s performance.

Real-time Data Protection

With Bitdefender AV Plus’ protection, you’ll get protected from threats such as viruses, malware, ransomware, trojans, zero-day exploits, spyware, and more. In addition, it scans and immediately removes threats from your devices.

Advanced Threat Defense

Antivirus Plus uses behavioral detection technology to monitor any suspicious activities. Whenever it detects threats, it would take action to prevent the infection or for the threat to deploy its action.

New and Improved Vulnerability Assessment

This technology checks if there are any loopholes or vulnerabilities in your system. So, it will scan and see if there are outdated devices, missing security patches, and other unsafe settings in your device’s system.

Web Filter

Stay safe from harmful websites because Antivirus Plus will protect you from harm or accidentally clicking on an unprotected site. It will immediately block sites that are detected to have infected links.

Multi-Layer of Ransomware Protection

The multi-layered approach to ransomware protection makes it better for safeguarding files, documents, pictures, videos, and so on. Together with the Advanced Threat Defense, it also protects files from being encrypted by ransomware attacks.

Anti-phishing and Anti-fraud

Antivirus Plus prevents online scams by blocking websites and links that are suspicious, even those that are hiding or masquerading as a trustworthy website. So now, you can log in to your account without worrying about scams and fraudulent activities.

Open at a Rescue Environment

When there is a presence of rootkit in the system, before the device starts, it will immediately reboot the computer to the Rescue Environment window. Then, it will clean and restore the system.

Bitdefender Photon

Bitdefender Photon is an advanced and highly innovative technology that allows AV plus to adapt to the user’s system. Hence,  this will save more resources and won’t help the devices run smoothly with no interruption in the performance.

Acts as a Security Advisor

The built-in Bitdefender Autopilot has the ability to give users insight into their device’s security status. Furthermore, it can also recommend ways to protect your device while maintaining a smooth and uninterrupted performance on your PC.

Delete Files Permanently

If you want to ensure that no one can have access to files you don’t need anymore, using the file shredder would help. It permanently deletes your files from your computer’s system and also leaving no trace behind it.

Online Privacy

Get the privacy you need online using the Bitdefender VPN. Moreover, you can search without worrying about spies as your internet traffic would be encrypted. 200 MB/ day.

Cloud Scanning

With most of the heavy scanning takes place on the cloud, it means that the device’s performance won’t be affected. Furthermore, files remain private and are never stored on the cloud as it gets scanned.

Block Trackers

Manage all the information you have on each website you visit. You can share the data you only want. Now, you have the privacy you need for your online activities without ads collecting your data.

Wi-Fi Security

Before connecting to your Wi-FI or any network, you can scan for vulnerabilities or threats.

Saves Battery Life

Make the most of your laptop and tablet’s battery life by the Battery Mode feature of Antivirus Plus. In addition, it temporarily disables certain functions of your devices like display, updates, and connections.

Online Banking Safety

Bank and shop online safely with Bitdefender’s strong protection. Furthermore, it can autofill your credit card details but are high;y secured.

Social Network Protection

You’ll get protection from malicious links coming from your social networks.

Secure Passwords

With the Password Manager, you can store as much vital information as you want without worrying if it would be accessed by anyone. In addition, it auto-fills forms.

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28 reviews for Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

  1. Giovanni Vaugn

    The Bitdefender AntiVirus Plus for 1 User is very affordable. It radiates a powerful punch against the strongest electronic threats. Definitely the best Bitdefender product.

  2. Erick Pearson

    My 1 year experience with the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus was crucial in keeping my gear safe. My laptop was almost infected with a Trojan. Luckily, the early detection prevented further damage.

  3. Mel of NSW

    Me and my husband own a lot of devices apart from our mac and windows PCs. We re very busy with a lot of staff and protecting our devices and gadgets were not our priority until we saw our little kid browsing through a malicious website. It scared us both to the bones! When I browsed through the internet to see the best antivirus to purchase, a lot of recommendations pointed to Bitdefender so we bought a subscription for a year. So far so good. No more unwanted sites to see with the parental lock and all of these sites are being blocked by Bitdefender. I’m glad I subscribed.

  4. Elvis Stevenson

    I believe, when there were ransom hacks, Bitdefender did an excellent job. The company has sent alert, updated frequently, and I felt safe. Bitdefender is still very fair in terms of price.

  5. Keira Perry

    Bitdefender is a powerful antivirus tool for our latest generation devices, and it comes with cyber layers of protection. It installs easily on our devices and works as a protective shield to protect our system.

  6. Wystan Jennings

    Bitdefender has been the more effective av software we have implemented. It is pretty idiot-proof and allows me to control exceptions and monitor incidents on others’ computers quite easily.

  7. Cassy Parker

    After an extensive search for antivirus software and reading about the software programs out there, I decided on Bitdefender. I have been very, very pleased with the software.

  8. Suzy Rojas

    Bitdefender has reduced the virus’s deep scan time over the years. Conscientious and committed user security practices, including Bitdefender, come close. There are no 100% full-proof security solutions, but conscientious and committed user security practices such as these can help.

  9. Edward Askilov

    I’m satisfied with my purchase. Bitdefender runs in autopilot in the background while I work. It gives me security that while I focus my attention on my work or study, Bitdefender is active in the background ensuring my protection.

  10. Sarah Uren

    Bitdefender is a popular choice as antivirus software. I bought it because it was highly recommended. Thus far, it has not disappointed me. It has done what it said it would do for me and my computer, to provide comprehensive protection.

  11. Kai Van Heusden

    I have seen a lot of ads about Bitdefender. I was doing research when I stumbled upon an article that listed Bitdefender as a reliable antivirus program. From there, I have been interested in maybe trying it out or just purchase it outright. I’m glad that I made the decision to purchase it because once I installed it and started a basic scan, it detected malware in one of my drives. I’m thankful that I decided to purchase this software. It’s worth it.

  12. Nicole Hardy

    Bitdefender antivirus is worth the price! It totally handles all the basic tasks effectively.

  13. Rupert Lynch

    Bitdefender is a full package. It protects files, keep your computer running smoothly, and it keeps your web browsing safe.

  14. Josh Graves

    The best antivirus I had. It works well on our PC at home and performs well.

  15. Herbert Carter

    Great software. It really blocks threats even when you are not scanning it.

  16. Naomi Hart

    Affordable and excellent software I can use to scan for my device if ever I stumble on a virus. It silently works in the background. Every time I scan my device I see that there are links blocked by Bitdefender, so at least I know that it really is working

  17. Carlie Upton

    It’s a simple antivirus but has powerful features. I really feel safe whenever I go online.

  18. Dewayne Cole

    I needed a security software that’s affordable and easy to install. My friends recommend me Bitdefender because it’s within the budget and it gets things done.

  19. Cody O’Hara

    I was hesitant at first because I want to make sure that I invest my money in something effective. Now, I have the confidence to use Bitdefender to protect my device.

  20. Madison Booker

    Automatically stops viruses from infection your device. It filters the internet and email, and there’s also a VPN but it’s only 200 MB a day

  21. Mark Smith

    The best antivirus software that provides me the protection I need. It doesn’t even affect the performance of my device. It silently runs in the background as I do my work.

  22. Veronica Briggs

    It’s the cheapest package in the Bitdefender plan but it has features that are enough to protect my device.

  23. Madeline James

    Doesn’t drain the battery and take up much of my device’s resources, so when I run a scan, it doesn’t slow down my other activities.

  24. Christy Neal

    Always my go-to security software, I’ve been using this for years and I have no issue with threats on my device. It’s quick to block a virus or malware on the background while I’m busy using my computer,

  25. Timothy Bush

    Simple and quick antivirus software if you need minimal protection for your device, but effective. It doesn’t include protection like webcam protection or a VPN, but for its price, you get online and offline protection. It smoothly scans your device and provides online protection when your surf the web too.

  26. Steve Beningfield

    Happy to have to stumble upon this antivirus software, very comprehensive and easy to use. scans every app and content of my device.

  27. Denzel Marquez

    simple protection. It gives basic protection

  28. Daryl Greene

    If you’ve tried the free version, the Plus package is a better version. You’ll get access to more security features and even, get a deep scanning opportunity to remove hidden threats and unnecessary files on your device.

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